Book Rant: The Selection

selection-cvrBOOK RATING: 8/10

The Selection is by Kiera Cass and its one of those books that I really, really loved but when I try to explain it to people they go “oh…neat.” This is such a great, amazing, cute read that when my description of it is terrible, go read it anyway because I cannot do it justice when I try to explain it! It’s like the bachelor but with a Prince looking for a princess. There! You did it! The “oh…neat” thing! Don’t! Trust me it’s fantastic! Ok this takes place in the future but it feels a bit like the past. America has been destroyed by a war and Illea is the country that emerges.  The way Illea functions is a caste system. The first caste is royalty while the 8th and lowest caste contains the poor, unemployed people. Each caste has a job for example, America (our main character) is a 5, the artist caste.  There are three ways to move up in the caste, either marry up (if you are a girl you take your husband’s caste), buy your way up (almost impossible) or be selected for The Selection.   The Selection occurs when a Prince comes of age. It’s an open call for all young women of the country to enter for a chance to become one of the 35 who go to live in the palace and they then essentially date the Prince on national television until he eventually choses one to be his queen.  Even though it would help her family, America has no desire to enter The Selection, mostly because she is already in love with a boy named Aspen. Unfortunately, Aspen is a Six (servant caste) and is therefore it is unlikely that her parents would let her marry him. A series of events result in America leaving Aspen and her family to enter the competition for a crown she doesn’t want. That’s it for the non-spoilery introduction! I tried guys! It’s a great novel, go read it then come join us in ranting! Spoilers past this point.





Let’s start with Aspen. Does anyone really believe that he wasn’t cheating on her? Because I think that his little story is total b.s! She tripped and I caught her! Yeah she tripped my ass! I’m thinking that just the way he tried to push America into the competition was just him trying to get rid of her so he could go run off with some other chick(s). Because his mom said past THREE WEEKS he was being all happy and in love like, they’ve been going out for 2 years. I’m just doing the math and it’s not adding up. And then he dumps her because she does something nice. Who dumps someone because they were nice! “I’m sorry you’re just too nice to me. I can’t handle someone treating with such kindness.” That doesn’t happen! Seriously maybe he’s just dating America for the food then has the girl he actually loves and he wants to marry her now so he’s sending America off across the country. “Oh you deserve better, for your own good blah, blah, blah,” Pipe down Aspen! No! That is such a stupid, stupid excuse. You are starving man, you cannot afford to have an ego that doesn’t let your girlfriend be the bread-winner in your relationship.  And then he turns up in the castle! What? Did you realize you made a mistake and that she’s a freaking awesome individual? Or did you just happen to end up in the castle and go, “hey might as well go make out with her because I’m a horny jerk and she’s going to let me!” America, come on! You deserve so much better! And you know what? Aspen even said you deserved better and Maxon is better so Aspen you can’t come back in here saying you want her back after you said she deserved better.  I definitely thought that Maxon was going to walk in on them making out at the end. I was so sure, but they came at different times. And America good on you for rejecting Aspen! “No, I’m not choosing him or you. I’m choosing me.” Yeah girl! You stand up to that jerk!

And now the contrast: Maxon! He is a sweetheart. He is so boy-next-door like. But he has these moments of being so intense and so focused it’s almost frightening. Like when America sent him the note saying she wanted to talk and he finds her in the hall and he is so worried for her, he looked like he was ready to fight dragons for her right then. And then when he finds out she just wanted to talk you can almost feel his relief. He reminds me of Julian for Pandemonium which is a great thing. I love Julian’s character. America and Maxon’s relationship is similar too, but with less life threatening stuff obviously. I love their back and forth banter. I mentioned in my Poison Study book chat that I like when romances aren’t all perfect in books but have some push and shove to them which is exactly what this is. They fight, they laugh, thy get really serious sometimes. All in all they really are just like best friends.  America has to become Queen, right?  If Celeste becomes Queen I will flip. The only reason I can think of Maxon picking her would be political and stuff. But America and Maxon! They’re so cute! It’s just so sweet it makes my heart smile. Maxon’s dad (AKA: the King) seems really stuck in his ways but I like the Queen, she seems pretty open to change and respects her son.  I really like how Maxon tries to help out his country after he learns what’s happening. At the beginning he seems really naive and doesn’t really know about anything outside of his world, which I don’t hold against him, but then as he gets to know how America lived you can tell that he really does want to help out his people.

Celeste, I mentioned her above. Ahhhh… that girl. The sad thing is that she is only a very slight exaggeration of some girls I know. When they were at the party and see started bashing on America for being from 5 and saying how at her birthday she would never have any 5s preforming, gah! I wanted to slap her! But America does one better and kicks butt playing her violin. Celeste logic for spilling her drink on the girl’s dress (her name escapes me at the moment) seems really counter-affective because like Maxon said he then spent hours with said girl comforting her so… not sure what you were going for there, sweetheart.  And then we she told America to take off her dress? What? Like what? I guess she’s just a spoiled brat who’s used to getting everything she wants but I doubt the dress would fit her right. Seriously, then what? What was the plan then? Oops, sorry, this actually doesn’t fit, you can have it back.

The rebels. Yeah I don’t know how to feel about them because they’re probably people trying to get rid of the caste system which so clearly sucks so it’s kind of hard to hate them. There are two, North and South and I can’t remember which ones are the dangerous ones and which ones are looking for something. (I also thought Aspen might be a rebel spy. Mostly because I wasn’t another reason to hate him, but it could happen.) Going along with that, I love how sweet America is to her maids. That just makes me like her even more. This book, I just loved the cuteness.

Ok that’s all I have on this book! I loved it! Can’t wait to read the sequel! Kisses, bye guys!


Book Rant: Spells


Spells by Aprilynne Pike is the second novel in the Wings series.  The first book is about a 15 year old girl, Laurel, who discovers she is a fairy sent to live among humans to guard the gateway to the ancient fairy city Avalon. I read the first book years ago and I came across this and figured I might as well see where the series went. This novel picks up the story Six months after Laurel discovers that she is a faerie. Laurel is summoned to her fairy home in Avalon to practice/re-learn her skills as a Fall Faerie. Although her problems start out as trying to chosen between the two men she loves – David, her human boyfriend and Tamani, a handsome fairy friend – she soon learns that she has much larger problems. This book was cute.  It was a nice fluffy fantasy read. (Fluffy (as in a novel or story, adjective): a book that doesn’t have much – if any –  depth. It is merely a sweet book one reads either by the fire or in the sun simply for kicks. Not expecting any major, life-changing realizations to come from it but it is supposed to leave you with a happy and/or relaxed feeling.) Now spoilers after this point!





Now I really don’t have much to say on this book. Like I said earlier it’s really just a teenage drama book but with fairies. Personally, I think she should dump David and go with Tamani. For one very simple reason: when one is choosing a boy/girlfriend, one should consider looking for one’s said boy/girlfriend within one’s own biological kingdom. Just a thought. But do what you got to do I guess. I really enjoy how at the end Chelsea just casually throws out there that she knows everything. (How did she find out? Does it say?) She’s a really amusing character I like her way more than Laurel actually. I like Katya more than her too.

I really like the fairy city. Can I go live there? It seems so fun! (Provided you’re not a Spring fairy, more on that in a sec) I wouldn’t want to be a Winter fairy either because that seems like a lot of pressure, but Summer or Fall fairy would be fun! On the other hand on Spring fairies are allowed to see their families. Ok the Spring fairies everyone treats like they are slaves and I know Tamani was going on about how this is what he was used to and how things were and I guess on the one hand it makes sense because there are so many Spring fairies, but they’re kind of going to the extreme with the fourth class citizen thing. I guess they are kind of behind the time though. It still seems crazy to me. The idea of not having money was both really cool are really weird. It not bad or anything, just weird. Actually it’s a really good idea if you could pull it off because then no one ever goes hungry or homeless or without whatever they need.

Yeah that’s really all I have. It’s not a bad book. I will probably finish the series just to see who she really ends up with. She said she’s forgetting Tamani but we all know she’s not really because that’s the main story line and there are two more books.

Bye guys. Kisses

Home Again!


Hello Again!

If you are Canadian you likely have heard, if not I’m not sure if you know, but Southern Alberta experience major flash flooding starting Thursday. I just got home after spending a few nights in a hotel in Calgary.  I’m sure I’ve said this before I live in a small town, actually just outside a small town. There is one road in an out of where I live and it has four bridges, three over a smaller creek and one over the Elbow River. Pausing my story for a minute to commend the civil engineers who built that bridge. That thing got hit by three houses and it’s still standing! Bravo gentlemen/women! So Thursday morning I went to school to write an exam (I don’t have a high school in my town I go to one about 35km (22 miles) away) By the time I finished writing at 10 it was apparent that I wasn’t getting home because the major bridge was closed. Thankfully my Papa got out before the bridge was closed and came to get me, but there was a half an hour that was quite scary because I didn’t know what was going on. My Mom and little brother were on a camping trip with my little brother’s class that was also terrifying because they were by Canmore which got hit worse than us but the flood but they got out fine and met up with my Papa and I at the hotel. My older brother is a volunteer firefighter so he was obviously very busy and we were extremely worried for him but he came by today for a bit and he’s fine too. So family is fine, my house is fine, my puppy is fine and I know a lot of people can’t say the same thing so I’m incredibly grateful!  

This morning after we were all settled, we went into town to help with some of the clean up now that the water is down. There’s going to be a lot of work to do but my town is full of tough, hardworking people so I know that we’re going to be fine. Probably half the town was out today at least for some of the day along with some people from Calgary who came to help. Thank you so much to those people, it’s really appreciated.

I also want to thank this lovely lady, I wish I knew her name because she was so, so kind to us. When my Mom and I went to buy clothing Thursday evening because we had absolutely nothing besides what we were wearing, the cashier overheard us talking with another customer about how we were evacuated. Then when she was ringing us up she gave us her 20% employee discount.  It was so much appreciated and she would have been fired if her boss found out, so thank you so much! I can’t even tell you how much that meant to us!

To anyone who lost anything to the flood my heart goes out to you. All the volunteers and rescuers and even just people like the cashier who helped us out, thank you so much. It really shows the goodness in humanity. ❤

Book Rant: Angels and Demons

447-8BOOK RATING:  10/10

I could not put this book down!  Angels and Demons by Dan Brown! This is actually the FIRST book, not The Da Vinci Code, common misconception because of the movies but this book was published three years prior to The Da Vinci Code and if you read them both it is obvious. I’m behind on my Book Chats so I’ve actually already finished The Da Vinci Code and I loved it as well. This book is about a well-known author and Harvard professor of symbology, Robert Langdon. He finds himself mysteriously summoned to a Swiss research facility to analyze a mysterious symbol that has been branded onto the chest of a murdered physicist/priest. The evidence he discovers in beyond his wildest imagination as it points to the ancient brotherhood of the Illuminati, a brotherhood that has been dead for centuries.  The Illuminati were the most powerful underground organization ever to walk the earth and now they have seemingly resurfaced to carry out their destruction of their most hated enemy, the Catholic Church. I have never seen the movie so I cannot tell you if they are the same or different or which is better but even if you have seen the movie, read this book! Now I don’t want to spoil you guys because I enjoyed this book so much. Spoilers beyond this point!





Let’s talk about the ending! Right now! I never, ever, ever, in a million years, would have predicted that ending! I thought it was Commander Olivetti at one point and that he was trying to Langdon and the reason they always kept getting there too late was him. And then I was shocked when I read about Kohler and I was convinced it was him and I was so frustrated with him! But it made sense because in murder mysteries, typically the killer is whoever was introduced then forgotten. But THEN, when they were on the helicopter and the Camerlengo took the parachute I started questioning him because would you expect this man of God to let Langdon take the parachute and sacrifice himself?  Or at least, I don’t know, hold onto Langdon and both of you jump and hope the parachute is strong enough to slow you down? And then it turned out the Camerlengo was the killed and I didn’t know what to think! My mind was blown! And then the Pope was his father on top of that! It was insane. I never saw it coming.

What I really loved about this book was the fact that all the Physics in it was accurate. I actually found that more interesting than a lot of the other stuff in the book. I’m not taking physics in school because I didn’t have time in my schedule but I wish I was because some of the concepts are so fascinating. Learning about Anti-matter was so cool. I actually acted one of my super genius guy-friends about it after because I wanted to know! He really wasn’t helpful at all, so actually if anyone would like to explain I shall love them forever! Second thing I adored about this book would be the writing. A lot of people say they hate his writing style because it’s so over the top and the plots are so ridiculous. And I don’t care. I think the writing was entertaining, the cheesiness made it funny at some parts but at other parts it was really serious and unlike some people I loved all the description and I loved how fast-paced it was. As for the plot, come on. Do you want to read about the actual Vatican? Where is the excitement in that? Frankly this plot was more legitimate then lot of other ways he could have made it. Seeing how Anti-matter is a thing and it’s true that that little of it could destroy a city. So if you didn’t like the writing then sorry I guess. Every time I picked up this book I had an adrenaline rush because there was so much action! And I love so many quotes from this book!

“God answers all prayers, but sometimes his answer is ‘no’.” 

“Nothing captured human interest like human tragedy”

“Stand tall, smile bright, and let them wonder what secrets making you laugh!” 

“Relax,” Langdon whispered. “Do your piranha thing.” 

Going off the last quote, Langdon’s and Vittoria’s relationship is so fun.  Scary at times, but fun. Langdon can be so witty for someone who potentially could be dead within the next few hours. Both these characters seemed so real. Vittoria is such a fighter. When she was captured by the Hassassin I knew that she was going to kick his butt. Granted she had help from Langdon, but whatever. On that topic, how did Landgon’s stunt at the fountain to fake his death work? It’s did make any sense to me.

Langdon is such a character too. He seems like a guy I want as my professor. He’s funny and smart and just seems like such a great guy who would be so cool to listen too. I don’t picture him as Tom Hanks though. More of an Indian Jones mixed with Ted Mosby kind of a guy. Not sure how that happened but I went with it. I’ve been told that people hated this book because of the characters but that’s exactly why I loved it. They’re so great and best of all, they are not always right! I hate when books do that! When the main character is always correct about everything, like they know what’s going to happen.

That’s all I can think of. Excellent book. Bye everyone.

Book Rant: The Titan’s Curse

690764BOOK RATING: 9.5/10

Why hello me lovelies! Today we are going to be talking about The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan. This is the third book in the so far flawless Percy Jackson series. If you haven’t read it, what are you doing? I’m 8 odd years late to this party so you all should either have read it or by this point in my book chats are at least trying to find a copy. If for whatever mistake of the universe you have not read this book shoo. Go pick up a copy and read it then come back. Spoilers beyond this point.





This series just keeps getting better, which is so rare and so lovely! We start off here about 6 months later around Christmas break. Percy is now 14 I believe and his hormones are starting to affect him! Mwhahaha! How his and Annabeth’s relationship is growing it’s so cute! I love these series where we get to see the characters grow up year after year. And we have this new character Thalia, she was introduced at the end of The Sea of Monsters, she is the daughter of Zeus if you don’t recall. And yeah, I have mixed feeling about her. Mostly because she is EXACTLY like Percy. So sometimes they’re really in sync then other times like during capture the flag they go all demi-god on each other.  But she’s another really well developed character. She doesn’t like flying which is really ironic seeing as she is a daughter of the God of Air. She can be really annoying and pushy sometimes and she’s just one of those people who thinks they’re that much better then everyone. Blaming Percy for Annabeth being taken! Woah! I wanted to hit some sense into her. Yeah she’s your friend but FYI you’ve been a tree from 6 or 7 odd years and Percy is her friend now too. So calm your s**t. So she can be EXTREAMLY annoying, but I still like her because she’s awesome.

We also meet Nico and Bianca who are the half-bloods that Grover finds.  And at the same time we meet Artemis and her hunters and Apollo. Artemis and Apollo. I’ve said this before by I love Mr.Riordan’s god characters. They are perfection. Apollo driving up in his red convertible maserati spyder (I’m a girl who isn’t really into cars so I’m taking in on blind faith that that is a really nice car) and then recites this awful haiku poem that gets him and Artemis bickering like the ancient siblings they are.  I adore that relationship. Noe lets talking about Artemis’ hunters. They’re these 13-14ish year old girl who are immortal and who hunt with Artemis. Now I guess being immortal is a huge draw but I wouldn’t want to be stuck at 11-14. Maybe, 18-22 being stuck there would be great. But, I don’t know 11-14 just seems so young! That’s a lot of people’s awkward phase. I’m not sure why you would want to be in your awkward phase for eternity. And the swearing off men thing. Maybe it’s different because they are so young but there’s no way I could deal with being told I’m not allowed to love someone.  It’s not exactly something you can control.  You can’t have guy friends. I have so many guy friends that would just be weird to not be able to make friend with whom ever I wanted. Then on the other hand maybe for some of them, Zoe for example, it’s not so young because girls used to get married at 14. I don’t know.  I think it was extraordinarily irresponsible and selfish of Bianca to join the hunt and leave Nico alone. Yeah you say you want your own life and you’re tired of raising him but that was brutal.  You can have your own life without completely cutting him out of it. He’s just a little kid and you are the only family he has. You don’t just decide one day without warning to ditch him. Speaking as someone who has a little brother, yeah looking after him can be a pain and I granted I don’t have to do it 24/7 but he’s still my baby brother and I would burn down the world if I needed to in order to help keep him safe.  So I was so mad at her and then she went and got herself killed. What part of “Don’t touch anything” was too complex? There’s no wiggle room in that statement. It’s not, don’t touch too many things, or only touch one thing, no! It’s do. Not. Touch. Anything! People seriously! It’s the same every time! If some makes you walk through a place of enchanted gold stuff, if you touch it your die! Or turn into a skeleton person when the moon comes out.

Blackjack! The black Pegasus. Oh my lord. He was so funny! And I really loved when he got Percy to save Bessie. Percy is such a good lord for his sea creature minions! He spent 3 hours or something just helping this baby half-cow fish thingy for no reason in particular. Of Course it then turns into the “beast” the Artemis was hunting that would decide the fate of the gods. Ok when she said at the beginning of the book that hunting Bessie (she didn’t say Bessie) was too dangerous, what was she thinking? It’s a baby cow! I mean, yes she got kidnapped but it’s not like she was planning on that happening. It a cow. Hen she said dangerous I though like Hercules monster type dangerous. But no. Moving on, we meet Atlas, the titan who holds up the sky. And he’s an evil guy, kills Zoe his own daughter. On the note Annabeth holding up the sky! How did she do that? She’s a demigod. Percy did it for 5 minutes are he almost passed out, Annabeth did it for 12 hours or something. Really quickly the last character we meet is Aphrodite. I don’t really have an opinion on her. She just strikes me as high maintenance but also really naïve for some reason.  She believes ion love so much that she doesn’t really process the real world and people not loving I guess. At least that’s what I got from her speech to Percy about him and Annabeth. Finally, Thalia joins the hunt at the end so she is not who the prophecy was about.

So yeah, I loved this book. I can’t wait to read the next one! Let me know what you though. Kisses. Bye All.

Les Misérables

MV5BMTQ4NDI3NDg4M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjY5OTI1OA@@._V1_SX214_Hey everyone! I haven’t had much time to write other than my book rants because I’ve been so busy! I’m on exam break so I’m studying almost non-stop! Except I made time to FINALLY watch the new Les Misérables movie. Way over due, I know! I love this musical and this movie didn’t disappoint! The singers are all incredible! I must say I did not expect that from Russell Crowe. Anne Hathaway killed it. I like her version of “I Dreamed a Dream” far better than any other I’ve ever heard because she puts so much emotion into it. Every other singer who has ever sung it tried to make it pretty and it’s not a pretty song.  I have to admit I was in tears during “Castle on a Cloud” but I do wish they had kept the second verse.  Absolute perfection! I adored it! If you haven’t seen it yet go do so! Now I have to go do more math so bye guys! I’ll write more again when everything becomes less crazy.

Book Rant: Fire Study


Hello All! Ok the plan was one Book Rant a week but I am flying through books right now. I will do my best to have AT LEAST one for you guys but don’t be surprised if there are two a week.


This is the third and final book in Maria V. Snyder’s fantasy trilogy. Over all my opinion on this trilogy is pretty high. Low 90s/ high 80s. If you haven’t read it I do recommend it, it’s pretty exciting. As you can see from my lovely ratings, this series did decline after the first book, as so many sadly do. Still it is worth a read if you would like to check it out, there is a brief intro to the series under my Poison Study Book Chat at the top where it is non-spoilery. Spoilers beyond this point, so read it then join us!





My lovelies who have already read the book: did anyone else want to punch Yelena in the face for the first 65% of this book or so? Quite honestly she was being whinny and bitchy and just so mean to everyone! I get it, a man in fire is scary. But frankly, the rest of us can’t fight fire either and you don’t see us crying about it. On that note of the Fire Warper, I CANNOT be the only one who saw it coming that Rose was behind it all. Her affinity is fire, fire man is trying to kill Yelena, coincidence? I think not! Tauno too! The entire time I was yelling (not actually) at them all to stop being so stupid. He’s a sketchy guy who was in league with Cahil, maybe you shouldn’t trust him with no proof? Seriously Yelena doubts Moon Man before Tauno! When they were in Ixia (A smart move, I’ll give her that) she was bring so mean to Lief! And granted he kind of did deserve it. You know what? Everyone in the entire first half I really wanted to be done with. Exception of Moon Man because he’s just flat out awesome and Kiki because she’s a talking horse and how can you go wrong with that? My feeling towards Yelena at the first half of this book was similar to my feelings towards Bonnie from the Vampire Dairies- useless! Then after she almost got killed by running into a burning building she became more of the Yelena from Poison Study who was smart and strong. Another thing I disliked was, recall how in my Poison Study Book Chat I mentioned that why I loved that book was because it felt more real than most fantasy-action books that just got ridiculous with all the jumping around? Yeah that was this book. From one side of the country to the other in two days then back again. Solid. Also the lack of Ari and Janco. They were there for a bit but not enough! I need them. They make the books so much better.

What I really liked: Opal. In my mind she was 8 even though she’s actually 15-17 but she makes a better 8 year old. I decided. Like how in my mind Magnus Bane wasn’t Asian,  young or hot and didn’t even look human really. He looked sort of old and a bit fat with pointed ears, a tiny bit like a less terrifying version of a gremlin mixed with professor Slughorn. And I held to that image until his casting came out.  Why? I don’t know. Absolutely nothing in that series made him sound remotely like that. But however that’s what happened and it is for the same reason that my Opal looks 8. I didn’t fully understand what the glass creatures were. Were they souls caught in the glass? It was probably explained and I just didn’t process it (happens a lot!) There is another series I believe about her: Storm Glass, Sea Glass, Spy Glass is the order I THINK. If you have read them are they worth reading?

I also liked how the Commander is a magician! Oh the irony! He didn’t know about it so he can’t be called a hypocrite really. And when Valek “died” oh my goodness! I’ve always loved his character (he’s actually another one I wasn’t mad at in the beginning of this book though he wasn’t really in the first half) but then shortly after Yelena had her crying bit I realized he couldn’t really be dead and would just come back randomly, surprising everyone. Predictable, but that was ok. And I was worried – however briefly – during Yelena’s crazy scheming that he really was dead. I admit to that.

The reason this book scored as high as it did for me was 1) I love the first book and 2) the ending. She finished strong. The first half was not great but the last half made up for it. I really liked how Cahil turned out to be not entirely evil! If he had been it just would have been too stereotypical.  I glad she FINALLY explain what the heck a Soulfinder really did! Thank heaven! It only took 2 and 6/7th books. Though I guess that was a huge portion of the 2 and 3rd books. Honestly she probably could have just done 2 books and cut out a lot of the moving around. The great part of the first book was that it took place in (more or less) the same place so you could really get to know the characters in how they interact with each other and the environment.

Yeah I don`t really have anything else to say! In summary:  Loved Poison Study, liked Magic Study, was ok with Fire Study.  What are your thoughts on this series? I would love to know! And yeah! That’s it for me! Kisses! Bye guys!