Book Rant: The Selection

selection-cvrBOOK RATING: 8/10

The Selection is by Kiera Cass and its one of those books that I really, really loved but when I try to explain it to people they go “oh…neat.” This is such a great, amazing, cute read that when my description of it is terrible, go read it anyway because I cannot do it justice when I try to explain it! It’s like the bachelor but with a Prince looking for a princess. There! You did it! The “oh…neat” thing! Don’t! Trust me it’s fantastic! Ok this takes place in the future but it feels a bit like the past. America has been destroyed by a war and Illea is the country that emerges.  The way Illea functions is a caste system. The first caste is royalty while the 8th and lowest caste contains the poor, unemployed people. Each caste has a job for example, America (our main character) is a 5, the artist caste.  There are three ways to move up in the caste, either marry up (if you are a girl you take your husband’s caste), buy your way up (almost impossible) or be selected for The Selection.   The Selection occurs when a Prince comes of age. It’s an open call for all young women of the country to enter for a chance to become one of the 35 who go to live in the palace and they then essentially date the Prince on national television until he eventually choses one to be his queen.  Even though it would help her family, America has no desire to enter The Selection, mostly because she is already in love with a boy named Aspen. Unfortunately, Aspen is a Six (servant caste) and is therefore it is unlikely that her parents would let her marry him. A series of events result in America leaving Aspen and her family to enter the competition for a crown she doesn’t want. That’s it for the non-spoilery introduction! I tried guys! It’s a great novel, go read it then come join us in ranting! Spoilers past this point.





Let’s start with Aspen. Does anyone really believe that he wasn’t cheating on her? Because I think that his little story is total b.s! She tripped and I caught her! Yeah she tripped my ass! I’m thinking that just the way he tried to push America into the competition was just him trying to get rid of her so he could go run off with some other chick(s). Because his mom said past THREE WEEKS he was being all happy and in love like, they’ve been going out for 2 years. I’m just doing the math and it’s not adding up. And then he dumps her because she does something nice. Who dumps someone because they were nice! “I’m sorry you’re just too nice to me. I can’t handle someone treating with such kindness.” That doesn’t happen! Seriously maybe he’s just dating America for the food then has the girl he actually loves and he wants to marry her now so he’s sending America off across the country. “Oh you deserve better, for your own good blah, blah, blah,” Pipe down Aspen! No! That is such a stupid, stupid excuse. You are starving man, you cannot afford to have an ego that doesn’t let your girlfriend be the bread-winner in your relationship.  And then he turns up in the castle! What? Did you realize you made a mistake and that she’s a freaking awesome individual? Or did you just happen to end up in the castle and go, “hey might as well go make out with her because I’m a horny jerk and she’s going to let me!” America, come on! You deserve so much better! And you know what? Aspen even said you deserved better and Maxon is better so Aspen you can’t come back in here saying you want her back after you said she deserved better.  I definitely thought that Maxon was going to walk in on them making out at the end. I was so sure, but they came at different times. And America good on you for rejecting Aspen! “No, I’m not choosing him or you. I’m choosing me.” Yeah girl! You stand up to that jerk!

And now the contrast: Maxon! He is a sweetheart. He is so boy-next-door like. But he has these moments of being so intense and so focused it’s almost frightening. Like when America sent him the note saying she wanted to talk and he finds her in the hall and he is so worried for her, he looked like he was ready to fight dragons for her right then. And then when he finds out she just wanted to talk you can almost feel his relief. He reminds me of Julian for Pandemonium which is a great thing. I love Julian’s character. America and Maxon’s relationship is similar too, but with less life threatening stuff obviously. I love their back and forth banter. I mentioned in my Poison Study book chat that I like when romances aren’t all perfect in books but have some push and shove to them which is exactly what this is. They fight, they laugh, thy get really serious sometimes. All in all they really are just like best friends.  America has to become Queen, right?  If Celeste becomes Queen I will flip. The only reason I can think of Maxon picking her would be political and stuff. But America and Maxon! They’re so cute! It’s just so sweet it makes my heart smile. Maxon’s dad (AKA: the King) seems really stuck in his ways but I like the Queen, she seems pretty open to change and respects her son.  I really like how Maxon tries to help out his country after he learns what’s happening. At the beginning he seems really naive and doesn’t really know about anything outside of his world, which I don’t hold against him, but then as he gets to know how America lived you can tell that he really does want to help out his people.

Celeste, I mentioned her above. Ahhhh… that girl. The sad thing is that she is only a very slight exaggeration of some girls I know. When they were at the party and see started bashing on America for being from 5 and saying how at her birthday she would never have any 5s preforming, gah! I wanted to slap her! But America does one better and kicks butt playing her violin. Celeste logic for spilling her drink on the girl’s dress (her name escapes me at the moment) seems really counter-affective because like Maxon said he then spent hours with said girl comforting her so… not sure what you were going for there, sweetheart.  And then we she told America to take off her dress? What? Like what? I guess she’s just a spoiled brat who’s used to getting everything she wants but I doubt the dress would fit her right. Seriously, then what? What was the plan then? Oops, sorry, this actually doesn’t fit, you can have it back.

The rebels. Yeah I don’t know how to feel about them because they’re probably people trying to get rid of the caste system which so clearly sucks so it’s kind of hard to hate them. There are two, North and South and I can’t remember which ones are the dangerous ones and which ones are looking for something. (I also thought Aspen might be a rebel spy. Mostly because I wasn’t another reason to hate him, but it could happen.) Going along with that, I love how sweet America is to her maids. That just makes me like her even more. This book, I just loved the cuteness.

Ok that’s all I have on this book! I loved it! Can’t wait to read the sequel! Kisses, bye guys!



  1. Finally, someone agrees with me on Aspen! I really have so much trouble regarding him because I just really can’t stand him. At least, in “The Selection” I can’t. After reading “The Elite”, I didn’t know just what to think. If you haven’t read the second book yet, please do! It’s amazing, yet does horrible things to my emotional system!!

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