Studying, Studying, Crying, Studying, EXAM!

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Hello beauties! So in case you missed it form my terribly subtle title, it’s exam week (Week? Weeks really.)  at my school! Diplomas! YAY! For all you non-Albertans, diploma exams are exams written in the final year of high school worth 50% of your mark and Alberta is the only place in Canada that still had them, so yay Alberta. I have only English and Social as diplomas this semester (Calculus isn’t a grade 12 course therefore doesn’t have one) and both are in 2 parts. English written consists of a personal writing responding to provided work(s) (poem, short story exert and a picture) and then a critical essay on a “work of literary merit” of your choice on a given topic. Both the Topic and the 3 works are given in the exam, you don’t get them before. And Social written is a source relationship paper and a position paper. You’re given 4 sources, 3 for the first paper, one for the second and they are exactly what the sound like.

Anywho I did my English part A today and I have never studied for English in my life. I don’t know how to do it! So for these papers worth 50% of my mark (Actually I think they are 15% and 20% respectively with the MC portion being the other 15%, but I’m not positive on that.) I figure I actually should study. I picked The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald because as I have mentioned, I adore this novel. To study I re-read the book, wrote down all the characters with a summary of them, wrote down a bunch of quotes and then bought the audio-book and listened to that. Then prayed. Because they don’t give you the topic until you are in the exam, you really just have to hope that they topic you are given can work with your selected novel! Hence the crying portion. At any rate the topic turned out to be “kindness” and as soon as I read that I let out a huge sigh because I can work with that! Unfortunately most people picked works we had covered in class (Gatsby was not one of them) and kindness didn’t suit very well at all, so I feel bad for my poor friends but I am so very relived!

My personal response took the form of a short story, an utterly depressing one at that. The picture was a boy standing in the rain so I wrote about a boy who uses his imagination to lessen the harshness of his life. In his mind he is a brave Prince, his mother died and his father turned to substance to sooth his pain and in his drug-induced state he would beat the boy. One day it’s raining very hard and just as he’s outside his house the boy hears his little sister cry from within, their father is going after her so he distracts him to free her. His imagination jumps in to protect him and the rain has flooded, bursting through the window and the entire town is soon under water and he finds himself in a boat with his family, including his dead mother. A voice demands a sacrifice but he cannot bear to push one of his family into the water, even his father, so he dives in himself. He it’s implied that his father kills him but then “sees” (it’s vague as to whether his spirit is watching or this is his imagination as he is dying) his little sister being taken away in a police car, then flashes forward to see her graduate while foster parents watch proudly.  Like I said, depressing but hopefully it goes over well and the markers like it. 

Tomorrow I have Social written (How do you study for that!? It’s all source based! I’m trying though…) and then Friday is Calc and next Monday and Tuesday is English and Social MC. Wish me luck!

In other life, I’m kind of, sort of, possibly, maybe seeing/dating  Eric. I mentioned him a few times ago, he’s a guy friend of mine. I’m not honestly sure what’s going on, I’m not really ready for another serious relationship at this point (yes I HAVE told this) but we pretty much decided to leave it until after exam break. I am taking ski lessons, they are for double black/out of bounds runs and it’s really fun. My instructor is a really cool guy, super nice but very tough. I’m so sore! And we got another 60 cm (2 feet-ish) of snow today so I missed ballet, sadly.

That’s really my life! Just studying, studying, studying, studying…



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