Book Rant: Magic Study

0778323927BOOK RATING 9/10

Magic Study is the second novel in the fantasy trilogy by Maria V. Snyder. This series is wonder so far! First book was fabulous this book did not disappoint. This book was classified as science fiction at the library (yes I use libraries, they’re possibly the best things ever!) but I have absolutely no clue why. If anything I’d call it a fantasy-action or even a romance but sci fi.? Definitely not. Again wonderful, if you haven’t read it, leave then re-join us later because this will have lovely spoilers.





This book! Ok just like the first I couldn’t put it down! This was unfortunate because I ended up being awake until 1am then had to get up at 6. I REGRET NOTHING. Ok where to start? Leif! I had rage towards him for this entire book roughly until oh page 382/392. And even then I still was not loving him. When she first met him and his immediate words were “She has killed” I had the intense desire to smack him across the face. Seriously! He doesn’t know what she went through. He can pipe the fuck down! I thought he had set Yelena up too when they got ambushed but I was wrong, sadly. Then my irritation towards him just kept increasing and never really came down that much. Sure you were jealous but STFU you don’t try and kill your sister or take any happiness in her being hurt. I don’t blame him for her getting captured because he was 8 years old but I blame him for not even trying to get to know his sister again. She was kidnapped, raped, poisoned and forced to use her magic trying to make her a lifeless drone, with hold all the judgment there buddy! Even by the end I wasn’t thrilled with him, yes I understood his emotions because of Story Weaver (more on him later) but still! That relationship is really rocky, or should be. I know they kind of shook hands and made up but just wait I feel like they’re probably going to have a few more problems in the next book because things like that don’t just go away.

Irys and Yelena’s relationship is a constant mixture of friend, mother/daughter and student/teacher which worked really well I thought, it was just the right amount of all three. Irys could sometimes be a little over protective, for example with that magic collar she had on Yelena for a bit, but I could see where she was coming from so I didn’t really get mad at her for it. She just wants to help and Yelena doesn’t always make it easy. But when Irys “disowned” Yelena as her student I was really crushed for Yelena because that Irys was really the only person she could come to. STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY SHE TRIED TO KILL YELENA IN POISION STUDY! Someone explain please! Because all of a few chapters later she want to save her. Still makes no sense. As far as Yelena’s family her mom was an interesting character. I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of her. Because most of the time she was very fragile and nervous but then she’d have these moments of being really powerful, like when her father was talking about Perl making really creative, violent curses. It’s just not something I expected from her. She didn’t strike me as the curse type person. Yelena’s father, Esau was really sweet. I pictured a slightly, crazy inventor a lot like Henry from The Infernal Devices.

What I didn’t like about this book was Yelena seemed way more reckless and didn’t think things thought as well as she did in the first book. Which made me want to slam her head into a tree at some parts. (When she goes after Opal. When she tries to heal Tula by herself, etc.) She doesn’t think about herself really in her plans, it’s always about saving someone else. Which is consistent with her character so, although very frustrating, understandable. I think one of the huge factors for that was the fact that she cares about people now. In the first book she didn’t. She loved Valek, but didn’t think he returned her love, liked Rand until he betrayed her, and other then the power twins but she was focused on escaping so she accepted leaving them. The people she really cared about were the other “orphans” and her actions to help them were equally as reckless as hers in this book. This is a really confusing paragraph. Clearly I am a master of the English language. (Sarcasm) Ok my point: Yelena does stupid things to help other people without considering the consequences to herself, which is frustrating. She did the same thing is Poison Study but its more obvious now because she cares about more people. Ok, that makes more sense.

Back to things I liked. Yay! Valek! This man will never cease to amaze me. The costume as the assistant to the ambassador I expected, but what I didn’t expect was that there was an actual man that looked like that that could switch places with him if needed so he wouldn’t get caught! And somehow he escapes a noose. Like the rope was around his neck and somehow he gets out of that situation! As usual his and Yelena’s relationship is so nice. It was a little better I thought when it was more push/pull but that just wouldn’t make sense in the context of this book. They’ve been apart for 6 months and only have a week together, they aren’t going to really be bickering.  They still do have moments where they play off each other and it quite funny. The mind connection they have is confusing, slightly but it’s love in a magical universe, so it’s perfect, don’t question it.

Ferde, he’s a soulfinder? Or just a magician like Mogkan who just takes souls? I wasn’t entirely sure on that. I also wasn’t sure about how he an Alea were related to each other.  Because she ended up with Opal so I’m guessing Ferde gave Alea permission to kill Yelena after he got Gelsi? Maybe? I don’t know I was a little confused. What I realised reading this book was that Sitia and Ixia aren’t very big at all. You can get from one side to the other in a matter of days on horseback it seems. I always assumed they were both much bigger.

Moving along: The Story Weaver (does he have a name? He must, but I don’t recall) he is a really great character. But confusing as hell. He’s one of those prophet people that always speaks in riddles and you never really understand fully what’s happening. He has a really great line when he, Valek, Yelena and Leif are all together meeting.

Yelena: “No mysterious arrival? No coalescing for a sunray? Where’s the paint?”

Story Weaver: “It is no fun when you already know those tricks.”

So funny. Actually that entire scene was amusing. I’m not even sure what all to say about him. I just all around love his character. He’s funny and smart and does cool things.

Yelena’s relationships with Topaz and Kiki were so great. Listening to the horses and her have conversations was quite amusing. And I thought they might bring something like this into the story because of the dog master in Poison Study seeming like he could talk to the dogs. See the connection? Yeah. Foreshadowing!

Oh Cahil! Did anyone else see it coming that he wasn’t really royalty? Because I so called that! (One of my predictions is finally right! Hurray!) When Yelena was first captured and he said he was the king’s nephew my immediate thought was that he was a magician because the king was. So then when he never used magic I got a little confused. At first I thought maybe he was hiding it but that made no sense because they don’t care in the south. And Valek not counting bodies didn’t make sense either so I figured that he was either lying or being lied to. On that topic: Goel. Yelena seems to have really bad luck when it comes to these types of guys. Reyad, Nix and now Goel. I was really relieved when he was killed but that scene before was also funny in a weird way with Ari, Janco, Cahil and Valek all walking in and placing bets.

And I almost forgot! The Commander/ Ambassador! I finally understand! Two souls in one body! AH! Life makes sense again! Because when he/she first came in as a woman I thought it was one hell of a costume. But then she would turn into a her within a matter of moments without taking off a costume so I was confused again but to souls in one body explained all that and thank goodness because that was driving me crazy.

That’s all I can think of on the book as of this moment. I hope I didn’t miss anything really important. This is getting long so if I did, oops. Anyway, Kisses! Bye everyone!

Problems of Being a Bookaholic

Hi there and welcome to thoughts with Lizzie!

So, I’m sure I cannot be the only person who does this. allows you to make wish lists so I’ll go through the top 50 books and new and hot sections and whatever jumps out at me I’ll put on hold at the library. (Libraries are still the best buildings on this planet. No one shall convince me otherwise) And then if I like the book I’ll put it on my chapters wish list along with all the other books that I have either read or have started the series and loved it and all the books that I remember from forever ago that I loved and wanted to buy a copy of and then forgot for 5 years and suddenly remembered and they few books that my brothers own that I steal and read constantly but I came to the realization the my older brother is moving out soon and so am I and I will no longer have access to said books. In any case if you haven’t guessed, that’s a lot of books. 50 to be exact. I added up the cost today. Yeah… it’s 780 dollars. So just a little expensive. But when my older brother moves out he’s the only one with the Harry Potter books! How am I supposed to survive without those! He also has our Lord of the Rings and Narnia books too so what’s a girl to do? Obviously I’m not going to buy them IMMEDIATELY  but I’m prepared.

Bear in mind that most of these books you can also buy on chapters but a used edition typically for half the price. They’re actually a really great way to save money. Just make sure you get one with condition listed at AT LEAST 4/5 and you should be great. I’ve done it before with a series I simply could not find anywhere and then for 2 of my Mortal Instruments series and 1 of my Infernal Devices.  Out of those 6 books 3 of them were 4 star books that had never been owned but they weren’t sold because the dust jacket was damaged. It wasn’t a huge deal for me I just took it off because those things drive me insane while reading anyway but I guess for some people it would be an issue.

Also I thought this was funny so I'm sharing

Also I thought theis was funny so I’m sharing

Anyway, wanting too many books  is a lovely problem to have if you ask me!

Bye Guys. Kisses

Book Rant: Pandemonium


Hey People!


So I’m going to talk about Pandemonium, the second book in the Delirium trilogy by Lauren Oliver. This series takes place in a dystopian society where love is considered a disease and at 18 everyone is “cured” pretty much turning them in to emotionless zombies. All the cities are surrounded by electric fences and transportation between cities is extremely regulated. Outside of the cities is The Wilds where Invalids (illegal peoples that haven’t been cured) live.   If you haven’t read it I recommend it the first book is Delirium so go check it out. If you have already read both of those stay so that we may chat! As always this is going to have spoilers past this point so don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled.





AHHHHH! This book! I honestly threw it on the ground at the end I was so frustrated! Let’s talk about the ending right now actually! Alex is alive! HOW CAN SHE DO THAT TO US!?!?!?!?! I just got over him being dead! Julian is so cute and I love him. I love Lena being with him, I love how we know so much about him (we knew next to nothing about Alex), I love how they helped each other escape, I love how he tells Lena the Wizard of Oz, I love how Lena saves him and I even love his incredibly cheesy line “Promise me we’ll stay together, okay?” but it’s not even cheesy coming from him because he would never have heard that before because love isn’t allowed and he’s just adorable. Then Alex comes in “Don’t believe her.” I want to slap him so hard! He has no right! No right to be mad at her! He’s been “dead” for what? Six months or something? What the hell was he doing? You know what, if you’re going to make your girlfriend think that you’re dead then ideally don’t come back, but if you do you better not get mad at her for moving on! Oh I’m sorry she’s 18 and her boyfriend died, what’s she going to do, never love again for the rest of her life? It’s not like you went on some resistant mission or something and she just decided that she didn’t want to wait, she saw you get shot multiple times and you told her to run! And he has that tattoo behind his ear, the triangle one that the bad guy who tried to kill Lena and Julian had so what is he doing with the tattoo! And he doesn’t even seem like Alex. Is he cured or something? Something is going on there. Or maybe he is just a grade A prick.

Next: EVERYTHING WAS A GIANT CON! WHAT?!?!?! What?! No! When Raven first showed up after Lena and Julian were trapped I was so relieved.  Wanted to hug Raven with Lena. And then it was a huge set up! Going back, I don’t know! How long? How long was this the plan? A week after Lena arrived? Two? If you’re going to make a plan that involves putting one of your allies at risk don’t you think you should TELL them? Not just manipulate them so they do what you want but have no idea what’s happening. And Raven’s all like “you were never in any danger” bullshit! She almost died a dozen times!

Julian: I mentioned how much I loved him earlier but I’m going to talk more about his family. Specifically:  “during my second seizure, I cracked my head against the fireplace. My parents were concerned.” CONCERNED. No, no, no, that is not concerned. Concerned is when I’m making chocolate chip cookies and halfway through I realize I don’t have chocolate ships. When I run out of my favourite eyeliner I’m concerned. When my iPod dies in the middle of a long car trip I’m concerned. If my child cracked his head open on the fireplace I would be terrified!  I’d have my phone in one hand calling the ambulance and a compress and some ice in the other trying to stop the bleeding and keep the swelling down all while checking to see if he had a concussion. That is not concerned! That adjective is not strong enough! So that was so I don’t even know. I don’t know what to say to that! What do you say to that?

I actually like Julian more than Alex as I mentioned above just because we get to know him more. I really like the evolution of Lena’s and Julian’s relationship it’s very nice, very cute. And we get to see Julian change. And we get to see that in Lena too as she realizes she’s in love with Julian and this whole struggle she goes through to come to terms with that because she still loves Alex but he’s dead.  She eventually comes to the realization that she can still love Alex and who he was and remember him with a lot of fondness but she can also love again and that that it ok. Then Alex shoots that to hell by being alive.

I really like how this book is written with “then” and “now”.  I think its way better this was then if she had gone “then” followed by “now” in chronological order. This way there was suspense nonstop! I’d read “then” and it would end on a cliff hanger but suddenly we’re back to “now” and that ends dramatically and we’re back to “then” so I was always on the edge of my seat. What I really like about Lauren Oliver’s writing is that it has a lot of detail like the coloured birds’ nests and Raven’s and Blue’s back story, it just makes the whole book more real and more emotional. I’m really glad Sarah didn’t die. It was so sad when Blue died and then when they were burying her and Raven ran forward screaming about how she would be cold! Lauren Oliver has proven once again what an amazing writer she is. I liked Delirium but I LOVE Pandemonium. Honestly I think it’s what the Matched trilogy was trying for but this series just blows that one away.

I cannot wait to read the next one! I’m freaking out! So bye for now guys, hopefully I’ll be back soon. Toodles!

Calling all Science People: Biology Help, Please!

Ok so right now in bio we are learning about photosynthesis and cellular respiration. My teacher decided that instead of teaching us she would let us find the information ourselves and I am so confused! So if someone could explain to me

  • Light reactions
  • Dark reactions
  • ATP
  • NADPH2
  • RuBP
  • PGAL

Please! That would be fantastic! I would try and give you some insight as to what was going on so you could understand what I’m asking but I really can’t becasue I haven’t a clue myself. Thank you a thousand times in advance!


The Book Sacrifice

Hey guys!

This idea is courtesy of YouTuber ArielBissett ( but I can’t do YouTube videos because technology and I don’t like each other much. I can do word and chrome about 80% of the time. But it was really fun to watch her so we are going to do this in writing! If you don’t know how this works there are hypothetical situations where a book must be sacrificed for the greater good and you have to choose which books you are going to destroy. DISCLAIMER: this is not meant as an offence to anyone’s tastes. Feel free to disagree in fact I would love it if you did! Discussions are so fun!

1.       Zombies are attacking the world and you are hiding out in a bookstore. Suddenly an announcement comes on that the army has discovered the Zombies weakness and it is over hyped books. Which book do you go grab as a weapon?

imagesOh I am going to get so much hate for saying this but The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.  Everyone loves this book. I cannot tell you how many people (both male and female) told me to read this book. And I did. And I still have people telling me to read it. I DON’T GET IT! It is so predictable. By the time we meet Augustus I knew he was going to die. I knew they were going to have their little romance and we were all going to be scared that she would die and there would be a few close calls but in the end, he was the one who was going to die first. I could forgive it for being predictable because a lot of love stories are. That’s how they work. But the dialogue was awful! All those really “deep” quotes that everyone uses, if you think about them really aren’t that great! “That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.” Good. Good. Thank you for clearing that up for me. I’ve been wondering what the hell pain was for. You know if we didn’t feel pain that would defeat the freaking purpose!  Guess what? Food demands to be tasted! Water demands to be wet! I can do it too! What, we aren’t stating the obvious? Oh. Example 2: “My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.” Comparing your thoughts to stars? Could you sound more pretentious? In a book that is dealing with life and dying and Hazel says several times that she is just a mutation this just doesn’t fit! And the dialogue BETWEEN Hazel and Augustus was so painfully unbelievable and un-romantic it burned my eyes. And the characters themselves were awful. I didn’t care about them at all! They were too damned perfect. I could not feel anything for them because they weren’t real! And, worse yet, THEY ARE THE SAME! And don’t give me some “soul-mate” crap. They talk the same, act the same, they are the exact same character only one is a girl the other is a boy. The mark of a skilled writer is being able to write differently for each character and not make them sound the same. And don’t say it’s a tribute to sick kids because no one talks like these characters do! NO ONE! Sick or not! Are there some witty, smart-ass terminally ill kids? Probably! But you know what? If you had less than a month to live I doubt you would be all ironic and metaphorical. That sounds like one hell of a luxury that terminal children (hell, terminally ill people) probably can’t afford. Everything in this book sound like it was written to impress an audience. It’s so metaphorical all. The. Time. And PEOPLE JUST DON’T TALK LIKE THAT! Least of all teenagers! It is not real. The reason people might cry over it is merely because of one single reason: primal fear of death. It scares the shit out of any one! Deny it if you want, but it’s true! The idea of dying, or losing someone you love is going to make you upset. And doing that takes no damned talent! Anyone can write a story about a death of a child and people will cry. Then John Green forced it on you every 20 seconds.  Like he’s screaming at you through the page, “CRY! LOOK HOW SAD IT IS! THE ANGUISH!” Back to the book sacrifice:

2.       You have just left the hair salon and you have a beautiful, expensive hair do. Suddenly, it’s pouring rain! What sequel in a series do you grab to use as an umbrella?

CrossedAllyCrossed by Ally Condie. I have never been so disappointed by a sequel in my life. This book was a waste of my time. I have a nice rant about it in a book chat so go read that so we don’t have another long paragraph like above.

3.       You are sitting in an English lecture and your professor is going on and on about this classic that changed the world and defined modern literature, blah, blah, blah. And you are going insane sitting there because you know that this classic really isn’t that great. So you get so frustrated that you take the classic and you throw it at your professor. What is that classic?

200px-LordOfTheFliesBookCoverThe Lord of the Flies by William Golding. This book is supposed to say a lot about human nature and how terrible we are and it’s so meaningful, etc., etc. I hated this book. It was so damned boring. There are twelve chapters, by chapter 6 the most suspenseful thing that had happened was the fire went out. Then it just gets really fucking creepy where the children start worshiping a pig’s head on a stick, this pig’s head is called the lord of the flies. (PS: if you ever have a test on this: Lord of the Flies = Beelzebub. There you’re golden for the test.) Then the one good child on the island gets killed after hearing the pig head talk. How? The other children ate him. Want to know how it ends? The set fire to the forest and an American Naval officer finds them and they all start crying. This book is awful and incredibly boring and all it says about humanity as that essentially we are all doomed and if you are a good person you get crushed.

4.       You are in a library and suddenly an ice age hits! Your only chance for survival is to burn books. What book do you immediately run to get to burn and not feel a shred of guilt about it?

Chrysalids_first_edition_1955Tris and Liz or Liz and Tris sadly I cannot tell you who it is by. I don’t remember it was two years go that I read it. This book is honestly so bad that at one point they have to fight a giant sea serpent and I was pulling for the serpent, just to end the book. But I have another one for you too: The Chrysalids by John Wyndham. This is another “classic” that we had to read in school.  Did I ever hate this book! The ending is the worst ever! What was he thinking!!?! “Shit my deadline is tomorrow and the hockey game is on in 30 minutes! How can I end this? Ummm…so yeah ummm… they all get trapped in poisonous nets….except like 4 main kids….and ummm… yeah then some people come in a helicopter and like take them to New Zealand.  Seems Legit.”  What the hell?! After a whole book of build up, they have this giant battle in which everyone was kill except for maybe 4 children and THEN THEY GET TAKEN TO NEW ZEALAND BY HELICOPTER (Technology that wasn’t seen in the rest of the book)! Really? That’s how your chose to end it?

So those are my book sacrifices! That is it for me today! Bye Everyone!

EDIT: the afore book is called Tris & Izzie by Mette Ivie Harrison

Book Rant: Poison Study




Another less well known novel, Poison Study written by Maria V. Snyder is the first book in a fantasy trilogy. I read this because I heard about it in a YouTube video, I’ve mentioned this girl before, polandbananasBOOKS, check her out. I haven’t read the other two yet, hopefully I will get to them soon! Now right to it! As it says right on the cover:

“Choose: A quick death…or a slow poison”

Our main character is a 19 year old girl named Yelena (how awesome is that name?) and she is about to be executed for murder. However she is offered a choice to not only escape the noose but also live in the lap of luxury. Here’s the catch though, she’ll be a food tester. A test dummy to ensure the safety of the Commander. So Yelena chooses to become a food taster. But the chief of security, Valek, knows he can’t have a confessed killer walking around the palace without a few fail safes. He feeds her Butterfly’s Dust and only by appearing for her daily antidote will she survive the poison’s affects. This book takes place in a country called Ixia and it ruled in a military fashion. All laws are also absolute. If you break one, nothing you say in your defence (even if it’s true) will change your sentence. Magic has been outlawed and if it’s discovered that you can practice magic you are killed, no questions asked.  If you haven’t read it go do so! It a great book, I read it in a day, couldn’t put it down! There will be spoilers after this point so if you don’t want to be spoiled, toddles!





Amazing book!!! From the first page I couldn’t put it down. The way it written is so simple and blunt it’s fantastic. Wonderful, wonderful characters! I don’t know about anyone else but characters, for me, are make it or break it in any novel. From the very first chapter I had a great first impression of Yelena. She is a young woman who had ended up in a very bad and terrifying situation, but was willing to own up to the life she’d taken. She never made excuses for her actions, although her reasons were valid. So I loved her character right from the start and my opinion of her only increased throughout the book. When she was playing the fugitive I was laughing at all the soldiers because she’s just so awesome throughout that entire thing and then she just starts walking down the road and lets them catch her. And Janco full on football tackles her even though she’s just walking along super chill like, it was hilarious. Janco and Ari, can I have them as best friends? Can that just happen?  They’re this perfect mix between protective older brothers, and funny best friends, and sweet, adorable puppies.  I’m not sure if they’re actually related but in my mind they looked like twins so I’m sticking with that. The training sessions I really liked and I really like how they agreed to teach a murder (hey, that’s what she is. She didn’t deny it.) how to fight right away with barely a moment’s hesitation just shows what excellent judges of character they are. The best of the training sessions I thought was when Janco was teaching Yelena how to pick locks and she come back to her room and Valek is all jealous. On that subject: Valek! Valek is a badass. I love his character so much because he’s an amazing killer ninja, but that’s not all he is. There’s so much to him like his sculptures and he has a sweet and funny side. When I first read this book I thought he was in his mid-40s or something then about halfway through when the romance thing came up (awe! It’s so cute and awkward! I didn’t really think he loved her back and then he does! Sorry, teenage girl moment) I realized he was actually probably in his late 20s maybe early 30s or something. Another hilarious moment in this book when Yelena is really drunk and she starts hitting on Valek. At first it was just sweet and funny (I feel like I’m using that word to much but that’s what it was!) that conversation they had about the flawless world was just perfectly ridiculous drunk person rambling but then she’s just full on trying to undress him. Woah there girl! I did feel bad for her though when he told her to get some sleep. Yelena and Valek’s relationship is very push-pull the entire way through the story which is way more interesting to read then all lovey dovey all the time.

One the flip side though this book also had a lot of serious, really intense stuff. And as I said earlier it was written very bluntly about what Yelena had gone through and what she continued to go through. Her situation is actually very horrific throughout the entire book and she never gets a break from it. At the beginning being kidnapped the Brazell’s lab rat, Reyad raping and whipping her then Brazell’s men, Nix, Rand’s betrayal,  the witch Irys, Reyad ghost , Mogkan and various people who try and kill her all while doing a potentially lethal job. About Reyad’s ghost I wasn’t really sure if that was in her guilt ridden imagination like the tell-tale heart or can she actually see ghosts or he was haunting her or something?

Butterfly’s Dust! Sorry guys I’m jumping all over the place this isn’t really coherent! So many thoughts all at once! Anyway, I didn’t see it coming that Butterfly’s Dust wasn’t real but looking back I probably should have. There was just so much else going on in this book I kind of just accepted that it was real quite easily. When Valek told her I was torn between wanting to slap him and wanting to hug him. The being happy with him won out because I was just so happy she wasn’t going to die.

What I really like about this book is the non-stop action but it’s not like a lot of these fantasy-action novels that are just ridiculously over the top. Oh, there was peace one day, then I went a single handily slayed the might man-eating bear, then I climbed a mountain range to get to a feast, the next morning we were at war, by the next night I had killed 500 men and their leader using magic, then I went and fought a dragon next afternoon and saved the princess and now I am king and oh by the way someone is trying to assassinate me. If there really was a kingdom like this with magicians, I could see stuff like this happening.

Last thing I want to talk about before I wrap this up (It’s getting long again! Oops! So much to say so little time!) is the Commander. He/she was a really interesting, unique character. Pretty much a dictator – I don’t want to say war lord but I guess he/she is. Both dictator and war lord have such negative connotations and Ixia is clearly not perfect, but for normal people it doesn’t seem too horrid. – Anyway, he/she became a leader by overthrowing a monarchy and the Commander seems like a very realistic person and very logical. But what confused me a great deal, as you might be able to tell, is the gender of the Commander. Is he really a woman pretending to be a man? Or is he really a man but think he’s a woman (woman trapped in a man’s body kind of deal) or does he have a bit of a split personality disorder? Or a man trapped in a woman’s body? Or is he a man that just has a bit of a feminine side that comes out in his dreams? Or maybe there’s so weird magic going on? I don’t know! Thoughts?

Ok that it for me on the book! I loved it! I’m going to get the Pandemonium book chat out for you all next week. I’m still really new at this blogging this so I’m trying to get in a system. I am going to try having a book review every weekend and obviously just random stuff during the week so we’ll see how that goes! The “What am I reading” thing on the side I will do my best to keep more or less current but I’m one of those people who has multiple books on at once and sadly I can only show one book at a time on that. It’s a tragedy for sure. If you have a book you want me to review or just think I’ll like let me know, I’m always looking for new stuff.

Kisses! Bye people!

Apple Problems, Girl’s Nights, Dance and Science

Hey lovelies! I’ve noticed this blog has turned mostly into me raging about stuff. I swear I’m not normally this bitchy/whinny! Oh and welcome home Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield!

This isn't mine, just a visual for you :)

This isn’t mine, just a visual for you 🙂

Ok so on Saturday my beautiful iPod Touch that I bought in September got its screen shattered. How, you may ask? It fell off my bed. All of 2 feet-ish, maybe less from the ground. Yeah. I was pretty mad! I’m one of those people – like probably 90% of teens – whose entire life revolves around music. I love most types of music. If you go through my iTunes you will find classical, metal, and absolutely everything in between.  I listen to music non-stop and when I’m not listening to it, it is paying in my head and/or I am singing. (I can’t sing, but I DO sing). So my iPod is my baby. I have to know where it is always or I panic. It has its own special spot where it “sleeps”. My laptop, meh! It’s on the floor, I throw in on the bed, I leave it out on the table, wherever! It’s a rock though. I actually currently am using my Papa’s old laptop, which is a tank. My nice laptop is currently getting fixed, if it possibly can be, because I repel technology and the battery on the stupid thing can no longer hold a charge…but my rage towards Samsung is not the point today. Right now we shall discuss my rage towards Apple. So it’s still under warranty so I take it too the Apple Store and I didn’t really expect them to fix it for free because this would fall under “user error” whereby it’s my fault so they won’t fix it. They give me two options: $200 to fix it because they have to ship it somewhere to get it fixed or 50% off ($150) to buy a new one. Naturally I paid $150 for a new iPod. It’s just annoying because you would think if you are making a portable device that you advertise people to use 20 hours a day, 7 days a week you would think it could withstand one fall from 2 feet. That is my complaining for the day. Sorry if I sounded really materialistic and spoiled brat like.

Now more cheerful topics! Besides my iPod breaking I had a really wonderful weekend. I had a girl’s night on Friday with my friend Jill and 3 of her friends whom I had never met before but we all got along. We went to this place called the lookout. It’s a cul-de-sac on a hill top that overlooks the city and it’s under construction so no one lives there yet. We just blasted music and had ourselves a dance party and chatted and just hung out. I was really great and super chill.  Saturday I worked then Sunday was Mother’s day so my family and I went to the new Tom Cruise movie Oblivion. It’s actually pretty good! If you haven’t seen it I would give it a go. Hope you all had an amazing weekend too!

Dance exams were yesterday. I don’t think I did great in contemp. quite honestly. Because I had ballet right before and was exhausted and, more importantly, quite frankly I’m not really great at contemporary. If you don’t know what dance exams are like, pretty much you have to demonstrate assorted steps then the teacher/examiner (they aren’t usually the same person, but in this case they were) calls out a combo and you have to be able to put it together and dance it with no demonstration. In ballet and tap there is also terminology tests but in contemp. And lyrical they don’t bother because 75% of the steps we end up using are us just moving to the music doing stuff that feels right and therefore have no name other than the ones we have given them. i.e.: Sad ninja, happy windmill, banana, dolphin…etc. Ballet went well though! Our dance we are working on is so fun WE HAVE SILK SCARVES! Which I’m quite disappointed that we don’t get to keep. But it’s super pretty. I have extra ballet classes until recital so two a week instead of one. Our tap dance is the best though. Bruno Mars and red flapper dresses all the way! Henry – the one guy in my tap class – is so funny in the dance because he gets to play the ladies’ man.

In biology I have a unit test tomorrow on the kidneys and muscles. Personally I adore biology especially about human body so I’m loving it! We are dissecting a fetal pig next week and I’m so exciting! Yeah, I’m not a girly girl, get over it 😉 English we are reading The Crucible and lord is it depressing! Not terrible, but depressing. The people in that play are idiots. And yes I know it’s because of the time period and such. Oh and to anyone who knows anything about physics: Anti-matter! Explain please! It was in a book I was reading (Angels and Demons by Dan Brown) and I would love to understand it.  Where did it come from? Why isn’t there more of it?

That’s pretty much all I can think of that is going on in my life. Kisses! Bye guys!

Book Rant: Delirium

imagesHi there everyone!


I read this book a couple summers ago and I really liked it but then I totally forgot about it until the other day when I saw the sequel in Chapters. So I bought both books and I just re-read Delirium. The sequel is Pandemonium and they’re written by Lauren Oliver who is the author of Before I Fall, another great book I highly recommend. There is a third book out in this series but I don’t yet own it called Requiem. So Delirium is another dystopian novel that takes place in what used to be The United States of America and in this society where love (AKA: amor deliria nervosa) is considered a disease and at 18 every gets an operation to make the “immune” to love but until then they are kept completely separate from the opposite gender. So pretty much they are making everyone in their society an emotionless robot at 18.  The cities are all surrounded by electric fences to protect everyone from “the wilds” which is pretty much exactly like it sounds. And in the Wilds live Invalids who are people who are 18 but haven’t taken the cure (which is highly illegal). Our main girl is Lena who has been excited for the cure for a long time because she whole heartedly believes that love is dangerous and must be wiped out. Of course, mere months before her scheduled procedure, Lena falls in love with an Invalid named Alex. He was born in the Wilds outside the city, and has pretended to be cured in order to live undetected in the city. So that the very brief intro! If you haven’t read it, go do so, it’s a great book! This is going to have spoilers so if you have read it stay and discuss!





This whole concept is so completely foreign that it was really hard to wrap my head around at first. Your parents don’t love you, you don’t love your friends, or your siblings, or you pets, or your job, or a certain type of food or book. It’s just very hard to fathom because love is so prominent in our society.  Lauren Oliver actually talked about how sometimes the cure goes wrong and it too strong or something or it’s on the wrong person and they drown their children because they’re being annoying. And really what you are relying on is people’s sense of responsibility to do what they’re supposed to because they don’t care about it. So it’s a really frightening concept. And pretty much everything is propaganda because all literature or art or movies referencing love in a good way was banned/destroyed. It mentions that they read Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to scare the children. “Look what love does to people” kind of thing. So at the beginning of the book they have this interview like thing to put you into your idea job and marriage based on your personality and one of the questions was “what is your favourite colour?” and Lena answers wrong. Her answer was too…poetic I guess? Because she said the grey of the sunrise. What it sounds like is that the USA had a mass genocide to get the “perfect” people like in Nazi Germany what Hitler was trying to do, just getting rid of handicapped people and anyway less than perfect.

It was so sad when Lena was talking about her mom and how she used to play with them but they had to keep it quiet and her mom just got taken away because she was “diseased” and they locked her up underground. I was really, really happy that she escaped.

Alex. I don’t really know about him. He seems too perfect but I guess we are seeing him through Lena’s eyes. We don’t get to learn much about him which I wish they had gone more in-depth about his past and his life. Really I though their relationship was really sweet. When she says “love” for the first time was so beautiful because she would never have said that ever so it carries more weight. Which I guess is a nice thing about this backwards world because in trying to destroy love they made in more valuable and stronger when it does happen. Hana. She is a really great friend I wish she had gone with them. I really didn’t think Alex would die. If he died I though they both would, but I really didn’t think that just Alex would die but I’m glad that Lena escaped.

Personally if I had a choice to be cured or not, there is no way. Not in a million years. What they (the government) say is that love kills you when you have and it kills you when you don’t which I suppose is true but without pain you never know joy. You can’t have light without knowing darkness. I would love to know who thought of the cure, and what must have been wrong in their head for even thinking of this idea. So, wonderful, wonderful book! Very thought provoking. Can’t wait to read the next two. I’ve heard rumors that they are making a TV series about this? I’m not sure but that would be super cool!

That’s it for me, bye all!

Sun Tan Lines, Biology, Bon Jovi and Drama Class

Good evening beautiful people!

I am in a fantastic mood today mostly because of the freaking amazing weather! Yesterday was 30 and sunny and today was 20. Now that means being in the sun whenever possible! I was playing football (catch really) with some of my guy friends at lunch. No, I cannot throw well. I throw like a girl and I casn never get the ball to spiral no matter how much everyone insists its so easy. But I can catch quite well if I do say so myself. And with being in the sun comes tans. I tan weirdly. My tan has a red tint (just my skin tone. When I’m not tan it has pink undertones too, you just can’t tell as easily) so when I’m just starting to tan and when I’m in the wrong light (AKA: school fluorescence) it looks more like a burn and less like a tan, but I swear its not a burn! I can tell when I’m burned and this isn’t it! When its darker you can’t tell really. Jokes! My tan never gets really dark. Its like 3 shades darker then my normal albino. My older brother is the same way. Better then my mom and little brother though who just burn and peel. Yck.

Ok so you know my Biosphere I mentioned some weeks ago (in my story time post, I’m not going to re-explain so just go read it) Its revived itself! Our snail had babies! So proud! That’s really all I have to say on biology.

So if you have never been a drama kid, this next bit will make me seem like a raving lunatic. We had a non-drama child some into our class when he was touring our school and I fairy certain that he is never coming back. Ever. However these magical events are considered oddly normal for this group of people. We have a project in drama right now where we have to make a live music video. So we pick a song do a bit of intro (you know how all music videos have the non-song bit where they either try and seem incredibly deep and dramatic or overly silly? Yeah that.) Then the entire song and conclusion. Just like a normal music video. Now we’re in groups of some number of people. Our group has 6 plus our self assigned director. Obviously picking one song was really hard because we all have totally different tastes in music. Maggie and I came up with the idea to do Bon Jovi “You give love a bad name” because its an awesome song that you can dance to. And this one guy in our group said “No! I hate Bon Jovi!” How do you hate Bon Jovi?! He’s classic, go to jam session material! Maggie and I stared at him for a second then seriously just walked away (half jokingly). When we come back a little while later the same guy said he hated reading. WHAT?! Everyone has to like at least one book! Seriously what do you do with your life, man? He and his twin are the sweetest guys ever though and I love them to death so don’t get the wrong idea. Anyway, eventually we work out a song .”You belong with me” Taylor Swift. Our scene is so horrid! Its probably 90% improve!

fuck-it-well-do-it-live-bill-oreillyA few groups presented their music video today and I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard. This group of 7 guys mashed together a bunch of songs and their scene was they were a band trying to decide on a set list. 7 guys dancing to “Single Ladies” then immediately going into heavy metal then “Total eclipse of the heart” and then backstreet boys.  At one point they were dancing with ties like they were boas, I cannot un-see  this.

Yeah so that’s my wonderful day! I hope you all had equally entertaining days.

Kisses. Bye all.