Sunshine, Mountain Bikes, Bonfires and Work

Why hello there! It has come to my attention that I really haven’t updated you all on my life recently. You haven’t really been missing anything, but it’s storytime anyway!

It is (was at least) finally sunny! It was raining again this morning, but it has been sunny! Its also been really humid which is kind of disconcerting because it’s normally a desert where I live. But I’ll take it! Because I love the sun! And because it was so nice out my little brother wanted to go mountain biking and I said for sure, because it really fun. While he assured me many times that what we were traveling on was in fact a trail, I still don’t believe it. The trail he was blazing maybe, but not a trail, trial. There was grass up to my knees (while on a bike) and we were portaging at some points so if it was a trail, it been forgotten for a long time! Now knee high grass doesn’t sound bad so if you don’t mountain bike I’ll clarify: You can’t see. And this is really bad when you’re going down hill in the woods because there are rock and roots and holes and whatever else that can be hidden that if you hit, bad stuff can happen. But we got home in one piece, so it was all good.

My friend, Jamie (girl), had a bonfire for Canada day that I attended. It was really fun. One of my friends went a little crazy and we had to look after her but that’s ok. She was hilarious, like looking after a big 5 year old with no short term memory. I also met this guy, Ryan, and we chatted until he had to leave and we’ve texted a few times since. He’s a bit of a jerk. And really bad at small talk (I’ve never understood how you can be bad at small talk. It baffles me.) but I can’t just not reply because then I feel mean, so I guess I’ll just keep with it.  But if he gets too mean I’ll let him know. But the bonfire was really fun, Jamie has a slip and slide (you know the long piece of plastic that has water flowing over it that you run and dive onto) and that was super fun though in hindsight probably not the best idea in jean shorts! 🙂

And this weekend was my first time working because the restaurant is open again after the flood! Seriously after the parking lot of the restaurant, the road just ends. It doesn’t exist after that point because the river just took it away. So they were actually really lucky, the restaurant is built slightly higher up so only the basement got hurt and there was only about 30cm of water in it that they had to deal with. Anyway, I’m a kitchen bitch. Not I’m the mean, bitchy person in the kitchen, meaning I am everyone’s bitch. It not bad though, I don’t mind it. The people are really nice. Abby, my best friend since grade 1, works there too as kitchen bitch (she’s actually the one who offered me the job) but we never share shifts. But her older sister works as a waitress and her soon-to-be brother-in-law is a cook. Everyone is super friendly too. After the shift is over we all chat. David, one of the waiters, offered me a beer.

David: Hey! Good work! Want a beer? My treat. Wait, how old are you?

Me: 17 in August.

David: Ok cool. Want a beer?

Mel (Waitress): David! Don’t corrupt her!

David: She’s close enough! If we were in Europe it would be legal! (to me) Are you coming to Stampede tomorrow?

Mel: David…

David: What? She could pass! And most places there don’t even check ID!

And I’m just sitting on the bar stool laughing with Greg (my boss/sous-chef). Allan is another cook there and he’s shy but really nice. I had a discussion with him my first day about traffic circles and theories as to why everyone seems to suck at using them and yesterday we were teasing Raf (Abby’s soon-to-be brother-in-law) about how he should buy crocs because he was complaining about flip flops.

That’s been my summer so far! Oh and I got my report card! My average for this semester was 88% and for the year it was 86% so I’m really happy about that! That’s it for me. Kisses. Buy guys.


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