I’m back!

Hey guys, long time no talk! Between university and work and friends  I have no time to do things like sleep or write or read. Guess how many books I have read since I last talked to you in September? ONE. A single book. Cress by Marissa Meyer, the 3rd book in the Lunar Chronicles.  I’m so ashamed. BUT as of the 17th of December I am free for a whole month! A month guys of just reading and sleeping and getting fat of Christmas cookies! I already have it planned out what I’m going to read first (marathon Throne of Glass series because the new one is out! Everyone be excited! I lent the first one to my friend 6 months ago and I still haven’t gotten it back so I bought another copy for me and I’m letting her keep mine as part of her Christmas gift. I got the new hardcover design so it matched the other two now so I’m not even mad 😉 )

When I last talked to you guys I was having a really bad time with university (sorry y’all, but thanks for letting me rant) but I have since made really good friends, I didn’t end up joining the sorority becasue it was too much money but I still do hang out with some of the girls. We went to a pre-screening of Mockingjay Part 1 this Wednesday. Guys, its so good! I wasn’t a huge fan of the last book, but I really enjoyed the movie. I should actually re-read that book. But it was so good. This last week I also finished all my Christmas shopping. I WIN CHRISTMAS! I’m on top of it this year! Normally I don’t finish until the week before/week of.

Unfortunate I’m not nearly as productive in the rest of my life. I lost my UniCard which lets me use transit and the gym so oops. Someone found it, but I don’t physically have it back yet. I just got out of the slump of the semester where I just didn’t care anymore. I did really bad on a couple exams, one being 100% my own fault becasue I didn’t go to lecture or read the textbook at all, I’m kinda impressed with myself for passing. The other was less my fault, like 40/60 split. It was a french spelling test (essentially, the prof reads out a couple paragraphs you have to write it down correctly and you lose a mark for each mistake) and I’m dyslexic, if you didn’t know, which makes it a lot more difficult. She also marked it out of 30 instead of 100 like she said she was going to so the margin for error shrunk drastically. Over all I’m still doing alright in school, not as well as I did in high school but that’s expected. I’m definitely a solid B student overall still.  I still like three of my  five classes, especially my anatomy class, we have moved onto muscles and it’s so interesting!

That’s all I got so far, I’ve been trying to write a biology paper all day so my brain is all over the place!