This is a day late (oops!) Yesterday was an early one then went skiing all day so I was a little tired. Worth it! 🙂

Another gold in hockey! Great game gents! And congratulations to all our athletes! Did us proud!


Planning Ahead? What is this madness?

This has no relevance, I just enjoyed how it looked.

Hello beauties! So today I went to a university fair with one of my friends. (Aren’t we such good children? Planning for our future and being all productive like? I know. I’m frightened about this new development too.) Anyway, there actually were very few universities there, none of my three that I want to go to (U of C, UBC or UPEI) but they will all be coming to my school shortly so it doesn’t really matter. But there was this booth for a program called SWAP. Essentially what it is, is a company who helps university students find summer jobs in other parts of the world. So you are traveling and seeing the world for the summer but also making money. You pick a country then they set you up with a flight and two night accommodation there and during those two-three days they help you set up a cellphone, visa, bank account, find a long term place to stay, set you up with your job and give you the run down on how things work. I thought this was just such a great idea and I intended to do it for the summer after my first year of university. London, Wales or Ireland? What do you think? It’s a Canadian thing so I don’t know how many of you are Canadian, but if you are then go check out their website! I will link it HERE. They take people ages 18-35 and you don’t have to be attending university. If you aren’t Canadian, I’m sure there are other companies that do similar things so go Google it! Also, more travel news, my parents have also told me they are taking me on a trip as a graduation/18th birthday present anywhere I want. Spain, Italy or Greece? I am torn equally with all three. So opinions, please!

There! My future life is all organized, the present is a bit chaotic and not together but details! Hmm, what else can I tell you about today? *taps lower lip* I bought onions and potatoes at the farmers market from an attractive young Amish man. Oh and I cut and dyed my hair, both by myself a couple nights ago. It was so nerve wracking! I wanted my bangs done but my hairdresser kept being busy when I was free, so my friends told my to cut them myself and I did, but all I had were those curved nail scissors. So stressful! But they turned out okay, I think. For the dye I put in a red steak, it turned out kind of pinkish but whatever. My life really isn’t that interesting so I will leave this off here. Bye guys! Kisses!

Home Again!


Hello Again!

If you are Canadian you likely have heard, if not I’m not sure if you know, but Southern Alberta experience major flash flooding starting Thursday. I just got home after spending a few nights in a hotel in Calgary.  I’m sure I’ve said this before I live in a small town, actually just outside a small town. There is one road in an out of where I live and it has four bridges, three over a smaller creek and one over the Elbow River. Pausing my story for a minute to commend the civil engineers who built that bridge. That thing got hit by three houses and it’s still standing! Bravo gentlemen/women! So Thursday morning I went to school to write an exam (I don’t have a high school in my town I go to one about 35km (22 miles) away) By the time I finished writing at 10 it was apparent that I wasn’t getting home because the major bridge was closed. Thankfully my Papa got out before the bridge was closed and came to get me, but there was a half an hour that was quite scary because I didn’t know what was going on. My Mom and little brother were on a camping trip with my little brother’s class that was also terrifying because they were by Canmore which got hit worse than us but the flood but they got out fine and met up with my Papa and I at the hotel. My older brother is a volunteer firefighter so he was obviously very busy and we were extremely worried for him but he came by today for a bit and he’s fine too. So family is fine, my house is fine, my puppy is fine and I know a lot of people can’t say the same thing so I’m incredibly grateful!  

This morning after we were all settled, we went into town to help with some of the clean up now that the water is down. There’s going to be a lot of work to do but my town is full of tough, hardworking people so I know that we’re going to be fine. Probably half the town was out today at least for some of the day along with some people from Calgary who came to help. Thank you so much to those people, it’s really appreciated.

I also want to thank this lovely lady, I wish I knew her name because she was so, so kind to us. When my Mom and I went to buy clothing Thursday evening because we had absolutely nothing besides what we were wearing, the cashier overheard us talking with another customer about how we were evacuated. Then when she was ringing us up she gave us her 20% employee discount.  It was so much appreciated and she would have been fired if her boss found out, so thank you so much! I can’t even tell you how much that meant to us!

To anyone who lost anything to the flood my heart goes out to you. All the volunteers and rescuers and even just people like the cashier who helped us out, thank you so much. It really shows the goodness in humanity. ❤