Book Rant: Vixen




GENRE: YA, Historical-fiction

SERIES: The Flappers, #1

Hello darlings! Welcome to the book rant! We are discussing Vixen by Jillian Larkin (finally, I know it’s been like a month.) This book is the first in a trilogy based in Chicago during the 1920s. They way it’s written in from 3 POVs, all girls 17/18 whose lives are all interconnected. Gloria is our main protagonist, even though there are 3 POVs she’s really our main character and it’s her story more than anything. Gloria is the “it” girl, her family is wealthy, she looks like a Hollywood scarlet, has the perfect fiance and soon s to start her fairytale life… or not. desperate for more than the good girl routine Gloria sneaks out with her best friend Marcus to go to a illegal club. Jazz, alcohol and men. Gloria is determined to be a part of the flapper world before she’s trapped in a marriage to a man her family picked out.

Lorraine is Gloria’s childhood friend and they do everything together. Or they did. Now Gloria is sneaking out to illegal nightclubs, and without her?! Lorraine was always the wild card in their friendship, not Gloria. Besides, she already has everything, including Marcus, Lorraine’s forever crush. Lorraine can’t help the bitter jealously inside her, how far will she go to cut her fiends back down to size?

Clara is Gloria’s cousin. After being arrested in New York, she’s sent to live with her aunt and help plan her cousin’s wedding. Fun. The family wants to keep her “incident” in New York a secret and Clara slips into the role of a good girl from a small town, sweet as sugar and naive as anything. And Marcus has his eye on her.

This book was a re-read for me and I have to admit I liked it more the first time. This is probably because I had just so many other things and I was really only reading it while waiting for Onyx to come so I was in a book-hangover from Obsidian… At any rate it’s a decent book, if you have some time I’d say pick it up but it’s not something I’m gonna tell you you have to go out and find right now! That’s it for the non-spoilery people! Bye if you haven’t read the book!






AHHHH I have so much frustration with Lorraine. She is not even realistic, that character just went too far I thought. Like I get the being jealous of your friend and maybe trying to bring her down a peg. Honest confession, I’ve had this feeling, I have never ever acted on it, there’s never a plan or anything and usually it goes away pretty quick but I’ve had it and I’m by no means proud of that. But Lorraine is just to much. It’s not believable that she would want to totally destroy this girl that was supposed to be her best friend since birth. I would 100% believe the telling her mother she snuck out to the Green Mill, because she’d get in trouble and never be ¬†able to go again, but her mother would cover it up and it wouldn’t totally ruin her life. What’s more is Lorraine (and the other characters, I just thought Lorraine was the worst for it) change from one chapter to the next. all of an hour has past and suddenly they are totally different! It like all of the suffered from multiply personalities! And they were all terrible people! All of them were selfish and deceitful! And they were all so stereotypical!

This relationship with Gloria and Jerome, I don’t mind insta love. ¬†It happens all the time in novels. At times it’s slightly annoying but on the whole, I don’t mind. This though was insanity. Hadn’t even had a conversation and in love. ¬†Which works in for Shakespeare when there’s fairies and magic but this made no sense. LUST DOES NOT EQUAL LOVE! And then he’s mean to her! And she’s “oh I love him more for that”! Yes, girls like bad boys (I myself and guilty as charged, in fictional characters at least) but that’s not how it works. There has to be at least some nice there. He just treats her like dirt.

The detail in this book is one of the main reasons why it scored as high as it did. Everything is beautifully told and so easy to picture.

What the hell happened to Harris Brown or whatever his name was? Clara’s stalker ex? He just kind of shows up, beats up Marcus. Never heard from again. Wow. Ok. Glad he went to so much effort to leave he little notes IN HER HOUSE. Did no one question that there was a random dude walking in leaving noted in Clara’s room? That house is full of people 24/7. One of them had to see him and be like “whatcha doing there mister?” And then Gloria being the spoiled bimbo that she is over hears the gangsters planning on killing Jerome AND DOESN’T SAY ANYTHING! And then they show up and she’s so shocked!

I think that’s pretty much it. This book was just ok for me. I don’t know if I’ll keep reading the series.

Bye lovelies! Kisses!

I’m so bad at titles! Something about life!

Hi beauties! It’s been awhile. I just haven’t been in the mood to write anything and this is my fun time so I decided when I stared never to write when I didn’t feel like it because it would just turn stressful.

My life has been crazy, and not in the good way. I would love to kind of vent to you all because you are all so very amazing, but this is one of the things that really should not be put out on the internet. On a bright note, I got accepted into MRU for science which was my second choice. I’m still waiting on my first choice (nursing) and some other universities, but I have a school for next year! Not much of a plan B, at all, it just involves taking a general science course! On that not I have dropped the general science I was taking at school this semester because it was a joke. The “notes” were fill in the blank and my friend and I had a 10 minute long argument trying to convince my teacher that lightning started from the ground, not the sky. As mean as it sounds, it the science people take when they can’t get into any other major science because of mark and I was already taking Bio and Chem. So I’m now taking Abnormal Psychology which sounds interesting! I’ve been attending it sporadically¬†because I’ve been leaving after lunch (my sciences are in the morning) for the past little bit because of thing-I-feel-uncomfortable-putting-on-the-internet.

There’s a new chef at work and he’s pretty nice. I miss Raf though!

In books and such I have been re-reading this month. Re-reading books you love is like getting a nice hug from a friend. Timmies coffee is also like getting a warm hug, I had this discussion with one of my friends and my ski instructor from Wales didn’t get it. Anyway, I re-read the Poison Study Trilogy, which I feel like I have talked so much about! And I re-read part of Daughter of Smoke and Bone before I lent it out to Eric. And then I bought him his own copy for Valentine’s day because a book is the least commercialized gift ever and one of the most personal, I think.


I thought that this was relevant.

I have started reviews for both Onyx and Vixen but I’m not sure if or when I will finish them. I might just move on reading and never actually get to them. In fact there may not be any Book Rants this month just because I am re-reading. Sorry guys. Like I said I just don’t really feel like writing much.

Anyway that’s it for now! Bye darlings!