*scoff* You read YA novels?!

This is going to be a rant. And it’s something that really, really, really frustrates me to no end. When people immediately pass judgment and look down on books (and by extent the people who read them) simply becasue of where they sit in a book store. YA or Young Adult novel means the following: THE MAIN CHARACTER IS A TEENAGER. A book is categorized into “children” “YA” or “adult” (or this new thing “new adult” that I have never seen in real life) based on how old the characters are. Obviously there are some exceptions made for content reasons but it’s not like (as some people will make it seem) that there is a freaking checklist on what makes a book “adult” or “YA”. Oh, vampire love interest: YA, oh real life problem: adult, oh relationship drama: YA.

pipe the fuck down | Tumblr

You could say you don’t particularly like reading from a teenager perspective, that’s fine. I don’t like much sci-fi. No problem. But don’t look down on me becasue I’m reading a book labeled YA.  I relate better to novels told by teenagers, why? Because I’m a fucking teenager! Even if I don’t relate to the situation, I think very much like these characters. Not all YA books are vapid, frivolous, insignificant drama-ridden novels as they are often portrayed. Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, YA novel. It about WW2 British spy captured by the Nazis. Won a bunch of literary awards. Wait, this is the point when someone says “so it’s like Twilight/Hunger Games/Divergent/TFIOS?” Because all YA books fall into those categories, right? Harry Potter, have you heard of that one? Only the biggest franchise in the history of ever. IT’S A CHILDREN’S BOOK!  I will admit, a lot of YA books have a romantic element. So do a lot of adult book. There’s an entire genre for it. Romance. Dan Brown’s books all have a love interest, not what the story is about, but its still there! Does that make it automatically YA too? And don’t tell me becasue there is a vampire in it falling in love that it is a YA book. Because I can go into any book store and pick out 10 adult romance novels involving sexy vampires and werewolves and shit.

I read a lot of YA books. I also read “children” books. And “adult” books. And classics. There are well written stories and poorly written stories and the way books fall into those two categories is purely personal.It’s like being in a store that sells only apples and they all look the same and until you bite into them you don’t know if they are good or bad. And you, sir/ma’am, are judging me becasue my apple is from the top left shelf and yours is from the middle right. You haven’t bitten my apple, you don’t know how good or bad it is! Oh, you only read classic, established literature. Good for fucking you. Now PIPE THE FUCK DOWN AND LET ME READ WHAT I WANT WITHOUT YOUR CONSTANT JUDGMENT OVER HOW WELL-WRITTEN MY BOOK IS BASE OFF WHICH FUCKING SHELF I PICKED IT OFF OF!


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