Book Rant: Spells


Spells by Aprilynne Pike is the second novel in the Wings series.  The first book is about a 15 year old girl, Laurel, who discovers she is a fairy sent to live among humans to guard the gateway to the ancient fairy city Avalon. I read the first book years ago and I came across this and figured I might as well see where the series went. This novel picks up the story Six months after Laurel discovers that she is a faerie. Laurel is summoned to her fairy home in Avalon to practice/re-learn her skills as a Fall Faerie. Although her problems start out as trying to chosen between the two men she loves – David, her human boyfriend and Tamani, a handsome fairy friend – she soon learns that she has much larger problems. This book was cute.  It was a nice fluffy fantasy read. (Fluffy (as in a novel or story, adjective): a book that doesn’t have much – if any –  depth. It is merely a sweet book one reads either by the fire or in the sun simply for kicks. Not expecting any major, life-changing realizations to come from it but it is supposed to leave you with a happy and/or relaxed feeling.) Now spoilers after this point!





Now I really don’t have much to say on this book. Like I said earlier it’s really just a teenage drama book but with fairies. Personally, I think she should dump David and go with Tamani. For one very simple reason: when one is choosing a boy/girlfriend, one should consider looking for one’s said boy/girlfriend within one’s own biological kingdom. Just a thought. But do what you got to do I guess. I really enjoy how at the end Chelsea just casually throws out there that she knows everything. (How did she find out? Does it say?) She’s a really amusing character I like her way more than Laurel actually. I like Katya more than her too.

I really like the fairy city. Can I go live there? It seems so fun! (Provided you’re not a Spring fairy, more on that in a sec) I wouldn’t want to be a Winter fairy either because that seems like a lot of pressure, but Summer or Fall fairy would be fun! On the other hand on Spring fairies are allowed to see their families. Ok the Spring fairies everyone treats like they are slaves and I know Tamani was going on about how this is what he was used to and how things were and I guess on the one hand it makes sense because there are so many Spring fairies, but they’re kind of going to the extreme with the fourth class citizen thing. I guess they are kind of behind the time though. It still seems crazy to me. The idea of not having money was both really cool are really weird. It not bad or anything, just weird. Actually it’s a really good idea if you could pull it off because then no one ever goes hungry or homeless or without whatever they need.

Yeah that’s really all I have. It’s not a bad book. I will probably finish the series just to see who she really ends up with. She said she’s forgetting Tamani but we all know she’s not really because that’s the main story line and there are two more books.

Bye guys. Kisses


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