Book Rant: The Titan’s Curse

690764BOOK RATING: 9.5/10

Why hello me lovelies! Today we are going to be talking about The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan. This is the third book in the so far flawless Percy Jackson series. If you haven’t read it, what are you doing? I’m 8 odd years late to this party so you all should either have read it or by this point in my book chats are at least trying to find a copy. If for whatever mistake of the universe you have not read this book shoo. Go pick up a copy and read it then come back. Spoilers beyond this point.





This series just keeps getting better, which is so rare and so lovely! We start off here about 6 months later around Christmas break. Percy is now 14 I believe and his hormones are starting to affect him! Mwhahaha! How his and Annabeth’s relationship is growing it’s so cute! I love these series where we get to see the characters grow up year after year. And we have this new character Thalia, she was introduced at the end of The Sea of Monsters, she is the daughter of Zeus if you don’t recall. And yeah, I have mixed feeling about her. Mostly because she is EXACTLY like Percy. So sometimes they’re really in sync then other times like during capture the flag they go all demi-god on each other.  But she’s another really well developed character. She doesn’t like flying which is really ironic seeing as she is a daughter of the God of Air. She can be really annoying and pushy sometimes and she’s just one of those people who thinks they’re that much better then everyone. Blaming Percy for Annabeth being taken! Woah! I wanted to hit some sense into her. Yeah she’s your friend but FYI you’ve been a tree from 6 or 7 odd years and Percy is her friend now too. So calm your s**t. So she can be EXTREAMLY annoying, but I still like her because she’s awesome.

We also meet Nico and Bianca who are the half-bloods that Grover finds.  And at the same time we meet Artemis and her hunters and Apollo. Artemis and Apollo. I’ve said this before by I love Mr.Riordan’s god characters. They are perfection. Apollo driving up in his red convertible maserati spyder (I’m a girl who isn’t really into cars so I’m taking in on blind faith that that is a really nice car) and then recites this awful haiku poem that gets him and Artemis bickering like the ancient siblings they are.  I adore that relationship. Noe lets talking about Artemis’ hunters. They’re these 13-14ish year old girl who are immortal and who hunt with Artemis. Now I guess being immortal is a huge draw but I wouldn’t want to be stuck at 11-14. Maybe, 18-22 being stuck there would be great. But, I don’t know 11-14 just seems so young! That’s a lot of people’s awkward phase. I’m not sure why you would want to be in your awkward phase for eternity. And the swearing off men thing. Maybe it’s different because they are so young but there’s no way I could deal with being told I’m not allowed to love someone.  It’s not exactly something you can control.  You can’t have guy friends. I have so many guy friends that would just be weird to not be able to make friend with whom ever I wanted. Then on the other hand maybe for some of them, Zoe for example, it’s not so young because girls used to get married at 14. I don’t know.  I think it was extraordinarily irresponsible and selfish of Bianca to join the hunt and leave Nico alone. Yeah you say you want your own life and you’re tired of raising him but that was brutal.  You can have your own life without completely cutting him out of it. He’s just a little kid and you are the only family he has. You don’t just decide one day without warning to ditch him. Speaking as someone who has a little brother, yeah looking after him can be a pain and I granted I don’t have to do it 24/7 but he’s still my baby brother and I would burn down the world if I needed to in order to help keep him safe.  So I was so mad at her and then she went and got herself killed. What part of “Don’t touch anything” was too complex? There’s no wiggle room in that statement. It’s not, don’t touch too many things, or only touch one thing, no! It’s do. Not. Touch. Anything! People seriously! It’s the same every time! If some makes you walk through a place of enchanted gold stuff, if you touch it your die! Or turn into a skeleton person when the moon comes out.

Blackjack! The black Pegasus. Oh my lord. He was so funny! And I really loved when he got Percy to save Bessie. Percy is such a good lord for his sea creature minions! He spent 3 hours or something just helping this baby half-cow fish thingy for no reason in particular. Of Course it then turns into the “beast” the Artemis was hunting that would decide the fate of the gods. Ok when she said at the beginning of the book that hunting Bessie (she didn’t say Bessie) was too dangerous, what was she thinking? It’s a baby cow! I mean, yes she got kidnapped but it’s not like she was planning on that happening. It a cow. Hen she said dangerous I though like Hercules monster type dangerous. But no. Moving on, we meet Atlas, the titan who holds up the sky. And he’s an evil guy, kills Zoe his own daughter. On the note Annabeth holding up the sky! How did she do that? She’s a demigod. Percy did it for 5 minutes are he almost passed out, Annabeth did it for 12 hours or something. Really quickly the last character we meet is Aphrodite. I don’t really have an opinion on her. She just strikes me as high maintenance but also really naïve for some reason.  She believes ion love so much that she doesn’t really process the real world and people not loving I guess. At least that’s what I got from her speech to Percy about him and Annabeth. Finally, Thalia joins the hunt at the end so she is not who the prophecy was about.

So yeah, I loved this book. I can’t wait to read the next one! Let me know what you though. Kisses. Bye All.


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