Book Rant: Graceling

Graceling Harcourt for bloggerBOOK RATING: 10/10

Why hi there! Welcome to the book rant! Today’s book is Graceling by Kirstin Cashore. IF you haven’t read this book it takes place in a medieval setting   in a country with 7 kingdoms. These kingdoms really don’t get along. When a child is born with two different coloured eyes (ie: one blue, one brown) they are called gracelings and when they are 8/9/10 they develop their grace, which is a skill that they naturally have. (ie: the grace of cooking) . As soon as you are identified as a graceling your parents have to give you up to the King and he will determine whether or not you are going to be useful to him. Katsa was identified with the grace of killing when her Cousin was trying to hurt her when she was a child (9 years old I think?) and she hit him away so hard she killed him. Her Uncle, the King of Middluns, uses her as his personal assassin/thug against her will to make the other kingdoms do what he wants. Then she meets Prince Po, who is graced with combat skills and things start to change.  Highly, highly recommend! And that’s all I can say without spoiling anything. Spoilers past this point, it was an amazing book, read it if you haven’t already!





I could not put this book down! Perfection! Actually the only thing about this book that I didn’t like was Po’s name (no offence to anyone named Po) but I couldn’t picture a handsome, fighting Prince. All I could think of was an obese Panda trying to learn Kung Fu. It was highly unfortunate.

Katsa grace is survival! How cool is that! And she can just tell herself to sleep and she sleeps. I need that. Po’s grace. It’s really cool but it would be annoying, both for him and everyone else. I still think Katsa overacted. She doesn’t like when people judge her for her grace, because she has no control over it so I can’t believe she would do the exact same thing. I guess having a friend would be new to her but still! Basic social skills.

That’s all I have! I loved it! I’m going to read the next two ASAP! Kisses! Bye guys!



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