Book Rant: The Battle of the Labyrinth



Hello! Today we are discussing book four in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan, The Battle of the Labyrinth. Again we meet Percy a year later, he is 15. I’m not even sure how to give an intro to this without spoiling anything. As the title says this book is about The Labyrinth, if you are not familiar with the Greek myth, you don’t have to be for the story (Rick Riordan is really great at that actually) but I suggest you go learn about it anyway because it’s a great story. Actually it’s one of my favourites, because I’m not sure why.  Anyway go do that, and then go read this book! If you have already read it its rant time! Full of lovely spoilers so go away if you haven’t read it!





This book! This book! *deep breath* We meet up with Percy and he’s going through high school orientation at Paul Bolfis’ high school, and who shows up but Rachel Elizabeth Dare! The mortal girl Percy sliced through with a sword and can see through the mist. I think I like her but I’m not really sure. She seems like a cool person but she’s interfering with the Percy-Annabeth.  And then they both get attacked by these cheerleaders, but not because they’re really monsters! And Rachel helps Percy kill them so just a normal day at school!  Side note: why is their school orientation so early? OH and Percy and Annabeth were supposed to have a DATE at the beginning of this! Oh course Percy then pretty much destroys the school so that kind of didn’t happen. Then while that’s all going Nico is all evil over-lord of the dead. And it sounds like he’s going to go try and kill Percy or something.

Percy is finally getting a hold of his powers! Thanks to the river spirit who helped him clean the stables but then he causes that huge explosion on Mt. St. Helens. In hindsight it probably wasn’t the smartest move, but I was still proud of him! And Annabeth kissed him! When he just walked in on his funeral, oh my goodness. Can you imagine how awkward that would be? And then in the Percy-beth we have Rachel Elizabeth Dare coming in. Annabeth is so jealous and Percy is kind of oblivious. He knows that Annabeth doesn’t like Rachel but he can’t seem to make the connection as to why. (He is SUCH a teenage guy. ;)) Annabeth kissed you, and Rachel clearly likes you. Why do you think she doesn’t like her?

There is a new teacher at camp, Quintus, and his giant pet hell hound Ms. O’Leary. Fluffy guys, he has a Fluffy.  I actually thought he was a spy for Luke right up until he walked in to Daedalus’ workshop.

The monsters in this were so interesting! We have the three bodied man who has the giant stables that Hercules had to clean out by diverting the river. I don’t know why he was in the Labyrinth though. And then the sphinx who was like a school teacher with that stupid scantron with the trivial question. “How am I supposed to test whether you can think? That’s ridiculous!” So much like my history teacher I was crying from laughter.

Annabeth: this is below my intelligence. You’re supposed to challenge my ability to think!
Everyone else: just answer the questions!

And then the hundred handed one who is a distant cousin of Cyclopes or something. I can’t even picture that? What would that look like? In my mind he had 100 hands but only like 8 arms and the hands were just stuck everywhere on his body and he wasn’t really human shaped but more of a round floating ball.  But then I Googled it and got this which makes more sense.


Percy. He has a lot of the really annoying qualities found in Harry Potter. Specifically when someone says “stay here” they’re both like “ok I’ll stay here!”, then 5 minutes later, “I gotta go help!” then they charge off head first into whatever.  Percy, Annabeth is invisible! How are you going to find her? Once you find her what’s the plan? If she comes back and you’re not there how is she then going to find you? He also has this annoying habit of betting everyone else’s life in with his own. He did it with the three bodied man and then with Antaeus. Percy, Darling, not that I don’t trust you and all but…

Pan and Grover that was interesting. because Pan I picture Peter Pan and Grover more times than not, I picture as the blue puppet from Sesame Street with goat legs. (yes I have seen the movie, but Grover has been permanently burned into my head as blue since childhood) So imagine those two having a very serious, intense conversation and me laughing my head off. And the blue puppet has a girlfriend who I pictured like the tree nymphs from Narnia that are made of leaves and petals. And then, said blue puppet screams in the middle of an intense battle and suddenly every one goes “Oh Shit! NOT THE BLUE PUPPET!!!” and runs away. How could I not be laughing!? Someone tell me I am not the only one!

And Kronos possessing Luke! I almost forget even though it’s a really important detail! When Luke was in the coffin I was really confused because I figured that they just killed him because they didn’t need him anymore but I couldn’t figure out when they had him in a coffin because it seemed really fancy. Kronos as Luke is just too weird to picture because see I was imagining like a crumbling old man-monster thing. Like kind of silent brother mixed with Silas from TVD before he was Stefan. And we can predict that Annabeth is going to get a chance to kill Kronos and she’s not going to be able to because he looks like Luke! I have sympathy for you Annabeth, but he’s not the same guy who looked after you and was your friend when you were little.

OOH! Best bit was at the end when Paul was asking Percy permission to ask his mom to marry him! It was so cute! Actually then Poseidon showed up at the birthday party and that was really great too. Then Nico just shows up at his window, how does he do that? Nico just seems to appear out of thin air. Is that a dead, ghost thing?

Another amazing novel in the PJO series! I can’t wait to read the last one! Kisses. Bye lovelies.


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