Dreams of Gods and Monsters! We Have a Cover!

Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor is the third and final book of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy and the cover was just released!

taylor_godsandmonstersIt’s so beautiful, but I have to admit, Days of Blood and Starlight is my favourite cover still. The book comes out in April 2014. If you haven’t started this series go do so! Its high fantasy and really faced paced and after you get used to the world you see it’s woven really tightly and that there are no holes. The characters are funny and kick ass, the story is kick ass. Its is just a fantastic read. I’m so excited for this book! All the emotions!


Book Rant: Daughter of Smoke & Bone



Hey there you! Daughter of Smoke and Bone is the first book in a new trilogy by Laini Taylor and oh was it ever good! There is a lot of world building, it’s a lot to take in at first and a lot of confusing names but Laini Taylor does it in such a way that its very gradual and you get these little pieces one at a time and then by the time you hit the end it just all clicks. “Oh that’s why that happened, and this is… oh!” Everything comes full circle and it’s woven together so well there are no loose pieces that we are really confused or uncertain about. At the beginning of this book there was a lot of “ok, that’s weird,” but once you get conformable with the world its not weird at all. Everything is so vivid and this book seems so real you just get pulled under by it. Seriously this book is 400 pages and I finished it in one afternoon. We start off with this 17 year old girl, Karou, and she’s just walking to school in Prague and her ex-boyfriend jumps out to scare her. Then slowly  we get more and more background. Karou is a human but she was raised by these creatures called Chimaeras which are spliced up animals. (ie: Half man- half snake, Half bird-half lion, etc.)   The Angels are at war with the Chimaeras and Karou is caught up in this mess but she doesn’t really know it. She’s just trying to have a semi-normal life with school and friends and art but mixed in is her Chimaera adopted family that she no longer lives with but spends time with. It’s confusing and it’s a lot to take in and I know I’m not giving you much to go on but I don’t want to spoil anything. It’s an amazing novel, go pick it up if you haven’t already. It’s got romance, it’s got magic, it’s got fighting, it’s funny, there’s mystery, it’s the whole package. Spoilers past this point!





I loved the characters of this book! Favourite would have to be Zuzana. I feel so bad for her because through out the book she has to go through all Karou’s shit without knowing what’s happening and then she just gets left behind. But she’s so funny and kick-ass, I want her as a best friend. I loved her being a marionette doll for her school project. I just thought that was so cool and I wish I could see that in real life! The images Laini Taylor makes are so strong though I could picture it perfectly. Best bit with her was the whole coffee shop thing with Akiva and Karou translating. She just walks in so mad and then she see’s him, “Oh hell. Must. Mate. Immediately.” And then it just escalates. I burst out laughing and by the end of it I was almost in tears because it was so funny. My family probably thinks I’m insane. What made it so funny was that Akiva probably knew what they were talking about even through he couldn’t understand the words. And I just pictured him sitting there laughing to himself while Karou is blushing and Zuzana is going on. Funny mental images.

I mentioned this above but I love the way the world building was done so it was gradual. First we got the blue hair, then the flawless accent, then the sketch book and then we go into the shop and start collecting the teeth. What did you think the teeth were for originally? I though that maybe they were used to make wishes? But no. You use them to make a body. Which is so strange I want to know how that works. I’m picturing like the BFG with his dream catching but with souls. If you don’t know what I’m talking about go read The BFG by Ronald Dahl. You, one person who didn’t read this in your childhood, its a great little story and it’ll take you maybe 2 hours to read. And then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Anyway, I really want to know why they are then re-born with hamsas and then how those turned out to be a weapon. Was that planned you think? Or more happy accident?

When we meet Akiva (You have no idea how happy am I that I just have to write these names out instead of trying to pronounce them for you) in the market, so intense! I’m really glad he let her go. Sort of. I’m not sure if that was his original intent but he kind of did.  Then he goes back to Izil, the old grave robbing man, and is all “Who is she?” Isn’t that something you think you should have found out before trying to run her through with his sword? I was so mad at Akiva during that entire ordeal with Izil, he was being such a pompous ass-hat. Then later when he was talking about Madrigal and how he felt this connection with Karou  I thought that she was maybe his daughter. Which was good. Until it started to get romantic which made it really, really creepy.  But that didn’t happen! She was put in that body for a reason and that is so cool! I love how this clicked together!

The flashbacks we had after the wishbone with Madrigal was so well done. Thiago though. That bitch is going down! That come as what you aren’t ball and he comes as a wolf. If you’re a wolf, you don’t come as a wolf! You’re doing it wrong, Thiado! And Madrigal is almost naked and covered in sugar, for reasons. But then Akiva shows up and is all adorable and they’re really cute together. I actually really liked the mini-story that took place in these flashbacks with Madrigal’s sister and how Madrigal is high-human and that makes her sister all jealous and then betray her. I felt really bad for Madrigal when she was re-making her sister’s body and she spent so much time making sure it was completely identical to her original body so it would be normal and she took diamonds to make her sister stronger and faster so she wouldn’t get hurt again even though she wasn’t technically allowed to and then her sister wakes up and gets so mad at Madrigal! “You couldn’t have made me high-human?!” And poor Madrigal is so confused. I did wonder if her sister was still alive and went back to normal after Madrigal’s soul left her body or did she die? What happened there?

I loved a lot of parts in the is book. When she wishes for flight I’m pretty sure either Izil or Brimstone say something early about being careful what you wish for. And I got really nervous that it would back fire and turn her into a bird or she wouldn’t be able to come down or it would wear off or something. But it worked perfectly fine. Another really great part was Akiva and Karou fighting in mid air! So awesome! And I loved the part on the bridge where Akiva realizes who she is and just falls to his knees holding her. That was so touching. The part where Karou is injured and then goes through the other door! Oh! Mm. So frustrated with Karou. Brimstone has been telling you your whole life to stay away from it, there is a reason! On the other hand I think Brimstone should have been more open because if you tell a kid “don;t touch it!” what do they do? But then she’s bleeding and he just throws her out. What? That is seriously so mean! I’m really glad Zuzana came over and found Karou and then was such a great friend and believed her and bandaged her up.

Ok so the ending. Akiva is so nervous about the wishbone but then it’s all these really greet memories. So I’m thinking that maybe he thought it was something different. But he’s still nervous and we find out, oh. He killed Brimstone and all her Chimaera family. Was that really necessary? You burned the portals so they can get anymore teeth, isn’t that enough? And I wondered if Akiva killed them all when her went to find Karou or was he told to do it with the other angels? And then she goes with the fallen angel, Razgut, I don’t trust him. Not at all. At all, at all. And she’s really mad at Akiva (understandably) but she’s going into angel world. Why? What are you hoping to achieve? Brimstone and them are dead so you aren’t going to find them. I hope she doesn’t go through with it because it just sounds like an accident waiting to happen. In the next book, she’s going to forgive Akiva. She has too. Maybe they aren’t really dead? I mean Brimstone is a really good sorcerer. I don’t know. Poor Zuzana though. Out of the loop because she’s too human.

That’s it for me! What were your thoughts on this book? What do you think is going to go down in the second? Bye guys! Kisses!