Book Rant: Angels and Demons

447-8BOOK RATING:  10/10

I could not put this book down!  Angels and Demons by Dan Brown! This is actually the FIRST book, not The Da Vinci Code, common misconception because of the movies but this book was published three years prior to The Da Vinci Code and if you read them both it is obvious. I’m behind on my Book Chats so I’ve actually already finished The Da Vinci Code and I loved it as well. This book is about a well-known author and Harvard professor of symbology, Robert Langdon. He finds himself mysteriously summoned to a Swiss research facility to analyze a mysterious symbol that has been branded onto the chest of a murdered physicist/priest. The evidence he discovers in beyond his wildest imagination as it points to the ancient brotherhood of the Illuminati, a brotherhood that has been dead for centuries.  The Illuminati were the most powerful underground organization ever to walk the earth and now they have seemingly resurfaced to carry out their destruction of their most hated enemy, the Catholic Church. I have never seen the movie so I cannot tell you if they are the same or different or which is better but even if you have seen the movie, read this book! Now I don’t want to spoil you guys because I enjoyed this book so much. Spoilers beyond this point!





Let’s talk about the ending! Right now! I never, ever, ever, in a million years, would have predicted that ending! I thought it was Commander Olivetti at one point and that he was trying to Langdon and the reason they always kept getting there too late was him. And then I was shocked when I read about Kohler and I was convinced it was him and I was so frustrated with him! But it made sense because in murder mysteries, typically the killer is whoever was introduced then forgotten. But THEN, when they were on the helicopter and the Camerlengo took the parachute I started questioning him because would you expect this man of God to let Langdon take the parachute and sacrifice himself?  Or at least, I don’t know, hold onto Langdon and both of you jump and hope the parachute is strong enough to slow you down? And then it turned out the Camerlengo was the killed and I didn’t know what to think! My mind was blown! And then the Pope was his father on top of that! It was insane. I never saw it coming.

What I really loved about this book was the fact that all the Physics in it was accurate. I actually found that more interesting than a lot of the other stuff in the book. I’m not taking physics in school because I didn’t have time in my schedule but I wish I was because some of the concepts are so fascinating. Learning about Anti-matter was so cool. I actually acted one of my super genius guy-friends about it after because I wanted to know! He really wasn’t helpful at all, so actually if anyone would like to explain I shall love them forever! Second thing I adored about this book would be the writing. A lot of people say they hate his writing style because it’s so over the top and the plots are so ridiculous. And I don’t care. I think the writing was entertaining, the cheesiness made it funny at some parts but at other parts it was really serious and unlike some people I loved all the description and I loved how fast-paced it was. As for the plot, come on. Do you want to read about the actual Vatican? Where is the excitement in that? Frankly this plot was more legitimate then lot of other ways he could have made it. Seeing how Anti-matter is a thing and it’s true that that little of it could destroy a city. So if you didn’t like the writing then sorry I guess. Every time I picked up this book I had an adrenaline rush because there was so much action! And I love so many quotes from this book!

“God answers all prayers, but sometimes his answer is ‘no’.” 

“Nothing captured human interest like human tragedy”

“Stand tall, smile bright, and let them wonder what secrets making you laugh!” 

“Relax,” Langdon whispered. “Do your piranha thing.” 

Going off the last quote, Langdon’s and Vittoria’s relationship is so fun.  Scary at times, but fun. Langdon can be so witty for someone who potentially could be dead within the next few hours. Both these characters seemed so real. Vittoria is such a fighter. When she was captured by the Hassassin I knew that she was going to kick his butt. Granted she had help from Langdon, but whatever. On that topic, how did Landgon’s stunt at the fountain to fake his death work? It’s did make any sense to me.

Langdon is such a character too. He seems like a guy I want as my professor. He’s funny and smart and just seems like such a great guy who would be so cool to listen too. I don’t picture him as Tom Hanks though. More of an Indian Jones mixed with Ted Mosby kind of a guy. Not sure how that happened but I went with it. I’ve been told that people hated this book because of the characters but that’s exactly why I loved it. They’re so great and best of all, they are not always right! I hate when books do that! When the main character is always correct about everything, like they know what’s going to happen.

That’s all I can think of. Excellent book. Bye everyone.


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