Book Rant: The Sea of Monsters

BOOK RATING: 9/10Sea of Monsters

Book Rant: The Sea of Monsters

The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan is the second book in the Percy Jackson series. If you haven’t started this series yet, what are you waiting for? It is a fantastic adventure and as mentioned in my The Lightning Thief Book Rant if you are not reading it because it is labeled as a children’s book then you need to sit down with yourself, reflect inward and seriously reconsider your life. Or at least you’re reading prejudices. This series is fantastic. Here we are meeting Percy again a year later so he is in seventh grade. I don’t want to spoil you if you haven’t read it so I can’t say much else here. If you haven’t read it go because there will be spoilers, if you have excellent! We shall discuss.





Right away we are seeing a dream of Percy’s about Grover being chased by something for some reason, we really have no clue at the is point. But we see him hid in a bridal shop then get captured by whatever it was.  Percy wakes up, it was just a dream, but as we all know, dreams in books are never just dreams. So from the first page this book had my attention just like The Lightning Thief did. Then we find out it’s the last day of school and Percy is off.  We meet a new character called Tyson who we discover later is a Cyclops and personally the only Cyclops I can envision is the one from Disney’s Hercules, for those of you who don’t recall he looks something like this:


So trying to picture one more or less human size. 6’3” so a large human by most standards but I have tall brothers and a tall father so normal by mine.  And he’s in grade 7 but obviously he’s not 13. He’s never gone to school before so I think we can assume he’s about 18ish. Or maybe he is. I’m no expert on cyclopes and I can’t recall if it was mentioned in the book. Let’s just say that the humans at the school probably think he’s 18ish. Any matter, Tyson and Percy have the perfect brother relationship going on! At the very end when Tyson gave Percy the watch my heart smiled.

The fates driving! I would not trust that! That would be so sketch! Seriously three people, one eye trying to drive sound pretty darn risky. But then they are the fates so that would probably help some. Because they already know what’s going to happen. I don’t know, I still wouldn’t get into that car. Maybe I’m alone on that assessment.

Camp dying! And when the Ares people were fighting the metal bull things. Clarisse has way more of a part in this then in the first one and I respect her. Don’t particularly like her, but the respect is there. She’s so proud though throughout. “Blah, blah, Percy why did you save me? I can do it on my own, blah, blah, blah. etc. ect.” She’s just a really great character and I loved reading her so much! I don’t like her but I love reading about her. It makes sense. But when she was shouting at the evil Cyclops who was throwing boulders at them. Gah! Idiot! Shut up! He can still hear! But they get rescued by those fish-horses, the hippocampus, who were so cute so It was all good.  Then when Percy gave her the Golden Fleece to take home I loved him that much more. Is there no limit to his kindness? He’s a sweetheart.  Oh course that happened to work out really well because then Luke marched in thinking he was so smart. I really want to punch that smug look off his face. I just picture him as one of those people who always has a smug grin and it’s infuriating. Hermes also appears to help with this quest. Again, thanks to Disney Hermes looks like a little blue fairy guy in a toga with a gold American medical symbol- looking staff. Oh, that’s because Hermes’ staff is what that symbol is based off of. Got it.  (Why Hermes? What does he have to do with medicine?) Anyway picturing as a human looking person was weird. The centaurs as surfer dudes were so funny. I was laughing so hard at them (in a good way). I gotta say I loved what Mr. Riordan does with these characters. Especially the Gods. They are absolute perfection and so believable.

Grover. This guy is brilliant! The pretending to be a bride I don’t even know what to say about that! It was so smart! And he and Percy have that link which is so cool! But I imagine having one with someone wouldn’t be all that fun considering they died, you die. But even so I think it would be worth it to know when your friend was in trouble. I liked how Grover was developed a nbit more in the story but I still think there’s a lot more to him that could be developed. He’s still not as round as the other characters.

And then they get the fleece and heal the tree and it turns back into Thalia, daughter of Zeus. And we have this prophecy that they first child of the big three to hit 16 will be the decider of the Gods fates. Very mystic.  Mixed feelings on Thalia. We’ve just met her and I’m not sure if I want to trust her or not. I don’t know I’ll have to read the next book to really get an idea but right this second, I have a bad feeling about her.

Finally, the movie for this is coming out soon and there is a trailer already and it doesn’t look to promising. Just follow the books people! Why is that so hard? They’re wonderful! Why is Grover with them? I don’t understand! Part of the problem I think is that they messed up the first one so badly and cut out so much that they have to make up for it and try to fix it and they made that pretty hard on themselves.

That it for me! Kisses! Bye Guys.



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