Phone Killer!

Hi there, settle in becasue it’s STORYTIME AGAIN!

Ok so last week or so I was at a party, my after-grad party. It was outside in someones backyard we had made a little tent city and had a bonfire and DJ and all that good stuff. Get to the party, my phone is in my back pocket, turned off. My phone is NEVER in my back pocket. It’s in my hand or in my bag sometimes in my bra (ladies, you know you do that to, admit it!) becasue back pockets are dangerous. Things fall out, you can sit on them and besides being uncomfortable things can break. My phone is also never turned off, but i was low on battery, wanted to save it for an emergency. Not like I wasn’t with 170 people who all had cell phones and in someones backyard. For some reason I thought I needed to save the battery for something important. Anyway, get the the party, my bag is in my tent and I get off the bus meaning to go straight to my tent and throw my phone in my bag. It’s off, it’s not like I need it on me! But it’s cold so I go straight to the fire. I even go to my tent later but completely forget and leave my phone in my back pocket, loose and unsafe. The coat I’m wearing even has zippered pockets! Nope don’t take my phone out of my back pocket.

We’re all dancing, wondering around just having a good time. Around 2:30am I gotta pee. For some reason I do this thing before I go to the washroom where I check my back pockets in case there’s something in there that could fall out and get destroyed. I’m not sure why I started doing this, as I have said there is never anything in my back pockets. Maybe it just a habit I developed after hearing people tell stories of dropping their phone in the toilet. I do this check, nothing in my pockets, I’m good to go. About 5 minutes after this I realize, wait a minute!

My phone was in my pocket! I’m not functioning at 100% at this time, it’s after 2:30 in the morning and I’ve been up since 6 the day before, so I can’t completely recall if I did the check. Maybe I didn’t! Maybe my phone fell out into this port-a-potty! How long has my phone not been there? I search with my friend for about 5 minutes (this yard is HUGE we fit about 70 tents in this yard plus had room for everything else.) then tell the guy’s parents that I lost my phone, just in case someone finds it and turns it in.  Then I go back to the party.

Come morning, I go looking again. I ask around no one has seen it. Two other people have also lost their phones and while I feel bad for them I also am pretty relieved that I wasn’t the only one. I feel like less of an idiot. By the time I leave still nothing. I post in the Facebook group we made for this party asking if anyone has seen it and nothing. Days go by. I’m emailing my boss telling I have no phone (he texts the schedule). Then  on the Monday (party was Friday) this friend of mine, she lives up the road, she goes back to that house to pick up some camping stuff she left and SHE FINDS MY PHONE! Sends me a message on Facebook, next day I drive to her house and pick up my phone and I am so relieved!

I was a little slow on the uptake but as most of you have probably guessed by now, phones don’t work after 3 days outside. The phone is still leaking water when I pick it up. I get a bowl of rice, take it all apart bury it all up but at this point I have realized that this isn’t going to work. So I start trying to figure what a new phone is going to cost. My phone does have insurance that covers water damage, but I really didn’t like my current phone (Samsung galaxy ace 2x, DO NOT RECOMMEND! Least sensitive touch screen  ever and it randomly starts doing things and opening things you didn’t press. Mine once randomly Googled “Germany”. I guess it opened the internet and in my bag some letters were pressed that was close enough to “Germany”)

So today I finally had time to drive all the way out to the nearest Virgin Mobile store (an hour). The one relatively close to my house (30 minutes) closed down. So I finally have time to make this trek. I was talking to a really nice sales guy, it still took 2 hours, maybe just over but after several phone calls and explaining why I wanted to switch phones and cancel the first phone I finally acquired an iPhone for $49/month (same plan I had before) instead of $80/month (minimum plan for iPhones from this carrier) and only had to pay off my old phone ($125) got my insurance transferred to my new iPhone from my Samsung for $60 instead of $140. And my first month is covered and I don’t have to pay for it. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself though I actually did nothing I just had a really awesome sales person who knew what he was doing. I also bought a waterproof, dirt-proof, snow-proof and shockproof case. Hopefully that will keep my phone safe from me. I mean, who just leaves their phone outside for 3 days? Me apparently!

Why are there back pockets?! WHY?!


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