Book Rant: Ruby Red


Is this cover not the most gorgeous thing!?


GENRE: YA, Historical fantasy/fantasy

SERIES: Ruby Red Trilogy, #1

Hello! Today we are going to talk about the wonderful Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier. This book is fantastic! It was over too quickly and I need more! It’s about this 16 year old girl Gwyneth who lives in London and in her family there is a time traveling gene but only 12 people have this gene between her family and this other family. Now the gene doesn’t appear until between your 16 and 17 year and at some point in that time you will just start randomly traveling through time. It has been predicted that Gwyneth’s cousin, Charlotte, has the 12th and final gene and she has been preparing her whole life for this: Learning how to fight and speak multiple languages and how to act properly and dress right in all these different time periods. But Gwyneth ends up being the one with the gene and she has no clue what to do. She’s thrown into this strange new world she has only heard about before in whispers and stuck with the infuriating, though very handsome, time-traveler Gideon de Villiers. This book is so amazing. It has mystery and romance and it is just so good! Spoilers past here, read it the come back to join us!






OHMYGOD LUCY AND PAUL ARE GWEN’S PARENTS!?! So Gideon and her are related?! What? I can’t! Well I guess they aren’t closely related. Are they? These time lines are so confusing! I think they are distant cousins or something. It’s still kind of weird but not super creepy and sick. (Makes me think of Lady Audley’s Secret and all the cousins together. That made me uncomfortable. Apparently that was something people did often during that time.) It took me a second to figure out that it was Paul and Lucy at the beginning in the prologue. I just assumed that it was Gwen and Gideon and I was so excited to go on the Titanic but halfway through it clicked. I mean through her mom’s story made sense but it didn’t fully fit together so I was wondering if she was really her mom but then I was thinking abut how hard that would have been to fake. She must have actually been pregnant and lost the child or something. In this whole ordeal I think I’m kind of leaning towards Paul and Lucy’s side. The Count is messed up and I do not trust him at all. I think there might be some sort of Graceling style mind control at work.

Ok Gideon can clearly read minds! He’s descended from the Count, he obviously inherited some sort of that skill. I loved the part when Gwen was meeting the Count and she just kept singing the national anthem but then he’s starts to strangle her and that was so creepy. Are you guying thinking it’s like a mental thing where he makes you think he’s strangling you but isn’t actually or is it more telekinesis where he’s actually cutting off her airway. Honestly the mind thing would be more terrifying. You’d have though before she went back in time though someone would have told her the rules. How hard would the be? Just throw it in there, “by the way…” but apparently that didn’t happen.

I think maybe the chronograph is to make the Count immortal. But then wouldn’t he be immortal already assuming they succeed? Or maybe there are two lines of time, one it they do, one if they don’t. Paradoxes! So confusing. But it is alluded to that the Count is immortal. How are you guys picturing the chronograph? I’m picturing this giant bronze metal Spartan shield thing that lies on the ground with 12 spaces like a clock each with a gem stone. But then they talk about stealing it an moving it all the time and it’s a little difficult to steal a 1 meter in diameter bronze shield. Not the stealthiest of thing, someone would probably notice. Maybe it’s a pocket watch sized thing?

I adore the London setting in this book! Some YA books say they are set in London but then it doesn’t feel like you are actually in London because everyone talks like they are American and the setting gives the impression that  the author never lived there for any amount of time. You guy know what i mean? Either Kerstin Gier really researched and knew her stuff or she has lived in London because it was so well written and the description was amazing. (I have ever lived in London so maybe I’m totally wrong but it seemed really well done.)  I loved the British slang thrown in there.

It was so frustrating when she didn’t tell her mom about the time traveling either! It took her so long! She could have been killed! There is this prophecy about the Ruby and she has the power of the raven, obviously that’s partly Gwen seeing ghosts but I have the feeling there is more to it. I don’t understand Gwen’s character being so secretive about this!  They are a bunch of people who travel through time! You’d think seeing dead people wouldn’t be too far a stretch. I adore James. I’m really excited about her getting lesson from James in the next book. I think that will just be so funny. And I want to know how the her seeing her self back in time while she hides in the curtains happened. I want to see it from the other Gwen’s perspective! But back to the point, why doesn’t she tell other time traveling people? And why do they just always assume she’s talking to herself? You guys can travel through time and read minds! Why can you not fathom that she see’s ghosts? At least Mr. George has to guess it because she asked about Robert. Put 2 and 2 together. Her conversation with Gordon was priceless though!

“You were talking to that niche in the wall again, Gwyneth. I saw you.”
“Yes, but it’s my favorite bit of wall, Gordon. I’d hurt its feelings if I didn’t stop and talk to it.” 

Gwen is just so funny! Like when she was trying to remember the password and she forgot it in 5 seconds.And I was trying to remember it too but obviously I couldn’t. I love Lesley. I love her character she is so much like me and my friends at home Googling everything. I would like more development of Charlotte actually. I feel like there is a lot there and right now she’s just coming off as a stuck up, spoiled brat. It was just too short! We just started rolling and then it just stops!  I need more!

That’s all I have time for! Bye darlings!



Planning Ahead? What is this madness?

This has no relevance, I just enjoyed how it looked.

Hello beauties! So today I went to a university fair with one of my friends. (Aren’t we such good children? Planning for our future and being all productive like? I know. I’m frightened about this new development too.) Anyway, there actually were very few universities there, none of my three that I want to go to (U of C, UBC or UPEI) but they will all be coming to my school shortly so it doesn’t really matter. But there was this booth for a program called SWAP. Essentially what it is, is a company who helps university students find summer jobs in other parts of the world. So you are traveling and seeing the world for the summer but also making money. You pick a country then they set you up with a flight and two night accommodation there and during those two-three days they help you set up a cellphone, visa, bank account, find a long term place to stay, set you up with your job and give you the run down on how things work. I thought this was just such a great idea and I intended to do it for the summer after my first year of university. London, Wales or Ireland? What do you think? It’s a Canadian thing so I don’t know how many of you are Canadian, but if you are then go check out their website! I will link it HERE. They take people ages 18-35 and you don’t have to be attending university. If you aren’t Canadian, I’m sure there are other companies that do similar things so go Google it! Also, more travel news, my parents have also told me they are taking me on a trip as a graduation/18th birthday present anywhere I want. Spain, Italy or Greece? I am torn equally with all three. So opinions, please!

There! My future life is all organized, the present is a bit chaotic and not together but details! Hmm, what else can I tell you about today? *taps lower lip* I bought onions and potatoes at the farmers market from an attractive young Amish man. Oh and I cut and dyed my hair, both by myself a couple nights ago. It was so nerve wracking! I wanted my bangs done but my hairdresser kept being busy when I was free, so my friends told my to cut them myself and I did, but all I had were those curved nail scissors. So stressful! But they turned out okay, I think. For the dye I put in a red steak, it turned out kind of pinkish but whatever. My life really isn’t that interesting so I will leave this off here. Bye guys! Kisses!