I Hate Clothing Shopping

Ok so like most teenage girls I have a thing for nice clothing. I like clothes that make me feel pretty. But I hate shopping for clothes, because it is almost impossible to find something that fits right! I have an hourglass body meaning I have hips and boobs but a tiny waist. Do you know how many jeans or shirts are designed for girls with bodies like this? Goose egg! None! Shirts are either too tight around my chest but otherwise fine or they fit fine around my chest but are too big. Jeans are tricky just because they never fit quite right but it’s not too bad. Usually I’m a size 6ish. It depends on the store and everything.

So anyway today I am feeling great. I have a really cute dress on with a belt at my waist and I feel so beautiful and confident. I kept getting strangers compliment me on my outfit, it was just a great day. Then I have an hour to kill before my exam prep class at the university and there is a mall right there so I run into Sirens to grab some leggings because mine have a hole in them and Sirens was right there. While I’m in there I say, “Hey, I don’t have any shorts and its getting really warm out.” So I go to grab a pair to try on. Now Sirens is one for those stores where the sizes always run quite small and instead of being even numbers they use odds for whatever reason. Knowing this I grab a size 9. Thinking that should be good. It’s too small but I don’t think much of it. I get a size 11 eventually and that fits. So I’m obviously no longer feeling as awesome anymore, feeling a bit fat, but still pretty ok. Just before I go to the till I notice a different colour of jean shorts (I had black, these were jean coloured) they are essentially the same style, except one has studs on it the other doesn’t. So I go grab a size 11 in that size and I figure I don’t have to try them on again because they’re pretty much identical and they’re from the same store. Get home from my exam prep class, try them on and they’re too small. Now I feel really terrible about myself and my body so PIPE THE FUCK DOWN SIRENS! PIPE THE FUCK DOWN! I was feeling so great about myself today and you just ruined that by deciding that your sizing had to be different and that girls should all look like 12 year old boys with no damn curves! I work out hours every damn week! I have abs and you can see my damned ribs! (Not in an unhealthy, creepy way, but in a normal way where they are just there a little bit near the bottom) And my legs are solid freaking muscle! There is no fat on them! Why? Because I’m a dancer who works out all. The. Time! So pipe the fuck down! Yeah I have boobs and hips because I’m a girl, get the fuck over yourself society!



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