Book Rant: Fire Study


Hello All! Ok the plan was one Book Rant a week but I am flying through books right now. I will do my best to have AT LEAST one for you guys but don’t be surprised if there are two a week.


This is the third and final book in Maria V. Snyder’s fantasy trilogy. Over all my opinion on this trilogy is pretty high. Low 90s/ high 80s. If you haven’t read it I do recommend it, it’s pretty exciting. As you can see from my lovely ratings, this series did decline after the first book, as so many sadly do. Still it is worth a read if you would like to check it out, there is a brief intro to the series under my Poison Study Book Chat at the top where it is non-spoilery. Spoilers beyond this point, so read it then join us!





My lovelies who have already read the book: did anyone else want to punch Yelena in the face for the first 65% of this book or so? Quite honestly she was being whinny and bitchy and just so mean to everyone! I get it, a man in fire is scary. But frankly, the rest of us can’t fight fire either and you don’t see us crying about it. On that note of the Fire Warper, I CANNOT be the only one who saw it coming that Rose was behind it all. Her affinity is fire, fire man is trying to kill Yelena, coincidence? I think not! Tauno too! The entire time I was yelling (not actually) at them all to stop being so stupid. He’s a sketchy guy who was in league with Cahil, maybe you shouldn’t trust him with no proof? Seriously Yelena doubts Moon Man before Tauno! When they were in Ixia (A smart move, I’ll give her that) she was bring so mean to Lief! And granted he kind of did deserve it. You know what? Everyone in the entire first half I really wanted to be done with. Exception of Moon Man because he’s just flat out awesome and Kiki because she’s a talking horse and how can you go wrong with that? My feeling towards Yelena at the first half of this book was similar to my feelings towards Bonnie from the Vampire Dairies- useless! Then after she almost got killed by running into a burning building she became more of the Yelena from Poison Study who was smart and strong. Another thing I disliked was, recall how in my Poison Study Book Chat I mentioned that why I loved that book was because it felt more real than most fantasy-action books that just got ridiculous with all the jumping around? Yeah that was this book. From one side of the country to the other in two days then back again. Solid. Also the lack of Ari and Janco. They were there for a bit but not enough! I need them. They make the books so much better.

What I really liked: Opal. In my mind she was 8 even though she’s actually 15-17 but she makes a better 8 year old. I decided. Like how in my mind Magnus Bane wasn’t Asian,  young or hot and didn’t even look human really. He looked sort of old and a bit fat with pointed ears, a tiny bit like a less terrifying version of a gremlin mixed with professor Slughorn. And I held to that image until his casting came out.  Why? I don’t know. Absolutely nothing in that series made him sound remotely like that. But however that’s what happened and it is for the same reason that my Opal looks 8. I didn’t fully understand what the glass creatures were. Were they souls caught in the glass? It was probably explained and I just didn’t process it (happens a lot!) There is another series I believe about her: Storm Glass, Sea Glass, Spy Glass is the order I THINK. If you have read them are they worth reading?

I also liked how the Commander is a magician! Oh the irony! He didn’t know about it so he can’t be called a hypocrite really. And when Valek “died” oh my goodness! I’ve always loved his character (he’s actually another one I wasn’t mad at in the beginning of this book though he wasn’t really in the first half) but then shortly after Yelena had her crying bit I realized he couldn’t really be dead and would just come back randomly, surprising everyone. Predictable, but that was ok. And I was worried – however briefly – during Yelena’s crazy scheming that he really was dead. I admit to that.

The reason this book scored as high as it did for me was 1) I love the first book and 2) the ending. She finished strong. The first half was not great but the last half made up for it. I really liked how Cahil turned out to be not entirely evil! If he had been it just would have been too stereotypical.  I glad she FINALLY explain what the heck a Soulfinder really did! Thank heaven! It only took 2 and 6/7th books. Though I guess that was a huge portion of the 2 and 3rd books. Honestly she probably could have just done 2 books and cut out a lot of the moving around. The great part of the first book was that it took place in (more or less) the same place so you could really get to know the characters in how they interact with each other and the environment.

Yeah I don`t really have anything else to say! In summary:  Loved Poison Study, liked Magic Study, was ok with Fire Study.  What are your thoughts on this series? I would love to know! And yeah! That’s it for me! Kisses! Bye guys!

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