I’m so bad at titles! Something about life!

Hi beauties! It’s been awhile. I just haven’t been in the mood to write anything and this is my fun time so I decided when I stared never to write when I didn’t feel like it because it would just turn stressful.

My life has been crazy, and not in the good way. I would love to kind of vent to you all because you are all so very amazing, but this is one of the things that really should not be put out on the internet. On a bright note, I got accepted into MRU for science which was my second choice. I’m still waiting on my first choice (nursing) and some other universities, but I have a school for next year! Not much of a plan B, at all, it just involves taking a general science course! On that not I have dropped the general science I was taking at school this semester because it was a joke. The “notes” were fill in the blank and my friend and I had a 10 minute long argument trying to convince my teacher that lightning started from the ground, not the sky. As mean as it sounds, it the science people take when they can’t get into any other major science because of mark and I was already taking Bio and Chem. So I’m now taking Abnormal Psychology which sounds interesting! I’ve been attending it sporadically¬†because I’ve been leaving after lunch (my sciences are in the morning) for the past little bit because of thing-I-feel-uncomfortable-putting-on-the-internet.

There’s a new chef at work and he’s pretty nice. I miss Raf though!

In books and such I have been re-reading this month. Re-reading books you love is like getting a nice hug from a friend. Timmies coffee is also like getting a warm hug, I had this discussion with one of my friends and my ski instructor from Wales didn’t get it. Anyway, I re-read the Poison Study Trilogy, which I feel like I have talked so much about! And I re-read part of Daughter of Smoke and Bone before I lent it out to Eric. And then I bought him his own copy for Valentine’s day because a book is the least commercialized gift ever and one of the most personal, I think.


I thought that this was relevant.

I have started reviews for both Onyx and Vixen but I’m not sure if or when I will finish them. I might just move on reading and never actually get to them. In fact there may not be any Book Rants this month just because I am re-reading. Sorry guys. Like I said I just don’t really feel like writing much.

Anyway that’s it for now! Bye darlings!



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