I’m back!

Hey guys, long time no talk! Between university and work and friends  I have no time to do things like sleep or write or read. Guess how many books I have read since I last talked to you in September? ONE. A single book. Cress by Marissa Meyer, the 3rd book in the Lunar Chronicles.  I’m so ashamed. BUT as of the 17th of December I am free for a whole month! A month guys of just reading and sleeping and getting fat of Christmas cookies! I already have it planned out what I’m going to read first (marathon Throne of Glass series because the new one is out! Everyone be excited! I lent the first one to my friend 6 months ago and I still haven’t gotten it back so I bought another copy for me and I’m letting her keep mine as part of her Christmas gift. I got the new hardcover design so it matched the other two now so I’m not even mad 😉 )

When I last talked to you guys I was having a really bad time with university (sorry y’all, but thanks for letting me rant) but I have since made really good friends, I didn’t end up joining the sorority becasue it was too much money but I still do hang out with some of the girls. We went to a pre-screening of Mockingjay Part 1 this Wednesday. Guys, its so good! I wasn’t a huge fan of the last book, but I really enjoyed the movie. I should actually re-read that book. But it was so good. This last week I also finished all my Christmas shopping. I WIN CHRISTMAS! I’m on top of it this year! Normally I don’t finish until the week before/week of.

Unfortunate I’m not nearly as productive in the rest of my life. I lost my UniCard which lets me use transit and the gym so oops. Someone found it, but I don’t physically have it back yet. I just got out of the slump of the semester where I just didn’t care anymore. I did really bad on a couple exams, one being 100% my own fault becasue I didn’t go to lecture or read the textbook at all, I’m kinda impressed with myself for passing. The other was less my fault, like 40/60 split. It was a french spelling test (essentially, the prof reads out a couple paragraphs you have to write it down correctly and you lose a mark for each mistake) and I’m dyslexic, if you didn’t know, which makes it a lot more difficult. She also marked it out of 30 instead of 100 like she said she was going to so the margin for error shrunk drastically. Over all I’m still doing alright in school, not as well as I did in high school but that’s expected. I’m definitely a solid B student overall still.  I still like three of my  five classes, especially my anatomy class, we have moved onto muscles and it’s so interesting!

That’s all I got so far, I’ve been trying to write a biology paper all day so my brain is all over the place!


*scoff* You read YA novels?!

This is going to be a rant. And it’s something that really, really, really frustrates me to no end. When people immediately pass judgment and look down on books (and by extent the people who read them) simply becasue of where they sit in a book store. YA or Young Adult novel means the following: THE MAIN CHARACTER IS A TEENAGER. A book is categorized into “children” “YA” or “adult” (or this new thing “new adult” that I have never seen in real life) based on how old the characters are. Obviously there are some exceptions made for content reasons but it’s not like (as some people will make it seem) that there is a freaking checklist on what makes a book “adult” or “YA”. Oh, vampire love interest: YA, oh real life problem: adult, oh relationship drama: YA.

pipe the fuck down | Tumblr

You could say you don’t particularly like reading from a teenager perspective, that’s fine. I don’t like much sci-fi. No problem. But don’t look down on me becasue I’m reading a book labeled YA.  I relate better to novels told by teenagers, why? Because I’m a fucking teenager! Even if I don’t relate to the situation, I think very much like these characters. Not all YA books are vapid, frivolous, insignificant drama-ridden novels as they are often portrayed. Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, YA novel. It about WW2 British spy captured by the Nazis. Won a bunch of literary awards. Wait, this is the point when someone says “so it’s like Twilight/Hunger Games/Divergent/TFIOS?” Because all YA books fall into those categories, right? Harry Potter, have you heard of that one? Only the biggest franchise in the history of ever. IT’S A CHILDREN’S BOOK!  I will admit, a lot of YA books have a romantic element. So do a lot of adult book. There’s an entire genre for it. Romance. Dan Brown’s books all have a love interest, not what the story is about, but its still there! Does that make it automatically YA too? And don’t tell me becasue there is a vampire in it falling in love that it is a YA book. Because I can go into any book store and pick out 10 adult romance novels involving sexy vampires and werewolves and shit.

I read a lot of YA books. I also read “children” books. And “adult” books. And classics. There are well written stories and poorly written stories and the way books fall into those two categories is purely personal.It’s like being in a store that sells only apples and they all look the same and until you bite into them you don’t know if they are good or bad. And you, sir/ma’am, are judging me becasue my apple is from the top left shelf and yours is from the middle right. You haven’t bitten my apple, you don’t know how good or bad it is! Oh, you only read classic, established literature. Good for fucking you. Now PIPE THE FUCK DOWN AND LET ME READ WHAT I WANT WITHOUT YOUR CONSTANT JUDGMENT OVER HOW WELL-WRITTEN MY BOOK IS BASE OFF WHICH FUCKING SHELF I PICKED IT OFF OF!

Phone Killer!

Hi there, settle in becasue it’s STORYTIME AGAIN!

Ok so last week or so I was at a party, my after-grad party. It was outside in someones backyard we had made a little tent city and had a bonfire and DJ and all that good stuff. Get to the party, my phone is in my back pocket, turned off. My phone is NEVER in my back pocket. It’s in my hand or in my bag sometimes in my bra (ladies, you know you do that to, admit it!) becasue back pockets are dangerous. Things fall out, you can sit on them and besides being uncomfortable things can break. My phone is also never turned off, but i was low on battery, wanted to save it for an emergency. Not like I wasn’t with 170 people who all had cell phones and in someones backyard. For some reason I thought I needed to save the battery for something important. Anyway, get the the party, my bag is in my tent and I get off the bus meaning to go straight to my tent and throw my phone in my bag. It’s off, it’s not like I need it on me! But it’s cold so I go straight to the fire. I even go to my tent later but completely forget and leave my phone in my back pocket, loose and unsafe. The coat I’m wearing even has zippered pockets! Nope don’t take my phone out of my back pocket.

We’re all dancing, wondering around just having a good time. Around 2:30am I gotta pee. For some reason I do this thing before I go to the washroom where I check my back pockets in case there’s something in there that could fall out and get destroyed. I’m not sure why I started doing this, as I have said there is never anything in my back pockets. Maybe it just a habit I developed after hearing people tell stories of dropping their phone in the toilet. I do this check, nothing in my pockets, I’m good to go. About 5 minutes after this I realize, wait a minute!

My phone was in my pocket! I’m not functioning at 100% at this time, it’s after 2:30 in the morning and I’ve been up since 6 the day before, so I can’t completely recall if I did the check. Maybe I didn’t! Maybe my phone fell out into this port-a-potty! How long has my phone not been there? I search with my friend for about 5 minutes (this yard is HUGE we fit about 70 tents in this yard plus had room for everything else.) then tell the guy’s parents that I lost my phone, just in case someone finds it and turns it in.  Then I go back to the party.

Come morning, I go looking again. I ask around no one has seen it. Two other people have also lost their phones and while I feel bad for them I also am pretty relieved that I wasn’t the only one. I feel like less of an idiot. By the time I leave still nothing. I post in the Facebook group we made for this party asking if anyone has seen it and nothing. Days go by. I’m emailing my boss telling I have no phone (he texts the schedule). Then  on the Monday (party was Friday) this friend of mine, she lives up the road, she goes back to that house to pick up some camping stuff she left and SHE FINDS MY PHONE! Sends me a message on Facebook, next day I drive to her house and pick up my phone and I am so relieved!

I was a little slow on the uptake but as most of you have probably guessed by now, phones don’t work after 3 days outside. The phone is still leaking water when I pick it up. I get a bowl of rice, take it all apart bury it all up but at this point I have realized that this isn’t going to work. So I start trying to figure what a new phone is going to cost. My phone does have insurance that covers water damage, but I really didn’t like my current phone (Samsung galaxy ace 2x, DO NOT RECOMMEND! Least sensitive touch screen  ever and it randomly starts doing things and opening things you didn’t press. Mine once randomly Googled “Germany”. I guess it opened the internet and in my bag some letters were pressed that was close enough to “Germany”)

So today I finally had time to drive all the way out to the nearest Virgin Mobile store (an hour). The one relatively close to my house (30 minutes) closed down. So I finally have time to make this trek. I was talking to a really nice sales guy, it still took 2 hours, maybe just over but after several phone calls and explaining why I wanted to switch phones and cancel the first phone I finally acquired an iPhone for $49/month (same plan I had before) instead of $80/month (minimum plan for iPhones from this carrier) and only had to pay off my old phone ($125) got my insurance transferred to my new iPhone from my Samsung for $60 instead of $140. And my first month is covered and I don’t have to pay for it. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself though I actually did nothing I just had a really awesome sales person who knew what he was doing. I also bought a waterproof, dirt-proof, snow-proof and shockproof case. Hopefully that will keep my phone safe from me. I mean, who just leaves their phone outside for 3 days? Me apparently!

Why are there back pockets?! WHY?!

Small Talk: The Lost Art

Hi everyone, welcome to Thoughts with Lizzie! This is something I really noticed in the past week: small talk is a dying art. I was taking these classes at the university for exam prep and I had 8 of them in total. These aren’t short things, but there are breaks through out them to talk and everything. About 60 kids were with me in this lecture hall and I didn’t know a single one of them. I am an incredibly social person by nature, I love to talk to people. I’m also incredibly shy naturally, so major conflicting interests there but most of the time social wins out. The way I think about is that random stranger could be a really cool person and maybe we could end up being really good friends. Normally not the case but every friendship I have ever had starts with “hi” and small talk so you never know. Even on those days when I am feeling incredibly anti-social, I need to focus and I don’t want to talk to anyone, if I sit down next to or by anyone, strangers included, I will always at least say hi. I actually think its incredibly rude not to. And if they start making small talk I’m not going to shut them down, I have no reason to. Even if i’m not in a talking mood the class or whatever is probably starting in 5 minutes, I’m not doing anything of course I will chat with this random person. I was taught that it was common courtesy. Apparently I am one of the few people left who actually thinks so.

In these 8 days I was at these classes these are the three types of people I ended up next to:

The  “I can’t hold a conversation with a rock”

There were more of these people then anyone else. I’d sit down next to someone who was alone (becasue I’m way to awkward and shy to sit with a group of people who all know each other and just be awkwardly there) and I’d start making small talk. A conversation like this would follow:

“Hi! I’m Lizzie. May I join you?”


“What’s your name?”


“Nice to meet you? How are you doing?”

“I’m good. You?”

“Good thanks. (One of the following questions on my part: “Is this your only exam, what other ones do you have? Do you do anything fun last night? What are you doing this summer? Do you know what you are doing next year? etc.)”

“(Short, nondescript answer)”

“(Me answering my own question. ie: “I’m heading to Greece this summer with my family. It’s a graduation present, for my older brother we went to Maui.)”


I HATE COOL! Unless you the person the follows it with a question of their own it kills the conversation. I have no where to go after that so then I shut up and we sit in silence for the next 5 minutes waiting for the lecture to start. The person then always got out their phone and would text someone or scroll through Facebook. I sorry, are you so technology dependent you can’t hold a conversation with a physical human being anymore? The answer is yes, I guess. Or maybe I just come across as a really scary individual and they are calling for help. I honestly wonder how these people have friends simply becasue, in my experience, you have to speak to someone in person before you are friends and exchange numbers.

The “I have a girlfriend”

This was just straight up rude. I sat down next to a guy and said “Hi, I’m Lizzie. How are you?” as I do to everyone and he turns to me and says “I have a girlfriend.” Great. Good for you. But I asked you how you were, not to strip for me! It was so presumptuous. It’s sad that “hi” is now considered flirtatious.

The “Hey I’m a functioning human and will chat with you”

In however many people I ended up sitting next to I only met one girl who would actually hold a conversation with me. She was super sweet, we had a lot in common and I will never see her again but it was nice chatting to her. We wouldn’t disrupt each other while the professor was talking but during the breaks we got, we’d chat about random things.

I said earlier, I am shy, I understand being nervous talking to a stranger. It takes a lot for me to sit down next to a stranger and try and talk to them and though I’m pretty good with it now, but that’s becasue I have been forcing myself to do so for years. And getting shut down constantly makes me really self conscious and ask myself why on earth I keep doing this. What it boils down to is simply manners, I keep doing it because I feel rude and mean if I don’t and then everyone once an awhile I meet someone like that awesome girl.  Or am I just absolutely insane and really crossing a line with these people?

Let me know your thoughts so maybe I feel less crazy, bye darlings!

Finals Week!

Hi all! It’s that time again, finals week!

This semester I only had two exams, thank goodness, I don’t think I could handle more. If you look at my calender it’s: exam prep bio, exam prep bio, exam prep bio, exam prep chem, exam prep chem, exam prep bio… I had one free day, so I used it to book vaccinations I need for nursing. Yay! Oh and on the 17th my chem teacher scheduled an “in class” final, but seeing as how we had been out of school for a week at that point I fail to understand how it was an “in class” final. If you don’t know what exam prep is, it’s exactly what it sounds like. I go to the university and get a lecture breaking down the whole course from 8:30am-4pm. Plus review questions when I get home! I also live an hour away from the university! Ahahaha, I’m brain dead right now!

I wrote my bio exam on the 20th and then becasue I’m an idiot went to a friends 18th birthday party on Saturday after exam prep and then had chem exam prep at 8:30 the next day. I think I need to reevaluate my decision making skills right about now. But I wrote chemistry today, so it all worked out!  I got home just after noon and I actually just woke up again. My bio I’m pretty confident I did well on but chemistry could go wither way. I either did fantastic or horribly becasue everything minus 2 questions was making sense.

Tomorrow I’m getting my nails done and I’m so excited! I never have gotten them done before! And my hairdresser cancelled on me last minute so I’m panicking and searching everywhere for someone to do my hair on Saturday for my graduation. I think there’s a woman on my street who does hair, I’ll find someone! I have not started The Broken Hearted BUT I did finish City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare! My friend was so kind as to lend it to me. I’ll (hopefully) have another post up soon, bye lovelies! Hope you are having a good week!

Book Buyer’s Rant

Quote summarizing this post: “I could literally ride a donkey to Toronto and have my book in my hands faster than it can ship here.”

I don’t know how many of you will relate to this but there has to be someone! Now when I was little (and by little I mean from about 3-13)  we would always go Chapters. This is before online ordering was really a thing, or at least not as far as I knew. But we’d go to Chapters and there we only books, shelves and shelves of different books. With a Starbucks thrown in the middle and chocolate and pens at the till. Now? Ooh iPods, throw cushions and wall decorations! Because that, that is what I wanted. That is exactly what I came in for. I thought to myself, you know what I should do? Go to a book store and buy a freaking throw pillow for my couch! Because the other million stores specifically designed to sell useless throw pillows aren’t so abundant that I could throw a rock and hit one! And the 1/4 of the store that is actually books? Its the same freaking book repeated over and over! I went in there yesterday, do you have any idea how many different copies of Divergent I saw?! Shelves! Hardcover, softcover, movie tie in edition. If I hadn’t owned a copy of Divergent for 2+ years it would be fantastic. Try finding a copy of Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas? Forget it. Night Circus? Nah. But look over here! Another million editions of the Hunger Games! Thank god we have two shelves of those! Might run out of one specific cover design! There is one single Chapters store that I know of, in my city, that isn’t like this but it’s over an hour away. I don’t know why, must be the area, the demand or whatever the reason, good on them. But to buy a book in store is also twice as expensive! To order a hardcover book online is (usually) $15.75 after tax. To buy the same book in store is about $31.50. (I buy a lot of books, I know these things, I also know the price of coffee at Tim’s). So that brings up the question: why would I a) drive 40 minutes to a closer book store and wonder aimlessly not finding the book I came in for or b) drive over an hour to most likely find the book I want, but pay double for it? The answer is I normally don’t.

So that leaves ordering online and I have 2 real options: Chapters.ca or Amazon.ca. I can also order from other places but they are from the States so shipping is expensive. As most of you will well know but I’ll mention it again, I ordered a copy of World After (in stock) in December and it arrive in hmm, APRIL! Last night (June 1st) I ordered a copy of  City of Heavenly Fire (also in stock) and the expected delivery date in SEPTEMBER 18th! Sorry that’s shipping date, so add a week to that. Excuse me?!?! These things ship from Toronto, I live in Calgary. Sure, that’s a good 3,500km or so, but you can drive that in three days. I know becasue I have done it! And you’re telling me, it’s going to take 3.5 MONTHS to ship a single book?!? Should I get a donkey and ride there? Lets see, according to Google donkeys walk at 4km/hr, assuming 12hr/day… 73 days or just under 2.5 months. I could literally ride a donkey to Toronto, knock on their door and have my book in my hands faster than it can ship here.

OCBD (Obsessive Compulsive Book Disorder)

Hi and welcome to storytime with Lizzie! Ok so this happened to me…last weekend? Yes. Last Saturday. Ok so we (as in my family) just got a new bookshelf in the hallway outside of my room. For family books and whatever. I come home from work, it’s like quarter to 11 at night and no one is up. They’re sleeping like normal human beings. When I left for work, this bookshelf was empty, the books still waiting in boxes to be put up and admired. I stare at it admiring the beauty of this giant bookshelf for a few moments. And what my mom (i’m assuming it was my mom) decided to do was have the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, etc. books be public domain so they are on these shelves and not in anyone’s room. Which is a good idea. It just means books I will need to buy when I move out, which i was going to have to anyway. A couple of these books are out of order. (the one that bugged me the most, Golden Compass beside  Amber Spyglass and The Subtle Knife was on a whole other bookcase. Sigh) But I’m really tired. I just worked a 6.5 hour shift, and it’s all standing and it’s now 11 becasue I’ve showered and all that and although it annoys me I decide I’ll fix it in the morning. So I go into my room, DA DA DA!!! My bookshelf has been attacked!

Books are just everywhere and there are spaces with no books becasue they have been taken out to be put on the giant shelves outside. I’m so OCD about my books, it’s almost unhealthy. But I’m still really freaking tired. My legs are shaking. So I tell myself that it isn’t a huge deal and go shut off the light and lie in bed. But my bookshelf is on the wall opposite of my bed so I’m staring at this mess! After a few minutes I just get up and start rearranging my books from this jumbled mess! It’s after midnight when I finally get to bed. And then, because it Sunday the next day (or technically the same one) I go skiing. So I have to wake up at 6 AND there was a time change. *Random angry tangent ahead* Which ever idiot decided we needed daylight savings in a NORTHERN COUNTRY, I just hate you. So much! Ok let me illustrate winter where I live, which isn’t even that far north in Canada!  Oh the sun rises at 8am and oh it’s setting now! Must be 5pm! As we get into March, just before the stupid time change, I get all excited because when I leave the house for school at 7:25, I can actually see! Because the sun has just come up! And then daylight savings happens and I am again leave my house in total darkness. But THANK GOODNESS it light until 7pm now! Not like we have some kind of device that converts electrical energy into light! And people are all like “it saves energy” um, no! I  have to use my f***ing lights in the morning for an hour longer now! You just shifted when I use my lights! And in the summer, the sun doesn’t set until 11pm and it rises at 5am so I almost never use my lights anyway!!!! I spend most of my time trying to think of ways to hide the sun so I can sleep! You just shifted things and confused the f*** out of my body, you didn’t change anything! *Angry tangent over* So 6am, which is really 5am rolls around and as you can probably imagine I’m just like

I totally didn’t intend those both to be from Pooh Bear, but these things happen. In the morning I wasn’t bad becasue I had coffee and I was at the “I’m so tired I have energy” stage. In the afternoon though my legs started giving out. I mean that literally. I would be turning and they would stop supporting my weight and I’d just fall. I almost fell off a 10 foot cliff. And I just started crying and it was terrible. Fun fact about me: I HATE crying around people. I hate doing it. And I have cried in public more this year then the last 5 years combined! Before this year (but in past 5 years) I cried once at school and two or three times around friends. This year I’ve have had break downs twice at school, once at work and now twice while skiing. I hate it so much! But anyway more to the point of my story, I have turned into a crazy book lady who re-arranges her books instead of sleeping!

That is all! Bye lovelies!