Book Rant: Reached

reached_510Hey people!


So I just finished the third book in the Matched Trilogy, Reached by Ally Condie. If you haven’t read this trilogy it’s Matched, Crossed then Reached. Over all I’d give this series a C- ok, not great. If you haven’t started it I’m going to say I wouldn’t. Matched was good so if you’re ok with just reading that and not the other two then I’d say go for it. But if you’re one of those people who HAS to finish a series once you start (me!) then I just wouldn’t bother. For those of you who have read the other two: this book was A LOT better then Crossed (Thank goodness!) stuff did happen. There will be spoilers in here so, fair warning.





We start off the book with Xander and he’s an official but a double agent and he’s working with a girl named Lei and I like her. I have a lot of respect for her and because I want to be a nurse myself I would love to be like her character. She’s really good at what she does and I have a lot of respect for her especially when she worked with the patients even though she wasn’t immune and there was no cure. So I like I her. When she said her real name was just her fake name backwards, it took me a long while to get it. An embarrassing amount of time. Nea Lei. Ielaen? Aen Iel? What? I didn’t get it until another character mentioned it. Laney! Oh! Awkward…I’m an idiot… Someone tell me that I wasn’t the only one!

The way this book is set up is we have Xander’s, Ky’s and Cassia’s POVs. I really don’t like reading Cassia’s POV. She’s very annoying and doesn’t do anything until the very end where she finds the cure by sorting (we all knew that was coming though.) I guess she does make that gallery place which was a really sweet touch to the story I thought, having people who had never made anything in their life creating stuff. That was really the best part of the book for me. Other than those two things Cassia was really useless.

Xander’s POV was probably my favourite because that where the most stuff happened. When the mutation happened everyone seemed so shocked which doesn’t make any sense because that’s textbook biology. Pretty much any biology class from grade 6 on will mention that cells mutate so that struck me as odd that they didn’t anticipate that. In The Society everything seems to be “need to know” information. Where only certain people can know stuff about certain topics which seems very odd. I guess The Society never thought they would come to an end and they didn’t even entertain the possibility of not having the people who knew this one topic on hand. I guess we’re kind of like that too, for example of my car broke, I couldn’t fix it by myself but we seem to have more general knowledge then The Society does. When Lei was checking Xander for the mark that shows immunity to the mutation I was sure she was lying at first. Not because she’s mean but just to give some hope I guess. But she wasn’t. Then Xander works with Oker and we know he’s going to die without telling them what to do. We just know it. So that was very predictable but I like Oker, he reminded me of my Grandpa.

Ky’s POV was interesting to read from. I didn’t expect him to become still really. Honestly I didn’t see that coming. I like how Ally Condie wrote him while he was still, that was cool because I just assumed the stills were completely asleep, they couldn’t hear or anything. So that was cool. That’s the extent of what I liked about the book.

What really bugs me about this book is the stupid ending! It doesn’t say who wins the vote but we can assume that its either The Society or The Rising because let’s be honest, not many people are going to vote for Anna. Think about the people in this country, they have been very sheltered and they’re not going to want to go with someone they don’t know. They likely still classify Anna with “the enemy.” (we never find out who the enemy is/was really! It’s annoying!) So pretty much their just going to go back to how they were just a lot less organized and with half the cities in ruin and a bunch of people dead. Because honestly the Rising was just like the Society except less organized!


These books just made a complete circle and were pointless! It’s like the French revolution when they killed thousands of people, got rid of the King then ended up with Napoleon who declared himself emperor for life, NOT THAT DIFFERENT!  This series was essentially about a not so revolutionary revolution.  So I’m really unsatisfied with this series. After the first book I was really excited and everything after that fell short. So, yeah that’s my rant on that.

That’s it for me today! Bye!

Confessions of a Procrastinator

Hey guys, welcome to thoughts with Lizzie!

Ok I’m an utterly horrid for this! So I’m going to talk about it so maybe I won’t feel quite so bad about it. I’m pretty much an expert procrastinator. Yesterday I searched up the universities nursing website and made a list of the courses I need to take in first year university… A YEAR AND A HALF FROM NOW. And I didn’t just make the list, I colour coded it! And my logic for justifying doing this was “I’ll need to do it eventually, I just getting it done sooner! It’s totally productive!” And then because of my family being my family, my mom and younger brother joined me and helped me select university options because they didn’t want to do work either!

Things I need to get done:

  • Spanish booklet
  • Research Cuba
  • Memorize 6 quotes from Macbeth including “Tomorrow” speech
  • Finish writing a script
  • Biology!!!! (missing 5 bio classes in a row = terrible!)
  • Memorize 50 English terms
  • Memorize drama script

Other things I did instead of doing my homework:

  • useless Spanish homework that isn’t for marks and isn’t due (namely emailing my pen-pal)
  • designed 3 tattoos (none of which I can get until I’m 18, regardless I’m proud of this one because normally I can’t draw)
  • watched the Catching Fire trailer…3 times
  • watched assorted YouTube videos that popped up after the trailer
  • pondered life
  • ate
  • planned my future including how I would decorate my future apartment and what kind of shoes I would wear
  • went for a run
  • cleaned my room and the kitchen and the desk at which I work (So I could work because I can’t work in a messy environment, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it)
  • set up iTunes on my new laptop and transfered all my music then made playlists
  • had a dance party in my room
  • laid down on the floor with my feet in the air and decided feet were incredably weird
  • talked to my friend about how bad my procrastination is
  • did laundry
  • and then wrote a blog about me being a horrible procrastinator.

So yeah. Hopefully I’m not the only one.

Bye y’all.

“Just yellow lines and tire marks
Sun kissed skin and handle bars
And where I stood was where I was to be
No enemies to call my own
No porch light on to pull me home and where
I was is beautiful because I was free

Once upon another time
Before I knew which life was mine
Before I left the child behind me
I saw myself in summer nights
And stars lit up like candle light
I’d make my wish but mostly I believed”

-Sara Bareilles “Once Upon Another Time”

Book Rant: Crossed

CrossedAllyHey y’all!

BOOK RATING: 4/10 and ONLY because I liked the first book

As promised Crossed by Ally Condie the second book in the Matched Trilogy. As always if you haven’t read it, spoilers past this point!  So bye! Actually, you know what? Stay. I’ll save you a few hours of your life.


Ok me trying to re-read this book just didn’t really happen. I tried skimming it for you guys to get some of the main points but really I was kind of like this:

Nothing really happens in this book! The first time I read it I remember reading it just to finish it. That’s never a good thing. Matched was so wonderful this book was just a huge let down. What do we learn? The blue pills are actually poisonous and that they are keeping everyone’s DNA in a cave and we meet this chick, Indie, and this man, Hunter, and this kid Eli, and we learn that Xander is part of the Rising. That’s it. In about 400 pages that’s all that really happens! They don’t get caught! The set of an alarm, NO ONE NOTICES! They eat poison, NO ONE GETS SICK! They successfully climb down a giant fucking cliff without a rope, BECAUSE LOVE. Get through the Outer provinces with no map, BECAUSE SHE CAN SORT! Really? Sorting? I can sort shit too but that doesn’t mean I can navigate through giant cannon that I’ve never been in before. And then after Cassia spends the whole book looking for Ky she finds him they’re heading off the Rising BUT THEN SHE DITCHES KY AND GOES WITH THE GIRL SHE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW! Seriously?!?!?! You spent this whole time searching for Ky and now you’re just going to leave? Here’s a crazy idea, you two walk together and let the other girl go in the stupid boat! And after they reach the Rising, before Ky can even show up Cassia is SENT BACK TO THE SOCIETY! Well, duh! How did she not see that coming? This entire book seemed to be a huge waste of time because nothing happens!

So that’s my rant on this book. I was hugely disappointed; hopefully the third book will be better.

Kisses. Bye Everyone.

Book Rant: Matched

Hey everyone!



So I just re-read Matched and soon will be re-reading Crossed because I finally got the third book! I am planning on reading that one soon but first this! Matched is the first book in the trilogy written by Ally Condie. It’s about a girl living in a dystopian society and in the place, called The Society, the government controls everything: what you eat, how much you eat, what you do, when you die and most importantly who you marry. The last one is the center of this book, Cassia our heroine is going to her matching ceremony where The Society will pick her “match” which is who she will marry. So there you are, a very brief non-spoilery summery. There will be spoilers next. If you have already read the book, excellent! If not go away unless you want to be spoiled, which I don’t recommend. Read then join us.





Ok so I liked this book. I think the idea is really interesting and not too far stretched which is really quite frightening. The whole having someone else pick when you die but preserving your DNA to re clone you was really very disturbing for lack of a better word. I was really upset when the Grandpa “died” (he was killed, those jerks!) I was quite happy that the Dad “lost” his DNA sample. Yes! Ha! Take that officials! When they took away their artifacts, I was majorly pissed. Why? How can they justify that? What was the point?  So safe to say I pretty well hate the society. On the other hand though I guess it could be good, in some twisted way to have people matched. Because there wouldn’t be child abuse or anything because the people that would abuse kids aren’t allowed kids and humanity would be healthier as a whole if there was artificial selection going on. But it’s really very sick because essentially they are breeding the population to get the strongest genetic outcome which is what we currently do to animals and fruit and flower and everything really in our society right now so it’s not too hard to imagine that one day we might actually do stuff like this. Really very creepy. The red pill! Gah! Mad at the society again. More anger. The whole memory wipe thing seems so fundamentally wrong to me! There should be a right to your own memories. But then again I guess that they would have no idea that it was a memory wipe so it wouldn’t make then mad. I’m proud of Cassia that she never too the green calming pill, little act of bravery and strength. I love it.

Xander, I like him. I think he’s a really great friend and he really loves Cassia. I honestly don’t have much to say about him though

The fact that people can’t write is very scary too, because that also isn’t very far-fetched  I’m guessing that over the next few generations people won’t know how to write just because they will have never had any need for it. Which is a tragic thought for me personally, be I love hand writing. I take it over typing pretty much any day. It’s so much more personal. Anything you write by hand immediately means more than something you type, I think. Maybe that’s only me. But regardless the way Ky taught Cassia to write was very sweet. Just this whole thing about not making stuff that is your own, not creating or doing anything for the sake of doing it, it’s very alien to me. I cannot imagine a world without music or dancing or singing or writing and only 100 stories and nothing new, nothing to discover.  Fix that, I don’t want to imagine a world like that because that’s a solid 80% of my life gone right there. Oh and they can’t cook, 85% of my life then.

Do not go gentle. That was a really nice motif I think and really holds a lot of meaning in a society like this where everything is so, so controlled. It can really be applied to almost everything in The Society. (Random but I just thought of this and there is nowhere to put it: the Other Countries. Seriously these people are so uncreative with names!) Oh and then Ky gets taken! Can’t believe I almost didn’t mention that! That was…Bad words!  And his adopted parents had already lost their son!  It was brutal. So that’s it for me on this book! I’ll be re-reading (skimming really) Crossed before I read Reached so hopefully both of those will be up soon for you guys!

Bye Everyone! Kisses!


Salutations! Ok so today I have a little bit of a rant but mostly it’s a story. There is a point I want to make to express my frustration but you do need back story, so just bear with me.

Ok so some time ago either end of February or beginning or March my biology teacher decided for a project we were going to make biospheres. Now for those of you that don’t know a biosphere is make an ecosystem in a fishbowl then completely seal it off and it has to survive on its own. The majority of our grade from this comes from whether it lives until June or not. Now a key ingredient in a biosphere is pond water because it contains lovely bacteria and microorganisms and all that good stuff to keep the ecosystem going. We CURRENTLY still have approximately 10cm (4in) of snow but it’s warming up so it’s about -5°C in the morning, and depending on the day, between 1° and 10° by mid-afternoon. So the ponds are just starting to unfreeze now. At the end of April. At the beginning of March there were no open ponds and the river was still frozen solid with about a meter of ice over the water.

So, two of my friends, Katie and Annie, and I cleverly went to a giant pet store. I mean giant. This place is a warehouse. And being pretty close we have a bunch of inside jokes and we’re having a good time kind of fooling around. This guy, Nick, comes over to help us and by that point I’m pretty sure he thought we were escapees from the psych ward. So we tell Nick about the project and he says no problem he can help. We’re all walking around this giant place and Nick is picking out what we need. Katie asks him if he ever did this project, his response?

“Yeah, in grade 10 or 11. Something like that. Mine lasted a week”

…Great…huge confidence booster. Nick then picks out a plant for us and its red and yellow. Our immediate reaction is, naturally, “I think that one’s dead”.

“No, no. this is how it’s supposed to be. It’s a called a red something or other plant.” (that’s not what he said, I just don’t know the name off the top of my head)

“Are you sure? Because the rest of them in the tank are green?”

“Yeah, I’m sure! Trust me I’ve worked here for almost a year.”


Keep going along and we’re making small talk with Nick because we’re teenaged girls and that’s what we do. Somehow we ended up on the topic of our futures because Nick was in university or something. Katie and Annie don’t know they haven’t really thought of it. I want to be a nurse so I say that. Nick then asks what level of degree I want (LPN= 2 years, RN= 4, NP = 6) but he doesn’t ask it like that.

He says, “Cool, what do you want to be?”

Now obviously this confuses me. So I go with “umm, I would love to be a traveling nurse at some point”

“No, what do you want to be?”

Still no idea what he is referring to so I take another shot, “Ideally I’d like to specialize in maternity or pediatric (looking after children) because I like kids, but I’m not sure.”

“No. I mean like my mom is an LPN. Clearly you haven’t done any research.”

Excuse me?

Excuse me?

So internally I’m fighting with myself. Tone down the sass. Tone down the sass. We still need him to help for our project. But I’m really irritated because he giving me that look. I’m sure most teenagers know the one, the I-can’t-believe-you-think-you-could-possibly-do-that-leave-it-to-us-adults-who-know-what-we’re-doing look. And it’s really infuriating! But I manage to not sass him out and we finish getting our stuff and head to the till. We spent 80 dollars! 80 dollars on a school project! Because we had to buy pond water!

Now for my point so you can fully understand my frustration: that plant that we said was dying and Nick insisted wasn’t, yeah  it’s definitely dead. After ALL THAT our 80 dollar biosphere is DYING!

There you go! My long, slightly pointless story but now you all can understand my irritation at life at this moment. On the bright side, I now own a fishbowl.

Kisses! Later everyone!

Book Rant: The Lightning Thief

lightningthief1Hey guys!


Okay so I am way late getting to this party! Written by Rick Riordan this book came out in 2005 and I     just read it! Yeah!  If you haven’t read it I highly recommend it! It’s about Demi-gods (half god, half human) who are in this camp where they train to be heroes. And as the title suggests Zeus’ lightning bolt was stolen. I can’t say much more without spoiling anything. Long story short, it was really well written, the characters were fun and original. If you’re not reading it because of

A)     The movie, read it because the movie didn’t do it justice! The movie didn’t even really keep to the story line so it is completely, 100% worth reading!

B)      It’s a “children’s book.” Get off your high horse! Harry Potter is a children’s book to and you don’t hear anyone complaining about that!

So go read it if you haven’t! (You probably all have because I’m all of, oh… 8 years late!) Again shoo if you haven’t read it already because there will be spoilers!





I read this book because my little brother had a copy out and I had nothing new to read so I figured why not? I finished it pretty quickly, it’s only 375ish pages. Ok so it’s actually pretty long. From the first page I couldn’t put it down! I watched the movie when I came out so I thought I knew what was going to happen but wow was I wrong! The movie messed everything up really bad, I’m not even sure what they read to make that script. Maybe a summery on Yahoo answers or something? Possibly they read the back cover? Percy is 12!!! They made him a teenager! And Annabeth doesn’t have blond hair and actually the one thing they did better in the movie was Grover, because in the book I didn’t find that there was much to him. Anyway, the point I was trying to make was that it didn’t matter that I watched the movie because the book was almost a whole new story.

I really liked how they made the demi-gods “troubled” kids with ADHD and dyslexia I thought that was a super cool twist. It was also really nice that someone explained in this book why on earth the entrance to Olympus was in America! I had a hard time understanding that when I watched the movie! My only conclusion was that Olympus was in Greece and just there were various doors all over the word that were like portals to it. But the book made way more sense and I’m really glad he did put in an explanation instead of just leaving it. Another thing that way really great was the cabins. It was so interesting how each one of them was so unique and so clearly represented their god/goddess. I felt bad for Percy though when he had to leave and live by himself. I can’t believe it took them that long to figure out Percy was the son of Poseidon. Do people normally blow up toilets and soak everything except themselves? Is that a thing? Seriously you needed a sign from Poseidon to figure it out? Another thing that I actually hadn’t thought of until I was watching this video on YouTube shortly after I read this book ( check her out she’s great! She’s really funny and we have the exact same taste in books so I love her) Anyway she mentioned that Percy should just carry around a bottle of water if water gives him these super awesome god powers and I’d never thought of that but she has a point. If it can’t be bottled water then get an empty water bottle and scoop some up from the river and I doubt he’d even have to drink it! He’d probably just have to put a few drops on his hand or something.

Ares! They left this whole thing out in the movie so it was really great to read! He’s not what I expected a god of war to be, honestly. I was expecting less punk more military officer and more honourable.  But his arrogance really worked well and the way he came off with this commanding authority was spot on.  Another thing I love about this book is that it tells tiny bits of Greek mythology and plays off them rather than trying to twist the myths into something they aren’t to fit the modern story. (Like most of these Greek mythology meets modern interpretation stories do)

I really want to kick Luke in the teeth really, really hard. I knew that he was going to be the one to betray Percy because of the movie, so I don’t know how it looked to someone who had read the book first but I thought he seemed pretty sketchy from the beginning.  Like scary nice.

So yeah! I loved everything about this book; I’m really excited to read the next one! The movie for that is coming out sometime this summer I believe so hopefully I can get the series read before then! And with any luck this movie will be better than the first.

Kisses. Bye y’all.

Book Rant: Clockwork Princess


Hey there!


So I’m going to chat with you about the newest book in one of my favourite book series! The Infernal Devices by the lovely Miss Cassandra Clare. This series is a prequel to The Mortal Instruments and rant is going to be about Clockwork Princess which is the third and final book in this series. This book came out on the March 19th and I got my copy on the 21st or something? Then read it in four and a half hours! My friend just read it (finally!) and we had a nice long discussion about it part of which I’m going to share with you! Oh my goodness! This is going to have spoilers so if you haven’t read it go! Leave! Read all the books then come back and discuss! ( My preferred order to read these series in is: City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, Clockwork Angel, City of Fallen Angels, Clockwork Prince, City of Lost Souls then Clockwork Princess)





I’m not even sure where to start! Let’s talk about Cecily. I love her! Like at the beginning with her and Will, so wonderful! And then when they fight the giant creepy Benedict worm and she jumps on its back it was so obvious she was related to Isabelle! It made me so freaking happy. (Also the part where Gabriel is trying to explain that his father is a worm, so funny) The whole thing Cecily has with Gabriel I honestly have no strong opinion about, but it was the obvious route. I was so mad at Gabriel though when he wrote that letter saying bad things about Charlotte! And then at the end when it turns out he didn’t send it everything was nice again and I liked him again. And then Sophie gets ascended and marries Gideon and that is just so, so lovely! When Jessamine dies I was really so upset and I have no clue why because at the end of CP2 I really disliked her.Well apparently I actually kind of liked her because it was sad, of course Tessa also got kidnapped in there and Jem was running and came back dying so that probably added to it. And Mrs. Black! She’s like a severed head on a stick! What the heck?! Too many people dying! But I was really happy that Jessamine came back as a ghost at the end. It was a nice touch.  Now Henry! He is brilliant! I didn’t realize that he INVENTED the portal! I just assumed it was Shadowhunter magic that had been around for hundreds and hundreds of year because in TMI they use them like they are nothing. So go Henry! When he and Magnus as in his laboratory it was so sweet, I love Magnus so much already and that just made me love him more.  He necklace thing too! I really like how everything really ties together between the two series, because Magnus made the necklace for Camille but then he gave it to Will who gives it to Cecily who passes it down until eventually to Isabelle. So I just appreciated all those little tie- ins.

The angel necklace. I love how she explained that because I just assumed it was magic but it actually has Ithuriel trapped inside of it as her guardian angel. Now unless I’m mistaken isn’t Ithuriel the same angel who Valentine trapped? Seriously man! You’re an angel! Get it together!

The Starkweather thing with Adele and Tessa’s mom was a little confusing probably because I don’t get the whole changeling thing! Aren’t the fairy supposed to take your kid and leave you a sickly fairy child? I don’t know. Anyway it did explain what Tessa was and it ended up more or less making sense.  And when I found out she could have children I had a bit of a freak out moment! Because life makes sense again with all the names being carried on. Except then Jem dies and honestly I really thought he had died (Bravo Miss, Clare!) and that whole situation with Will and the parabatai bond being broken! It was heartbreaking and then the natural reaction is to fight a werewolf pack (cough Jace cough). Actually I was a little confused with this because in COFA or COLS I don’t know which one Alec is talking about how in COG when Jace dies how he feels like he’s falling and part of him is missing and such because he doesn’t fall to the ground in agony or start bleeding so I don’t know. Maybe it’s because Jace died really quickly and Jem “died” really slowly? Now I genuinely believed that Jem was dead so when Charlotte calls up the enclave and only the three silent brothers respond and one of them is Brother Zach I was really confused (I threw the book, I was also mad and upset) because who the heck was this guy? I didn’t see it coming I’m not sure why I wasn’t more suspicious but then when its turn out to be Jem I was in hysterics. I didn’t see it coming even though, as I said in my last rant, it was one of my theories but I guess with the whole dramatic parabatai thing I was totally convinced that he was dead.  Back to my original point, the name thing now makes sense because we find out the Jem had an uncle.

Will and Tessa! Ok I love this whole thing. It’s perfectly heartbreaking and then at the end they have such a great life together and the way Will proposes is so simply cute.  And before that of course we have Will talking to Magnus about him loving Tessa and Jem hears! Most perfect part of this book! Fix that, most perfect part of this series as well as TMI. Ok, I lied the part when Jem throws the pack of the drug into the fire and then Will jumps into the fire! Gah! Ok so two most perfect bits. So the Will goes running off to save Tessa and they get trapped together in her cell. And then Magnus walks in on them naked in bed together the next day. (Did anyone else think it was going to be Mortmain?) ““Well, this is unexpected”” I laughed so hard.

And then you get that epilogue and suddenly you have Tessa in normal clothing waiting for Jem and she’s thinking about her life with Will and then Jem is Jem again. (I didn’t know that silent brothers could just leave like that. Is it because Jem isn’t fully a silent brother or something?) But this means that in COHF Jace, Magnus and Clary and them find Jem the cure!!!!! Miss. Clare did you just put a cliff hanger at the end of a series for another series?!

Ok so that’s my rant. I loved this book so much! It was the best possible ending because according to this family tree (found inside cover) Jace is related to BOTH Jem and Will plus Alec! Jem and Alec are distantly related but who cares! And Tessa can be with both Jem and Will so it was just fantastic! I can’t wait until 2014 for City of Heavenly Fire.

Oh and I’m going to throw this in here! As you know (unless you are living under a rock or something) The City of Bones Movie coming out this August 23rd 2013. Now in case you don’t know Jace is being played by Jamie Campell Bower who everyone seems to know as that vampire guy from Twilight whose name I cannot recall currently (starts with a “c” he’s one of the evil ones). Now a lot of people are really mad about this one because they thought it should be Alex Pettyfer and I’m actually so glad Alex turned down the role! I can’t see him as Jace at all, no offence to him but I just can’t see it. When I first heard of the movie I really didn’t have a preferred actor for Jace, but when I saw Jamie I was really hesitant but then I watched a few interview with him on YouTube and he IS Jace. His humor, his style, his voice, everything. So personally I think people need to stop being so quick to judge based on his look and that one role he had in Twilight as what’s- his- face. Miss. Clare said when she saw his audition that he was her Jace, so that’s good enough for me. I think everyone should give him a chance, he’s a good actor. Lilly Collins in Clary and I don’t know enough about her to make a solid judgment. Alec Lightwood is being played by Kevin Zegers, Simon is Robert Sheehan and Isabelle is Jemima West.  The trailer looks fantastic! I’m really hoping it’s not going to be really cheesy, commercialized CGI like some of these teen franchises turn into, but so far it looks really good actually. Not thrilled with Valentine (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers) because I always pictured him very neat. Black dress shirt, dark pants, blond hair slicked back very classy but in the movie he seems to be not that. He has these dreadlock things going on and he’s walking around with his shirt open, I don’t know. But he seems to play the part well so I’ll deal. (I’m doing the same thing everyone did for Jace, I’m a terrible hypocrite. Oops.) But still I’m super excited for this movie!

Kisses! Bye people!