Book Rant: Unravel Me



GENRE: YA, Dystopian

Hello! Today we a chatting about Unravel Me which is the second book in Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me Trilogy. If you have not read Shatter Me it is about this 17 year old girl, Juliette, who when she touches people they die. And she has been locked away in solitary confinement for a long time while the outside world crumbles under the leadership of The Reestablishment. If you haven’t read Shatter Me I’m going to ask you to leave so nothing gets spoiled. Now if you have just read Shatter Me you NEED to read “Destroy Me” which is the novella that comes between these two. Novellas usually are optional but this one should be mandatory, They should have just printed it in the front of Unravel Me or in the back of Shatter Me because if you don’t read it you miss a lot of character development and things in Unravel Me won’t make as much sense and you won’t get as much out of it. Anyway, so we are at Omega Point and Juliette is trying to harness her energy, she’s tying to learn how to control her power. All the while war is creeping closer and Juliette is conflicted. If both sides want you as a weapon, who is right? And what is she willing to do for Adam’s safety and the safety of her new friends? This is a really quick read I know I didn’t give you a lot to go off of, but it’s hard to explain this book without spoiling anything! Just go read it if you haven’t then join us and we shall discuss. Spoilers past here! 






So at the beginning of the book Juliette is being very annoying again. A lot of whining and bitching. Lots of crying and lots of completely relying on Adam and being very weak. Not an awful lot of character development as far as that goes. It’s really annoying. She’s “oh I’m so lonely! No one here likes me, blah, blah, blah” and she’s not even trying to talk to people. Yeah. You’re dangerous and you have some serious issues. But if you aren’t going to put in an effort you are getting zero sympathy from me. Am I being to hard on her? Am I? But am I really? She is totally dependent on Adam and you know what, fine. He’s the first person who could touch you but if you hadn’t closed yourself off so much, having to left him go wouldn’t have been such a big deal. Kenji was my favourite person in the world when he gave her that speech telling her to grow the hell up. She really needed that slap in the face and I’m just sorry that she’s a fictional character and I couldn’t have been me.  She says like 10 different times that shes sick of being weak and she’s going to be brave and every time she just goes right back. So this whole ending where it sounds like she’s going to set the world on fire, I will believe it when I see it. She just has so much potential.

Okay so Adam’s “gift” where he can disable other people powers. One of the few parts of this book where I was behind Juliette 120% was when she broke up with Adam because of this. It was responsible and Juliette we have seen to be a very selfish character and this was very unselfish of her. I think that Adam needed to put himself in her position. If he was hurting her by being with her, no matter what he felt, he would stay away from her. She just doesn’t want to hurt him, she refuses to take that risk. The problem came from the fact that she relied so heavily on Adam. She never learned how stand by herself. And that’s where I think Warner comes in. He challenges her and in turn she challenges him to be a better person. Where Adam just tried to protect her all the time and carries her and Juliette is literally weakening him.

Let’s talk about the Adam-Juliette relationship. Now this happen in these YA books a lot, where there’s a couple and one of them has a secret and the other asks what it is, the first person won’t tell them and then they just give up. It happens all the time and it is so unrealistic! Or maybe I’m just weird. But I would demand the truth. Whatever it is is clearly hurting Adam and it clearly involved her so “I can’t tell you” isn’t a valid answer. Yes I know she want to respect his privacy, but you’re a couple. If you cannot tell each other when something is clearly wrong, then your relationship has failed. Its not a relationship, it’s a “Oh you’re hot” and “Oh you can touch me” and they just make out.  We never get to see them talk in this book except when Juliette’s telling him that they have to break up. I know they don’t get a lot of time together but when you do see each other your immediate reaction doesn’t have to be that you start taking your clothes off.  I still like Adam and I just feel really sorry for Warner. I don’t like him yet but I no longer hate him. He’s just this monster because that’s what his father made him, he doesn’t know how to do anything else. I don’t want either of them to be with Juliette actually. I think she needs to learn how to be on her own, not in solitary confinement, but interacting in a group of people without having just one person to lean on. She’s like one of those girl who cannot handle being single, they always need a boyfriend. Figure out your own shit, make some friends, learn to trust people and then look into the whole romantic relationship thing. I said in my Shatter Me book rant that I thought they had rushed into this relationship and they did. Juliette needs to figure out who she is because she’s been locked away since she was a kid essentially. She never got to discover what kind of a person she is.

We get Juliette snapping at Anderson and shooting out both his legs and Kenji stops her from killing him. Then we get that Adam and Warner are brothers!  So Anderson must have a gift too. All three of his kids have one. (James’ gift was just kind of just thrown at us, I hope that transition gets smoothed over a bit in the next book.) Given that their gift involved as defense mechanisms against Anderson I honestly think James’ is the most effective. Warner is like that kid who when you would play superheros on the playground would be “I just take other people powers.” There was always one and everyone always got so mad at that kid.  I really hope we get Warner finding out that he is related to Adam in the next one because that will be interesting. I also want Juliette to learn about Warner because we (having read “Destroy Me”) know all these little details about Warner and how is isn’t really this monster he pretends to be. He’s more of this broken boy who is trying to survive. But Juliette is still judging Warner for these things he’s done like when in Shatter Me he shoots a soldier through his head, we earned that he was actually an abusive husband and Warner killed him to protect his wife and kids but Juliette doesn’t know these things because Warner doesn’t want to look weak.

What made me laugh was when they were taking Warner back as hostage: “Warner’s head is on my lap. His face is smooth and calm and peaceful in a way I’ve never seen it and I almost reach out to stroke his hair before I remember exactly how awkward this actually is. Murderer on my lap. Murderer on my lap. Murderer on my lap.” I love the scene with Juliette and James where James is mad at her then after Juliette explains he says he’s sorry he was mad at her. It’s so cute. James is my favourite character. Him and Kenji. And then Warner and the puppy, it was the sweetest thing! I think that was mentioned in “Destroy Me” from Warner’s POV.

Then we have Chapter 62. Warner and Juliette are making out, getting all hot and heavy and Warner has this sweet moment when he’s opening up to Juliette and asks her to call him Aaron and what does she say? Adam. Warner is crushes because he’s opening up which he has never done before and she says the wrong name! That is the meanest thing she could have done. As I said earlier, I don’t want them together but that was just so brutal. Juliette just hurts everyone. She’s hurting Adam by being with Warner and Warner by still loving Adam.

So all the while was have this war going on. And honestly I’m not really interested in it. There are these 10 or so characters we know and I just want to see how their story plays out, If the world gets fixed I’ll call that a bonus. I’m not sure how they are going to resolve world issue this in one book anyway.  Just switching topics real fast, when Juliette gets shot, how did Warner get the girls there that fast? Assuming Anderson has decent aim and he was aiming so she would die slowly, she still only had 2 minutes tops. Did Anderson kidnap the girls too? No matter, I’m really glad that Warner saved her life. It all worked out.

Overall I really liked this book! We started to see Juliette grow but we need way more of it. Ignite Me is the third book and it comes out February 2014. I am so excited for it! We have a cover!


It’s so beautiful! Also, also, I saw this on Goodreads:







I was excited about that. So that is all for now, bye guys!


Book Rant, Novella Edition: Destroy Me

13623150BOOK RATING: 85%

Hello my lovelies! I stand pretty firmly on the physical book train when it comes to reading. I just prefer paper, and I like having a wall of books to look at. They’re pretty. But these novellas no longer come in physical book format and I wanna read them! So last week I bowed to social pressure and bought books 1 and 4 of the Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan (I know. I didn’t know the proper order so I bought the first and then the one that was beside it on the iBook store which turned out to be number 4) and “Destroy Me” by Tahereh Mafi on my family’s iPad. I really wanted to read “Destroy Me” because as I mentioned in my Shatter Me Book Rant, I hated Warner and I was told in a comment from stephaniesbookreviews (thanks) that “Destroy Me” would make Warner’s character make more sense especially as to why people like him. If you haven’t read Shatter Me this will not make any sense so you can go do that. If you have read Shatter Me but not “Destory Me”, this novella is told from Warner’s POV after Juliette has shot him and escaped. It’s interesting for sure and I’m really glad I read it before I start Unravel Me because it has a lot of key info on Warner. I feel as if I just went straight to Unravel Me without reading “Destroy Me” I wouldn’t like it as much. Having said that I haven’t yet started Unravel Me so I have no clue what that’s like. So if you’re on the fence about maybe picking it up, go do it. It’s $3 or something super cheap and it takes about an hour to read. Spoilers as always past this point.






Having read this, I know longer completely hate Warner, I just really pity him. I still don’t like him for that child stunt. I know it’s a simulation and I’m really glad that that was explained to us. I think that is a detail she NEEDS to repeat in Unravel Me because you cannot expect all your readers to have read the novella. And that’s a really key detail I thought because it makes Warner seem more human because he has that moral line that he won’t cross. I still don’t like him for it, I think it was a cruel and usual punishment for something she couldn’t control and just really selfish of him.

Warner’s dad I want to stab in the face whenever he speaks. He’s just not a nice person, he’s a control freak, he’s paranoid, he’s a sadist, just not a good time. He’s trying to hunt down and kill Juliette because he’s figured out about the group of these super human peoples. I shouldn’t have been surprised that the super people manages to keep their fortress hidden but I was. I expected them to find it in this novella then realized that that couldn’t possibly happen because then what would there be to do in the second book?

I don’t like Warner form reading this book. I really pity him, he seems like the loneliest person who just wanted a friend. The part where he goes into his simulation and it’s his father killing him, my heart ached for him. But I don’t like him. Feeling bad for him isn’t liking him. I still don’t want him with Juliette. I think he’s not really thinking about this rationally. He wants to kill Adam but if he does Juliette isn’t going to automatically love him instead. If anything she would hate him more. He doesn’t understand social interactions other than those with his troops. I’m not blaming him for this because that’s probably how he was raised but he hasn’t really thought through his whole plan.  I do want Warner’s life to get better though, because it really sucks. He has absolutely no one and all his troops hate him and wish he was dead but are terrified of him so they obey. I also liked how we learned about how he walks about with the citizens to see how they are doing and we learn that the man he killed in Shatter Me was because he beat his wife and kids. It was really upsetting that his dad had to be a jerk and then go kill them too. Pretty much my intense hatred has shifted from Warner to his father.

Over all this book was really interesting and I liked it and it was really great to have Warner’s character explained. That is it for now. Bye Guys! Kisses!

Book Rant: Shatter Me



Hello everyone! Today we are discussing the first book in a new series by Tahereh Mafi called Shatter Me. I really enjoyed this book! I’ve been looking for a series that I can really get into because I’ve been without one for a bit and it’s a sad, sad time when I don’t have a series to be obsessed with. I’m not sure if this one will be it but I really like the characters, and I like the story so we’ll see. It’s not what I thought it would be, it’s a quite typical dystopian novel.  I thought it was going to be, well, not that but it’s still good. Juliette has been living in solitary confinement for 264 days in a psychiatric ward. She’s been deemed a danger to society and for good reason: her touch causes death within moments. Meanwhile, outside the world as we know it is crumbing. Diseases are destroying the population, food is hard to find, birds don’t fly anymore, the weather is erratic and without season and whispers of war are everywhere. The Reestablishment has turned the world into a huge war- state where the military rules and people are subject to its whims and disobedience mans a bullet in your head. It’s at this point that young a military leader, Warner, takes an interest in Juliette and the power she possess.  She would be the perfect weapon, but Juliette wants nothing to do with it. I could not stop reading this book! I finished it in one night. The writing style is different but I really liked it, it just takes a few pages to get used to. Go read this book if you haven’t already! Spoilers past this point, as usual!





I really like the way this book is written like a journal. And I get that all the cross outs might bug some people but I don’t mind it at all. Some of the repetitiveness gets a touch annoying but over all I loved the writing!

Warner. He’s this power hunger, sadist, murdering little bitch with mommy issues. Safe to say I loathe him. From things I’ve read and comments I’ve seen on YouTube about this book, people keep saying they are either “team Adam” or “team Warner”. Warner is not a team. Warner is he bad guy, people! Think about what you are saying! As far as I care, Warner can burn in hell. My main reason for this? What he did with Juliette and the toddler. I love children so to me, internationally hurting a baby is completely unforgivable. There is no excuse. I don’t give a shit how much he “loves” Juliette, I don’t give a shit about what he was trying to accomplish and whether it’s for the greater good of humanity, he put a baby in a situation that results in the baby being either hurt or killed. He was hoping Juliette would kill this baby. If I was in Juliette’s situation there would have been zero hesitation, no thinking through other options, my shirt would have been off and wrapped around the child so I could pick it up and hold it away from my skin. Hell, if all I had was a towel wrapped around myself in that situation, I would be naked in front of all those evil people and not give an honest fuck as long as I could keep that baby safe. I’m not mad at Juliette for hesitating; she did her best and the kid survived (unless Warner kill him after, I wouldn’t be shocked) and Juliette broke through that wall and I was really confused at how she did that but I wanted to kill Warner with her. She’s really weak and fragile then suddenly she’s strong and can break through concrete walls. What? Anyway, back to the point, no matter what Warner does now, I and will always hate him.

Birds don’t fly. That has to be the strangest thing in this book. You touch people and they die? Ok. I can work with that, but birds not flying? At the beginning Juliette is thinking about birds and how they could possibly accomplish what human engineering does and how that just seem so impossible to her. It was so backwards and so bizarre. And does anyone else want to know what colour these clouds are? They keep saying that they are the wrong colour, but what colour are they? “Wrong colour” is so ambiguous! Are they blue? Pink? Grey? What is going on with this? At the end Castle is talking about how The Reestablishment is making the weather crazy and poisoning the animals. I’m so confused! Someone is lying but I’m not sure who!

Adam and Juliette’s love.  I really loved reading about this but after I finished the book and actually thought about it I realized that they really don’t know each other. It’s like a Katniss and Peeta thing where they’ve know each other since they were kids but never talked. And for Juliette it makes totally sense for her to fall so easily in love with Adam, she’s never had human contact before and he’s the only person who is nice to her so I completely get where she’s coming from. Adam I’m a bit more hesitant about. He really doesn’t know her yet, I think he really likes her and loves the idea of being with her but I foresee them having issues. But like I said I loved, loved reading about their relationship and their past. I shouldn’t have analyzed it! Oh! At the end when Juliette is making out with Warner trying to steal the gun and she’s like “Oh there was a spark I didn’t expect to feel!” WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I don’t mean that literally, it’s obvious what she was doing, what I mean is: Yes, touching is new for you! But this man is evil! Think about what he has done! You have nothing with him!

What bugged me about Juliette was that she would go on these long rambles about starving and then Warner would offer her food and she would turn it down. What? Why? It was so unrealistic and I get that she was trying to make a stand about the unfairness of people not being able to eat, but darling, you not eating doesn’t give them food. It just wastes the food so you refusing to eat the food that others would kill for is just so…I can’t think of the right word. I want to say disrespectful but that’s not right. It’s like spitting in their face. You have food that you can eat and they would do anything for that food but you just refuse to eat it. Also if you were starving you are not going to be thinking about this “proving a point/hunger strike” thing. It’s very unrealistic and very annoying and it happens over and over! And she says that she’s “used to the hunger” and I just wanted to slap her. Because then she goes back to whining about being starving! There’s a lot that bugged me about Juliette now that I think about it. She’s just so weak and useless and over-dramatic!  Another thing that bugged me is her saying she doesn’t know what colour her eyes are. You know what colour your eyes are. Don’t be so dramatic. I’m not sure why that bothered me, but it did. Another thing that bothered me though it probably shouldn’t have was that Juliette was described as being so perfect and beautiful even thought she’s been malnourished and living in a prison cell for three years. Someone tell me how that all worked out please.

James, I just love his character. Most attractive quality in a guy, fictional or not, is having them be good with kids. So Adam having a little brother is just so sweet. The characters were really the best part of this book. I’m going to have to say my favourite character was Adam because he’s so loyal and a sweetheart. He was such an ass when we first met him but it was all an act and he’s just so good! So good! And I love how he is with his little brother! James I just want to hug that kid when he came into Adam’s room after he had nightmares. He’s so chatty and just adorable but so tough and he’s been through so much. Kenji, when he came in I didn’t trust him. I didn’t think he worked for Warner but something was clearly going on. He was up to something! But he’s like the “funny” character I guess. Or he’s supposed to be. But he’s not really. I mean he has his moments but he’s not that really good, witty character that this novel really needed. Too much serious! Need a bit of comic relief thrown in there and Kenji, love him, but he didn’t cut it!

But the fact that Kenji is in this resistance thing and that he’s a spy just makes so much sense now that I look back on it. I should have seen that coming but I just didn’t expect this book to take that turn for whatever reason. I thought it would be less organized and Juliette and Adam splitting up and running. There was absolutely no basis for these theories. They just showed up in my mind. Partly because her name is Juliette I think. Totally irrelevant! I like how it turned out. It’s very x-men-ish and super-hero and I’m so excited for the next book! I think it’s going to be kick-ass with all these super-human people warriors! And I like how there are more people like her! I was really confused at the beginning because it seemed impossible that she was the only one! I’m think there was a nuclear war or something? I SWEAR IF THIS TURNS OUT LIKE THE CHRYSALIDS I WILL MURDER SOMEONE! Sorry, I am still very angry about that book even though I read it 3 years ago. A lot of pent up frustration around it. I cannot wait to read Unravel Me, this series is going places and I love where it’s going!

Last thing, how can Warner and Adam touch her? Like James said it seems awful convenient that this girl you are in love with can touch you but not anyone else. And then she can touch Warner to? What? That is just too convenient. Some solid explanation as to what is happening would be lovely. Because what are the odds that Adam and Warner are both super-human and have the same super human ability? We haven’t seen a super-human ability show up twice yet. The closest we got were the medical twins and even their powers weren’t the same. And Warner and Adam aren’t related. OH! What if Warner and Adam are related? Plot thickens! That could be a thing! Still, it’s just too convenient that these two boys who love her can touch her. There has to be another explanation. What I thought was maybe you have to love her to touch her but that fell apart because then by that logic she should be able to hurt complete strangers who know nothing about her because they have no feeling toward her. And her parents should have been able to touch her because in theory they loved her before they discovered she was a “monster”. Maybe it’s a sub-conscious self-defence thing? But then she should be able to hurt Warner! I don’t know! I have no clue!

Those are my thoughts on the book! What did you guys think of it? I can’t wait to read the next one! So many questions to be answered!