OCBD (Obsessive Compulsive Book Disorder)

Hi and welcome to storytime with Lizzie! Ok so this happened to me…last weekend? Yes. Last Saturday. Ok so we (as in my family) just got a new bookshelf in the hallway outside of my room. For family books and whatever. I come home from work, it’s like quarter to 11 at night and no one is up. They’re sleeping like normal human beings. When I left for work, this bookshelf was empty, the books still waiting in boxes to be put up and admired. I stare at it admiring the beauty of this giant bookshelf for a few moments. And what my mom (i’m assuming it was my mom) decided to do was have the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, etc. books be public domain so they are on these shelves and not in anyone’s room. Which is a good idea. It just means books I will need to buy when I move out, which i was going to have to anyway. A couple of these books are out of order. (the one that bugged me the most, Golden Compass beside  Amber Spyglass and The Subtle Knife was on a whole other bookcase. Sigh) But I’m really tired. I just worked a 6.5 hour shift, and it’s all standing and it’s now 11 becasue I’ve showered and all that and although it annoys me I decide I’ll fix it in the morning. So I go into my room, DA DA DA!!! My bookshelf has been attacked!

Books are just everywhere and there are spaces with no books becasue they have been taken out to be put on the giant shelves outside. I’m so OCD about my books, it’s almost unhealthy. But I’m still really freaking tired. My legs are shaking. So I tell myself that it isn’t a huge deal and go shut off the light and lie in bed. But my bookshelf is on the wall opposite of my bed so I’m staring at this mess! After a few minutes I just get up and start rearranging my books from this jumbled mess! It’s after midnight when I finally get to bed. And then, because it Sunday the next day (or technically the same one) I go skiing. So I have to wake up at 6 AND there was a time change. *Random angry tangent ahead* Which ever idiot decided we needed daylight savings in a NORTHERN COUNTRY, I just hate you. So much! Ok let me illustrate winter where I live, which isn’t even that far north in Canada!  Oh the sun rises at 8am and oh it’s setting now! Must be 5pm! As we get into March, just before the stupid time change, I get all excited because when I leave the house for school at 7:25, I can actually see! Because the sun has just come up! And then daylight savings happens and I am again leave my house in total darkness. But THANK GOODNESS it light until 7pm now! Not like we have some kind of device that converts electrical energy into light! And people are all like “it saves energy” um, no! I  have to use my f***ing lights in the morning for an hour longer now! You just shifted when I use my lights! And in the summer, the sun doesn’t set until 11pm and it rises at 5am so I almost never use my lights anyway!!!! I spend most of my time trying to think of ways to hide the sun so I can sleep! You just shifted things and confused the f*** out of my body, you didn’t change anything! *Angry tangent over* So 6am, which is really 5am rolls around and as you can probably imagine I’m just like

I totally didn’t intend those both to be from Pooh Bear, but these things happen. In the morning I wasn’t bad becasue I had coffee and I was at the “I’m so tired I have energy” stage. In the afternoon though my legs started giving out. I mean that literally. I would be turning and they would stop supporting my weight and I’d just fall. I almost fell off a 10 foot cliff. And I just started crying and it was terrible. Fun fact about me: I HATE crying around people. I hate doing it. And I have cried in public more this year then the last 5 years combined! Before this year (but in past 5 years) I cried once at school and two or three times around friends. This year I’ve have had break downs twice at school, once at work and now twice while skiing. I hate it so much! But anyway more to the point of my story, I have turned into a crazy book lady who re-arranges her books instead of sleeping!

That is all! Bye lovelies!



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