Book Buyer’s Rant

Quote summarizing this post: “I could literally ride a donkey to Toronto and have my book in my hands faster than it can ship here.”

I don’t know how many of you will relate to this but there has to be someone! Now when I was little (and by little I mean from about 3-13)  we would always go Chapters. This is before online ordering was really a thing, or at least not as far as I knew. But we’d go to Chapters and there we only books, shelves and shelves of different books. With a Starbucks thrown in the middle and chocolate and pens at the till. Now? Ooh iPods, throw cushions and wall decorations! Because that, that is what I wanted. That is exactly what I came in for. I thought to myself, you know what I should do? Go to a book store and buy a freaking throw pillow for my couch! Because the other million stores specifically designed to sell useless throw pillows aren’t so abundant that I could throw a rock and hit one! And the 1/4 of the store that is actually books? Its the same freaking book repeated over and over! I went in there yesterday, do you have any idea how many different copies of Divergent I saw?! Shelves! Hardcover, softcover, movie tie in edition. If I hadn’t owned a copy of Divergent for 2+ years it would be fantastic. Try finding a copy of Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas? Forget it. Night Circus? Nah. But look over here! Another million editions of the Hunger Games! Thank god we have two shelves of those! Might run out of one specific cover design! There is one single Chapters store that I know of, in my city, that isn’t like this but it’s over an hour away. I don’t know why, must be the area, the demand or whatever the reason, good on them. But to buy a book in store is also twice as expensive! To order a hardcover book online is (usually) $15.75 after tax. To buy the same book in store is about $31.50. (I buy a lot of books, I know these things, I also know the price of coffee at Tim’s). So that brings up the question: why would I a) drive 40 minutes to a closer book store and wonder aimlessly not finding the book I came in for or b) drive over an hour to most likely find the book I want, but pay double for it? The answer is I normally don’t.

So that leaves ordering online and I have 2 real options: or I can also order from other places but they are from the States so shipping is expensive. As most of you will well know but I’ll mention it again, I ordered a copy of World After (in stock) in December and it arrive in hmm, APRIL! Last night (June 1st) I ordered a copy of  City of Heavenly Fire (also in stock) and the expected delivery date in SEPTEMBER 18th! Sorry that’s shipping date, so add a week to that. Excuse me?!?! These things ship from Toronto, I live in Calgary. Sure, that’s a good 3,500km or so, but you can drive that in three days. I know becasue I have done it! And you’re telling me, it’s going to take 3.5 MONTHS to ship a single book?!? Should I get a donkey and ride there? Lets see, according to Google donkeys walk at 4km/hr, assuming 12hr/day… 73 days or just under 2.5 months. I could literally ride a donkey to Toronto, knock on their door and have my book in my hands faster than it can ship here.

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