Productivity (this is new for me)

Hello! I am in a lovely mood today! I was so productive! I’m never productive so this a big for me! I wrote bio notes, studied for my bio test, did an entire math review (45 problems, and it’s all making sense!), cleaned my room, finished my Spanish for the rest of the year and then went to get my photo taken for dance. I also finished The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and The Selection by Kiera Cass. This is how I feel right now! Productive people, is this how you feel all the time? I just feel so accomplished right now. Oh and I got a job! I went to my interview and was hired! Yay! The manager is super chill too. He said just to give him a text whenever I’m ready to start work, which won’t be until July becasue after my last exam I get my wisdom teeth out. 😦 Can’t say I’m excited for that. But I’m still in a fantastic mood. I hope you all are to, if not, I am sorry.

Bye Guys!


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