Book Rant: The Brokenhearted

14498145RATING: 3/5

GENRE: Science fiction?, YA

SERIES: The Brokenhearted, #1

Can we take a moment to just stare at this gorgeous cover? It is beautiful and unfortunately the cover was probably one of the best parts of the book and when your read it you realize the cover is actually misleading. There are no mechanical hearts, just going to break that to you now so you weren’t disappointing as I was while reading becasue that would have been super cool. Anyway, The Brokenhearted by Amelia Kahaney. This book was very, very different then what I expected from the cover, reading the back flap and even the first page or so I read before I brought it home to actually read. I’m calling it sci-fi for lack of a better genre but it’s not. It’s not fiction either or contemporary and not really fantasy. Anthem is a ballerina from the right side of town. She has everything she could ever want and the seemingly picture perfect family. But she longs for more, and when she sneaks out to a party that isn’t part of her flawless world, she meets it in the form of Gavin. And then she falls to her death. Brought back to life with an artificial heart, Anthem dives deeper in the dangerous world she’s been sheltered from her whole life, and she’s out for blood.  IT’S A MODERN DAY STORY, I didn’t expect that or even realize it was until a couple chapter in. If you are going to pick up this book I’m going to give you some odd advice: don’t read the prologue. It’s entitled “After”, don’t read that. It’s supposed to be foreshadowy and spark you interest I guess but it gives away pretty much the whole plot. If you do read it, as I did, the book is still decent but it takes away a lot of the mystery. Ok Spoilers past here!






1. I thought this was a stand alone and is not, apparently. It had a really annoying cliff hanger. Not annoying as in “Ooh I need the next one now!” annoying as in “Wait, there’s more? How?”

2. I thought this was based in industrial revolution era or so (becasue of the cover) but it is modern day. This isn’t really good or bad, I just wasn’t expecting it.

3. Bedlam is a common reference an incredibly famous lunatic asylum “Bethlem Royal Hospital” becasue the patients of this asylum were often called Bedlam Beggars and the word “bedlem” although it started as slang, came to mean madness. Maybe I was reading into it too much but I was expecting an Asylum feel of everyone is crazy even if it wasn’t taking place in an actual asylum. And I was super excited for that.

The book itself wasn’t bad. It was incredibly predictable but I think the main problem was I excepted so much from it from the little pieces they initially gave me and then it just fell flat.

Anthem flips back and forth for me. One chapter she’s being really awesome and she’s really developed and sure of her self and then next she’s this weepy, sloppy, pathetic, stupid mess. When she was being blackmailed she went along with it. Really? If he were to show that video to anyone a) he’d have to explain WHY a camera was in her room, he comes from a high class family, that would NOT be ok b) it’s a modern day story, if he was good enough with a computer he could have that video off some footage he took of her doing normal things c) people wouldn’t believe something so unhuman. There are millions of videos floating around the internet of this and that supernatural thing and next to no one takes them seriously and the people who do aren’t taken seriously. I’d have told him “fine, hell, I’ll post it to YouTube myself. At least give it a badass caption so people will watch it.” Boo, bitch got nothing on you. OR tell your parents “he hid a camera in my room, he’s blackmailing me to be his girlfriend again.” I don’t care how much her parents seem indifferent to her, they would care about that becasue it reflect badly on them. Then if he does deny it he can never post the video becasue then they’d know he was lying. Plus I would have not asked him where the camera is instead, told someone he’d threatened me that it was there then have them look for and and he wouldn’t have taken it becasue he only did so AFTER she asked where it was.  I mean eventually she got him back good, but she could have forgone the whole tedious “poor me” stage.

Ford was my favourite part of this whole book. He’s tough and funny and sweet and I genuinely enjoy him. He’s one of the main reasons this book scored as high as it did.

Gavin, I knew he was going to tun our bad so I can’t say I ever liked him. Clearly he’s a very good social chameleon becasue he’s obviously wealthy working with Anthem’s father, but blends in enough in the bad part of town to play his game. I’m calling it a game becasue he clearly doesn’t need the money and he wasn’t playing Robin Hood.

They need to cap Amthem’s powers ASAP. Regardless what kind of mutated heart she has it must have some limits and right now it’s bored line laughable all these things she can suddenly do with a new heart. Perhaps if  Amelia Kahaney had brought in something about her death and rebirth opening up parts of her mind that most humans don’t have access too. That would, among other things, allow her to force herself into an adrenalin rush type state at will accounting or the speed and strength and as soon as you say she can access more of her brain potential you can really go anywhere becasue we have no clue what that would be like. So many powers from just a hummingbirds heart, I doubt. Speed yes, strength yes, healing not as much. She’d get more blood pumped to the area which would speed healing, provided you didn’t bleed to death first. And we aren’t talking by so much that cut heals almost instantaneously. You also probably wouldn’t be as strong and fast as she describes. You would be stronger and faster than normal becasue more blood to muscles means more oxygen to them mean more energy. Hearing made little sense, eyesight made little sense. The only thing that has changed is blood flow, the threshold of your nerves hasn’t changed. You would think that with a faster heart you would have other issues becasue our bodies aren’t designed for our hearts to beat so much, so fast. Obviously it’s a book it doesn’t have to follow medical rules but I thought it was too much.

Overall I wasn’t impressed. I’m guessing the next book will address the “mystery” of  who Gavin pretended to be relating to her father/what involvement her family has and probably some truth about her sister, but I really don’t care. I’m not curious, I don’t need to know, I just don’t care. Another reason this book got a 3 instead of a two is that it managed to hold my attention pretty well, I flew through it and did enjoy parts of it.

Bye guys, that’s it for this one! Kisses


Book Rant: City of Heavenly Fire



GENRE: YA, fantasy

SERIES: The Mortal Instruments, #6


Hello! Welcome to Book Rant! I was reading The Brokenhearted BUT my glorious friend lent me her copy of City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare to read so I don’t have to wait until September! I adore this series and this book did not disappoint! I wanted more! Its over 700 pages but I still wanted more! I don’t want to let go of these characters! Over the course of these 6 books I have become so emotionally invested in this story and these people and their struggles, I’m not sure what to do with myself now that’s its over. Were there other things? Spoilers as always beyond here!







We start off with the longest prologue I have ever read. And there we get introduced to Emma Carstairs and the Blackthorns. We , have heard about the Blackthorns before, the oldest girl Helen is part fairy and dating Aliene a girl we meet in COG. It was really interesting to meet these Blackthorn kids and I already LOVE Emma. She’s so unlike Jem who is the only other Carstairs we met, but she is so tough and I can’t wait to see her grown up. And her thing with Julian and becoming parabatai, they are going to fall in love. They just are and it’s going to be this huge issue and I’m so excited to read about it! (I don’t actually know if that’s going to happen, but it is! I want it too!) There’s this whole mystery about what happened  to her parents, we get a hint that the faeries were involved somehow, I’m  excited. Cassandra Clare is a beautiful woman for writing all these series that connect but keeping them so different and disconnected at the same time. Love.

We learn or are more brutally slapped in the face with the fact the Sebastian and the Faerie Queen are lovers. It was so creepy and gross and ahh ew ew ew ew. He’s the bad guy! Stop finding him attractive! We knew obviously that the faeries were somehow involved with Sebastian from COSL but I never thought it was like that and such an intense betrayal of the Shadowhunters.  I think it was for the same reason I thought that as the Shadowhunters did, faeries can’t lie. But then Meliorn and just, ah. The frustration. When Alec knew about the roads and where they all went “HA! Not such a challenge was it?”

That goodbye between Alec and Magnus, I want them back together obviously but I’m mad at Alec for what he did and I’m mad at Magnus for trying to decide what Alec can or can’t handle.  They needed a DTR way more then Simon and Izzy. (When that was first brought up I thought what the hell is DTR? I felt so left out of the loop. Is this slang I should know?) I did like Magnus’ little speech I wrote this line down becasue I loved it so much but now I can’t remember exactly which part of the book it was from: “that which was new was almost always temporary, and that which was temporary broke your heart.” I was glad they got back together, they both redeemed themselves and grew in this book.

So when everyone just jumps ship to Alicante THEY LEAVE SIMON BEHIND. Why?! Simon is the single most danger and accident prone person in this whole series. And Dark Shadowhunters are looking for him, Maureen is looking for him, Raphael is looking for him, it’s just a bad time for him to be in New York! They all come for him at the same time, it was so close together it looked very planned and I thought maybe the vampires were with the Dark Shadowhunters but it was just kind of coincidence and bad luck. Maureen, being insane as she is, just had a watch on Simon’s apartment at night. Reading about her and her crazy queendom was probably the biggest reinforcement that young people should not be given unlimited power. When Simon wakes up and is admiring the pattern on the walls and then realizes, oh wait, nope, I’m just in a cage. It was funny but also not becasue, well he’s in a cage. That whole chapter though I wanted to laugh becasue it was so absurd with Mauren in her giant poofy dress and crown and Simon in his romance novel clothes. But it was also slightly terrifying becasue Maureen in a loose cannon and really could do anything for no reason. She’s ranting about how much she loves Simon and how he’ll grow to love her too while he’s in a cage. Then Raphael comes and saves him, this is when we really start seeing Raphael becasue until this point he’s just been portrayed as an evil character who likes killing but he’s not and I’ll touch more on that later.

The battle of the Iron Sisters. I think we can assume that Sebastian was not so stupid to think he could actually get weapons from the Iron Sisters. That place is like a fortress and when they come out to protect Jace, battle over. Instantly. Retreat, don’t f*** with the Iron Sisters. Before that, Jace is killing it. Literally and figuratively. He’s made this channel in the mass of Dark Shadowhunters and then Sebastian shows up and he get’s stabbed and starts bleeding heavenly fire! We (people who have read the Infernal Devices) knew that somehow the heavenly fire had to transfer from Jace to Jem/Brother Zachariah and that’s exactly what happened and it was so perfect and wonderful and I’m glad it happened so early on so we cold see him fight as a Shadowhunter again!

When Sebastian showed up on Clary’s bed. Holy shit! This guy does not take a hint! He keeps giving her these “second chances” and she keeps trying to get rid of him, take the hint! But at the end when thy are in Hell/Edom and she agrees to sit on the throne, that was so stressful becasue we didn’t know the plan! I thought the plan might have failed and this was the back up hail Mary trying to save as many people as possible. But then she stabs him with the heavenly fire she trapped in the sword! I was not expecting Johnathan to come out of Sebastian. For a minute I thought he was going to live and they would be that happy family from the dream, but he was too much evil and there was almost nothing left of him so he died. I can’t say I was sad exactly, but after talking to Johnathan and having him help them destroy the evil cup the victory just didn’t feel the same.

Magnus, Luke and Raphael all in the prison. I really enjoyed seeing Raphael in this light. Everything he’s done, he’s actually a really fantastic leader just doing what’s best for his people even though it might hurt our main characters. He’s not vicious for the sake of it, there is a well thought through reason for everything he has done and it’ll all been rather selfless trying to protect his clan. Clan is the wrong word. I’m pulling a blank. Before I didn’t really care if he died, I might even have been a touch happy but when he refused to kill Magnus and died for it I was upset which surprised me. It really showed who he was and what an amazing person he truly was. He wasn’t going to kill someone for no reason, especially when that person had saved his life, he’d much rather die.

Izzy when she was dying after her leg got mauled!!!! This was the single most stressful part of the book. I had to set it down and leave becasue I couldn’t handle all the stress. I thought she was going to die! I was so furious at Cassandra Clare, I wanted the throw the book and curl up and cry but I eventually came back and finished that chapter and when Simon saved her, I’m not sure how, it was such a relief.

Then there is this Clary/Jace sex scene. (Of course, Jace would bring a condom to hell) But I didn’t pick up on that the heavenly fire was out of Jace, I thought he’d figured out how to control it with some rune Clary put on him or something. Don’t burn her! Was all I could think. I know you have it under control now, but sex might not be a great idea, your mind will be on other thing that don’t involve not burning your girlfriend to ash. It’s ok though, the heavenly fire was gone. And then at the same time Izzy and Simon and making out and Alec walks in “Why can’t you go somewhere else to do these horrible things? My eyes!” I was laughing like crazy but I also felt bad for him, as someone with siblings, that would be terrible.

After we kill Sebastian there was a moment of Yay! We win! Then, shit we are still stuck in demon world! When Magnus called on his dad, I’m not overly Christian but I got that this was a big deal. He was an angel who fell and is now ruling this section of Hell. That’s what I got. When he said take Magnus’ immortality I didn’t see much wrong with that plan. It would solve the Alec/Magnus problem and get them home. It wasn’t ideal but I was all ready to make this deal. But no, he would go “Indian Jones and the Last Crusade” and disintegrate into dust becasue he’s 600-some. Then Simon volunteers and again I’m ok let’s do it becasue he’s only 16, he’ll get his life back, people will stop trying to kill him, it’ll all be good. Then Izzy shouts out, “Wait, no Simon, you’re dead!” Oh yeah, that. And Maguns’ dad just says he can restart his heart. Oh, that’s convenient. Thank you. “BUT WAIT, I want his memories. Bwhahahaha!” Shit… I was thinking memories of the Shadow world, like he’d remember his childhood with Clary so I’m still on board for this idea. Again, not ideal, but they’re getting out pretty good in this deal with the devil. But then they get back and Simon has no clue who Clary is and my heart was breaking! Then it’s like 6 months later and he remembers! He gives Clary the pamphlet for his band “The Mortal Instruments”  and I start freaking out and Magnus gets (some of) his memories back and then at the wedding he’s talking to everyone and he’s going to become a Shadowhunter! So perfect! It worked out! Take that evil devil person!

The faerie treaty deal after that battle. It was eerily similar to the Treaty of Versailles (treaty made at end of WW1, one of the causes of WW2) and I was so glad when Magnus jumped in to stop them becasue I know there is no way this can end well. It just can’t. But the do it anyway! And they force Helen to go away becasue she’s part fey even though she fought with the Shadohunters against Sebastian and the faeries.

When Jace and Clary are riding the horse past the Herondale manor and Jace decides to take that name! The wedding, Jem and Tessa are there together and they are going to LA so maybe they’ll be in The Dark Artifices, I’m so excited to see them!  Oh I almost forgot, the spiked blood Raphael gave Simon the spiked blood way back at the beginning of the book! So hilarious! Round of applause for Raphael, that was a good prank. Mostly harmless and funny. Simon is confessing his love to Izzy of the street and Alec comes out and asks if they are early Christmas caroling! Yes, Alec. That’s exactly it!

Ok there before this was released there was something leaked that we were going to see 6 major people die:

1. Jordan
3. Raphael
4. Atamis
5. Maureen
6. Meliorn

Who else died that was really important? I’m not sure the last two really count, I guess Meliorn has played a part since COA. Maureen’s death was really good. I like Mia and how she played a part and how the werewolves and Vampires are teaming up.

That’s it for me, this is way longer then I intended. Share your thoughts, bye everyone!

June Wrap-Up

books 2560x1600 wallpaper_wallpaperbeautiful_65

Hello darlings! Welcome to the wrap up! Let’s get right to it!

In Books:

Dreams of Gods and Monster by Laini Taylor ————— 5
City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare ——————- 5
Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas —————————– 4
The Brokenhearted by Amelia Kahaney ——————— 3

I also bought City of Heavenly Fire the final book in the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare and, as some of you will know becasue I had an angry rant, I will not be receiving it until mid-September becasue the people at are assholes with terrible customer service. And I picked up Allegiant and Ignite Me  (finally) as well as a cute, fluffy summer read called The Juliet Club by Suzanne Harper. I’ve read it before and it  a really sweet contemporary romance taking place in Italy, perfect for a beach read. My darling brothers were sweet enough to get me a $50 gift card for book for a graduation present. ❤ I think that was a decent reading month considering! I will hopefully get those Book Rants up for you guys ASAP and this will probably be my last wrap up until the end of summer!

In Life:

The most obvious thing would be I GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL! We had our ceremony and prom thing on the 28th, the ceremony was in the morning then I went and got my hair done and went to a friend of mines to hang out, take picture etc. before the limo came to take us to the dinner/dance.  I went with a guy friend and ended up being 9 of us in a limo, it was so much fun! We got some really cheesy grad photos and it didn’t rain! Hallelujah for small miracles! It still hasn’t really hit me yet, it still seems surreal. The after party was loads of fun with absolutely zero drama, which is impressive becasue 150 people who know they will likely never see each other again, most years there are at least some arguments ending in tears. But it was just a really fun time, we pitched a bunch of tents in someones backyard and had a bonfire going. I don’t even think anyone got that sick. The only bad part was that I lost my phone and no one has seen it and it poured yesterday so I’m pretty positive if anyone does find it it’s totally dead. My parents actually weren’t mad, which I was surprised at, but then again I pay for my cell myself so I guess they can’t be.

I had my last dance show ever as I next year I won’t be dancing becasue my studio only goes to 18. I think I’ll probably find a ballet class at the university becasue I need dance in my life! Maybe I’ll pick up yoga too, and there was a couple cool self-defense classes.

I think that’s pretty much all! Bye lovelies! Kisses.

Small Talk: The Lost Art

Hi everyone, welcome to Thoughts with Lizzie! This is something I really noticed in the past week: small talk is a dying art. I was taking these classes at the university for exam prep and I had 8 of them in total. These aren’t short things, but there are breaks through out them to talk and everything. About 60 kids were with me in this lecture hall and I didn’t know a single one of them. I am an incredibly social person by nature, I love to talk to people. I’m also incredibly shy naturally, so major conflicting interests there but most of the time social wins out. The way I think about is that random stranger could be a really cool person and maybe we could end up being really good friends. Normally not the case but every friendship I have ever had starts with “hi” and small talk so you never know. Even on those days when I am feeling incredibly anti-social, I need to focus and I don’t want to talk to anyone, if I sit down next to or by anyone, strangers included, I will always at least say hi. I actually think its incredibly rude not to. And if they start making small talk I’m not going to shut them down, I have no reason to. Even if i’m not in a talking mood the class or whatever is probably starting in 5 minutes, I’m not doing anything of course I will chat with this random person. I was taught that it was common courtesy. Apparently I am one of the few people left who actually thinks so.

In these 8 days I was at these classes these are the three types of people I ended up next to:

The  “I can’t hold a conversation with a rock”

There were more of these people then anyone else. I’d sit down next to someone who was alone (becasue I’m way to awkward and shy to sit with a group of people who all know each other and just be awkwardly there) and I’d start making small talk. A conversation like this would follow:

“Hi! I’m Lizzie. May I join you?”


“What’s your name?”


“Nice to meet you? How are you doing?”

“I’m good. You?”

“Good thanks. (One of the following questions on my part: “Is this your only exam, what other ones do you have? Do you do anything fun last night? What are you doing this summer? Do you know what you are doing next year? etc.)”

“(Short, nondescript answer)”

“(Me answering my own question. ie: “I’m heading to Greece this summer with my family. It’s a graduation present, for my older brother we went to Maui.)”


I HATE COOL! Unless you the person the follows it with a question of their own it kills the conversation. I have no where to go after that so then I shut up and we sit in silence for the next 5 minutes waiting for the lecture to start. The person then always got out their phone and would text someone or scroll through Facebook. I sorry, are you so technology dependent you can’t hold a conversation with a physical human being anymore? The answer is yes, I guess. Or maybe I just come across as a really scary individual and they are calling for help. I honestly wonder how these people have friends simply becasue, in my experience, you have to speak to someone in person before you are friends and exchange numbers.

The “I have a girlfriend”

This was just straight up rude. I sat down next to a guy and said “Hi, I’m Lizzie. How are you?” as I do to everyone and he turns to me and says “I have a girlfriend.” Great. Good for you. But I asked you how you were, not to strip for me! It was so presumptuous. It’s sad that “hi” is now considered flirtatious.

The “Hey I’m a functioning human and will chat with you”

In however many people I ended up sitting next to I only met one girl who would actually hold a conversation with me. She was super sweet, we had a lot in common and I will never see her again but it was nice chatting to her. We wouldn’t disrupt each other while the professor was talking but during the breaks we got, we’d chat about random things.

I said earlier, I am shy, I understand being nervous talking to a stranger. It takes a lot for me to sit down next to a stranger and try and talk to them and though I’m pretty good with it now, but that’s becasue I have been forcing myself to do so for years. And getting shut down constantly makes me really self conscious and ask myself why on earth I keep doing this. What it boils down to is simply manners, I keep doing it because I feel rude and mean if I don’t and then everyone once an awhile I meet someone like that awesome girl.  Or am I just absolutely insane and really crossing a line with these people?

Let me know your thoughts so maybe I feel less crazy, bye darlings!

Finals Week!

Hi all! It’s that time again, finals week!

This semester I only had two exams, thank goodness, I don’t think I could handle more. If you look at my calender it’s: exam prep bio, exam prep bio, exam prep bio, exam prep chem, exam prep chem, exam prep bio… I had one free day, so I used it to book vaccinations I need for nursing. Yay! Oh and on the 17th my chem teacher scheduled an “in class” final, but seeing as how we had been out of school for a week at that point I fail to understand how it was an “in class” final. If you don’t know what exam prep is, it’s exactly what it sounds like. I go to the university and get a lecture breaking down the whole course from 8:30am-4pm. Plus review questions when I get home! I also live an hour away from the university! Ahahaha, I’m brain dead right now!

I wrote my bio exam on the 20th and then becasue I’m an idiot went to a friends 18th birthday party on Saturday after exam prep and then had chem exam prep at 8:30 the next day. I think I need to reevaluate my decision making skills right about now. But I wrote chemistry today, so it all worked out!  I got home just after noon and I actually just woke up again. My bio I’m pretty confident I did well on but chemistry could go wither way. I either did fantastic or horribly becasue everything minus 2 questions was making sense.

Tomorrow I’m getting my nails done and I’m so excited! I never have gotten them done before! And my hairdresser cancelled on me last minute so I’m panicking and searching everywhere for someone to do my hair on Saturday for my graduation. I think there’s a woman on my street who does hair, I’ll find someone! I have not started The Broken Hearted BUT I did finish City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare! My friend was so kind as to lend it to me. I’ll (hopefully) have another post up soon, bye lovelies! Hope you are having a good week!

Book Rant: Throne of Glass

throne-of-glass-cover RATING: 4/5

GENRE: Fantasy, YA

SERIES: Throne of Glass, #1

Hello beauties! Today we are discussing Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas! This is the first book in a new series that is rumored to eventually consist of 5-6 books! Don’t get me wrong, I love trilogies, but I’m so excited that this is going to have more to it becasue there are so many different way this series could go!

We are following a young assassin known as Celaena, a year ago when she was 17 she was betrayed, captured thrown into a death camp called Endovier. Set up as a salt mine, the average life span is scarcely over a month for it’s prisoners, Celaena is far from average though; known through out the empire as the most notorious assassin, the Assassin King’s protege. Without warning she finds her self dragged before the crowned Prince, Dorian, and is offered her freedom if she is willing to do something for him. The King is having a competition to find a royal assassin and she must act as his champion. Her opponents are men- to thieves and assassins and warriors from across the empire, each sponsored by a member of the king’s council. If she beats her opponents in a series of eliminations, she’ll serve the kingdom for four years and then be granted her freedom (and Prince Dorian will win a considerable amount of money from his bet). Although Celaena was caught, she is far from stupid and takes the deal and she soon finds herself in the palace of glass, set to train and then face off against her 23 opponents. And then contestants start  turning up dead. The stakes raise as Celaena  realizes the tasks aren’t the only thing that could kill her, she must also avoid becoming the killers next victim.

I just flew through this book, it is wonderfully told! Spoilers beyond here, read the book then come back and discuss!






I am 100% with Celeana, I would not be comfortable living in a glass castle or any structure of glass  for that matter. I may not be scared of heights, but forever walking on glass floors would freak me out terribly.  Having a bed on glass, just no. I don’t think I’d be able to handle it. I love Celeana’s dressing woman, Philippa, I wish we had gotten to see more of her becasue she handles Celeana so well, she is just so sassy!

We are also introduced to Lady Kaltain. First impression of her is that she is just a manipulative bitch who is used to getting what she wants. We keep getting mentions of her taking opium for headaches and I just assumed that she was an addict and the headaches were because of that, but then we get this reference of Perrington twisting his ring and a strong pulse going through her head. I didn’t think too much abut it until the end when everything was brought together but that was roughly the time I started suspecting Perrington has something to do with the murders.

Princess Nehemia, I was suspicious of her the first time she said she had no idea what the Wyrdmark were. I knew she was hiding something but I didn’t buy into the idea Celaena had of her being the cause of the murders. I really liked their friendship though. It was nice for Celaena to have a female friend.

Prince Dorian, I love this character! At first he comes across as a spoiled, womanizing brat, but he’s really not that at all. He’s so sweet and so vulnerable. On the on hand you can tell he sort of wants his father’s approval, but he so passionately disagrees there is nothing he thinks he can do except only half-ass obey. Like he was told he needed a champion for a competition he didn’t like so he chose Celaena becasue his father wouldn’t like her.  I love when he gives her the puppy! And when they play pool and when he walks in on her playing the piano and we learn about Sam. Does anyone else think Sam may not be dead? We’re told he’s dead but people would have thought Celaena’s dead to when she was really still alive in Endovier. I want to learn more about him, but I can’t say I want him to come back.  I love when he lend Celaena the books and has the note saying I rad these and liked them so now you have to read them so we can talk about them. I just love it when our characters love to read!

We have this nice love triangle building. I gotta say I’m team Dorian right now. I think he brings out the best in Celeana and really gets her to open up and take a break from her serious life. She gets to relax with him. That being said we really don’t know anything about Chaol yet. He’s so professional and doesn’t say anything about himself ever. It’s frustrating. Obviously he cares about her and she cares about him, but on her part it’s more of a friendship/mentor ship bond. He pushes her which is good but there just isn’t really anything there yet. We see a bit when he lets his guard down and they have a few laughs but for the most part their relationship is business. It was a little frustrating at times when he’d be getting jealous and you’re like “well Bud, she’s not psychic and you haven’t exactly been acting like warm apple pie.”  That’s a really weird comparison there. Whatever, point still valid. It was so awkward when they were at the ball just standing there until Dorian came to ask her to dance. I know, he was doing his job, keeping it discreet, blah, blah, bah.

I love these tests! The anticipation waiting to find out what the next one was was so wonderful. when she has to climb the wall and all the competitors make the obvious choice or rope and she wants tar, so cleaver! And she was going to win but then she goes to save Nox and ends up coming 18th. Her and Chaol’s banter after that was so humorous! And that’s when we start to learn more about Arobynn, her mentor. At first I thought he was this nice guy for taking in these kids but as we learn more he was really a huge asshole to these children, “Second place is a fancy name for the first loser.” And then he stuck her on a roof becasue she was scared of heights and had her break her right hand so she could be better with her left. Although it made her a fantastic assassin, it was horribly cruel. Back to Celaena and Nox, I was really happy about their friendship and glad they were allies, but whenever she was training him I got pretty nervous. You still have to fight against him! I mean I wanted her to but at the same time, there’s a lot at stake! I liked the way Sarah J. Maas got rid of him without him being eliminated or her fighting him or him being killed. It was really well done and the most satisfying way to have him dismissed. The fight seen when sees facing off against Verin and she doesn’t even draw his sword and kicks his ass in under a minute after he was taunting her and making fun of her being a girl.  It was so funny! Just yes!

We have this secret passage in Celaena’s room that leads to the tomb of Queen Elena, the first Queen who was part Fey. I had totally forgotten that Celaena was part fey! It’s mentioned in passing in like the second or third chapter when the are traveling by the woods and she waked up to find a white flower (supposedly given to her by a fairy.) But the the Queen has a line “Blood ties can’t be broken” so Celaena is somehow decedent from her or something. She was so unclear this whole time, as spirit people often are. But what I she was getting at was the Celaena needed to become Queen to fix the world. Another reason why I think she’s going to be with Dorian. How do you become Queen? You marry a prince.

These murders and the Wyrdword signs! Ok I was suspicious of Cain when we first saw him kneeling by the clock tower when Nehemia and Celaena were out walking.  What I thought for awhile is the Cain was controlling Perrington and that Perrington was the monster somehow. That he could magically be transformed by Cain and do his bidding. Then later there is another reference to seeing Cain and Celaena says he doesn’t look quite human, he’s bigger then she remembers and then she tells Nox to stay in his room? I almost immediately jumped to werewolf. Like he is the monster. But I was off on both accounts. Perrington is controlling Cain to summon this monster through a Wyrdword portal.

Elena gave Celaena this “magic necklace” that belonged to her and in theory (Elena SAID) it would protect her. Which naturally I took to mean actually do something to protect her against this evil magic creature that was killing everyone. Or make her resistant to magic influence or this creature’s poison or so magic creatures can’t “see” her or whatever. Something! What does that necklace do when she’s attacked by the ridderak? Jack squat. It pulses when it comes through the Wyrdword portal right infront of her and then again when it dies. Thanks! She definitely didn’t already process those two things! Good job, magical protection necklace, very helpful! What is the point of this thing? Does she just not know how to use it? Maybe that’ll come into play later but Queen Elena defiantly made it sound like she couldn’t be hurt by the magical Wrdword monster. So I wasn’t worried at all during that scene. I kept expecting the necklace to jump in and do something, but no, she stabbed the thing and the Nehemia saves her ass. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS THING?!?!

And then we have this final duel between Cain and Celaena. That was stress. She was so defeated becasue of this drug and she comes back and she deserves that win by the end. But that scene, so stressful to read.

We only see the King and the beginning and the end really but I think Celaena, Nehemia and even Dorian are way underestimating him. We see at the end he is so far from stupid. He knows exactly what is going on. He isn’t just destroying magic he actually understands it and knows how to use these Wyrdmarks. Duke Perrington, as I said before I thought Cain was using him but its actually the reverse. He is a magician. These two are a serious force to be reckoned with and they are being seriously undermined. Nehemia said she didn’t think the King understood what the Wyrdmark on Celaena’s face was and not to worry about it. Nope. He knows what’s up. I wouldn’t be surprised if he knew Nehemia was a magician and a spy and was playing her. he built the clock tower surrounded by Wyrdmarks, obviously it’s meant to do something.

That is all for now becasue I have to head to work! Bye lovelies!

Book Rant: Dreams of Gods and Mosters



GENRE: Fantasy, YA

SERIES: Daughter of Smoke and Bone, #3


Guess what I finally finished! Woot! As with every other book in this series I LOVED DOGAM! This is one of those series that every single book was better than the last and the first was phenomenal! This is easily one of my favourite series of all time now, top 3.  The writing, characters, description, story, world building and the emotions are so dead on. This is my standard to which all writing is compared now. Everything is woven so well, there are no loose threads and everything clicks. If you know nothing about this series here’s a non-spoilery tidbit: We start off with this 17 year old girl, Karou, and she’s just walking to school in Prague and her ex-boyfriend jumps out to scare her. Then slowly  we get more and more background. Karou is a human but she was raised by these creatures called Chimaeras which are spliced up animals. (ie: Half man- half snake, Half bird-half lion, etc.)   The Angels are at war with the Chimaeras and Karou is caught up in this mess but she doesn’t really know it. She’s just trying to have a semi-normal life with school and friends and art but mixed in is her Chimaera adopted family that she no longer lives with but spends time with.

For there it just escalates into this beautifully built world. Go pick it up, I think everyone should read it. I cannot recommend highly enough. Spoilers past here!






This has to be the single most satisfying conclusion to a series I have ever read, including Clockwork Princess. It sounds like there is potential for more books, I don’t know if she’s going to take that path but even as in it was so satisfying and real. It was a happy ending it felt believable. Ok, lets get into the good details!

For the first third of this book Akiva is totally in the dark and it was so frustrating! I realized that it was actually only 2 days or so but when he’s talking to Thiago/Ziri in the beginning when they are still at the sand castle and he’s noticing that  Thiago no longer looks at him with this jealousy and he assumes that the reason for that is that Karou is his now and he doesn’t need to be. Couple this with the fact that Karou looks like (and everyone “knows”) that she was raped by the Wolf and it’s a really heartbreaking situation. Akiva is trying to help her and she wants to sty with Thiago/Ziri and it’s just incredibly confusing for poor Akiva. On that note though, Ziri was so good in this deception. I was nervous the entire time about him getting caught but he played the part so well!

While Ziri is parading around as the Wolf, we have this other chimera, Haxaya, who is impersonating Ten. I didn’t see it coming that she was the trouble maker until we see her attacking Liraz. When she almost reveled Ziri I was just shocked that someone we had been lead to believe was a friend would betray the mission so selfishly. We learn a lot about Liraz through this book and although she’s first presented as this emotionless soldier she actually is incredibly ashamed for what she has done and she has dreams of cutting off her arms to be clean and new again.

When Stelians were first mentioned to us in the second book I thought of them way different. Non-violent, peaceful, kind, like the Amity of this series. I also thought they were going to end up helping the rebels (which I guess they did, but I was thinking more in the food, care and shelter way.) And I was totally off. They are shown to us as really quite vicious and cruel. When the Misbegotten who were in their prison find out the “fruit” is actually their dead companions and the original messengers from the Joram, and Eidolon takes a bite right infront of them. And they way they work I find so unfair. The killing by cutting the life thread is so cheap. It’s the equivalent of shooting someone in the back when they don’t even know you are there, they have no chance to fight back. It’s cowardly. This leads to the ordeal at the pools where Akiva is waiting for Karou and Scarab is there invisible and is about to kill his when she realizes he’s part Stelian. On the one hand I understand the logic of wanting to kill Akiva, he’s a threat to the world. But on the other hand, he’s clearly just a kid who has no idea what it is hes doing. You would think the first move would to be to talk to him and find out a) what he’s doing because they say it shouldn’t be possible b) why he is doing so and c) why he CAN do so. There is a religion of sorts going around in the angels, you would think that someone with these powers would be considered “given” them by the Godstars and finding out why would be high on the religious priority. The Stelians sound less religious then the rest of the angels, and at they end they get around to this eventually and realize Akiva actually had no clue what he was doing, but their first thought was still to kill him!

This idea Karou has to just ask Jael to leave, we didn;t get the full story until the ambush in the emperors chambers and before then this seemed like the stupidest plan. It was actually incredibly smart burning the hand onto him, but it also could have ended horribly where the guards just kill him on the spot so he could never ignite the mark. But anyway, part of this plan is this battle with the Chimera and Misbegotten and the Dominion. Originally it was supposed to be 3:1 but way more Dominion showed up. Liraz kicking Akiva through the portal and sacrificing herself was so beautiful and although Akiva blamed himself for it, Liraz was doing the only thing she thought she could to really redeem herself. In her mind I think she couldn’t save Hazael so she needed to same Akiva. When Ziri died I didn’t know what to feel. I didn’t think he was coming back so I was sad, but at the same time relieved for him becasue he didn;t have to pretend anymore or deal with war. Obviously I’m glad Liraz saved his soul and he could be resurrected,  but I would have been oddly ok if he had been dead too.

While this is all going down we have this Eliza woman back in Earth. She’s a scientist and she has these crazy nightmares that show monsters. I thought for a long while that she could see the future and that she was seeing the destruction of Earth, but turns out that these are actually memories of her ancestor who was an angel like Razgut.  I honestly had no clue where this was going until the very end when Mik and Zuzanna made a wish for her to get her full self back. I’m still unclear as to why she turned into an angel and how all her memories that weren’t really her memories were in her head. It was confusing. I appreciated the monarch butterfly analogy, it made it slightly less confusing.

When Zuzana and Mik walk into the snooty hotel in Rome and Zuzanna completely out-sasses the woman I was laughing so hard! It was so completely hilarious he way she handled it. Especially throwing her bag on the ground  and just being all “oops, deal with that won’t you?”  Then Zuzanna and Mik taking the gavriels from Ester! Such beautiful, sweet revenge! I guess people in the business of collecting these wishes wouldn’t be the honest type so they shouldn’t have trusted her in the first place, but stealing all her swishes was wonderfully satisfying,

Then we finally get back to the Dominion camp! I was in pretty hard denial at this point. No, the Dominion can’t have won. That doesn’t work! And Jael walks into his tent and it’s Liraz waiting there, beautiful victory! Putting him on display like a zoo, it was so deliciously cruel as pay back for everything he had done and it was utterly fantastic! After that we get this really sweet moment between Liraz and Ziri when he’s back in his true form. I’m so glad they have each other, they both needed someone who understands them. I loved how they went out flying and how Liraz is so thrown becasue she has no clue how to actually talk with someone becasue apart for Akiva and Hazael she never let herself care about anyone.

And finally we have this epilogue. Longest epilogue I have ever seen and it was greatly appreciated! The Stelians still strike me as not people I’d be comfortable living with, but after Eliza’s proclamation of they will be the Godstars and everyone gets released fro prison they sound ok. It was so sweet and perfect having Karou come to spend the winter with Akiva before she goes back and resurrects the rest of the Chimera. the ending was just perfect and there could be another book talking about the monster in the otherworlds, but even as it is, it was a flawless happy ending.