Book Rant: Heir of Fire



GENRE: YA, fantasy

SERIES: Throne of Glass, #3

Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas. This book just hit the ground running. I really enjoyed the first two books with the competition and seeing Celaena be an assassin and watching the love-triangle play out, but this book blows it all away. There’s less drama, much more magic and general kick-ass moments and, I found, better character development. What can I say for a non-spoilery section? Not much! Celaena has been sent to Wendlyn to assassinate the Royal family there, which she has absolutely no intention of doing. But in Wendlyn lies answers she needs to help overthrown the tyrant King, the very man she pretends to be a loyal servant for. Behind Celaena leaves her friends, Prince Dorian, and Chaol, Captain of the King’s guard, who are also walking the thin line of treason trying to protect their loved ones from the brutality of the King. I highly reccomend starting this series if you haven’t, last I checked there were supposed to be 6 books total so this is the perfect time to jump on this train. Each one is getting better and better. I love Sarah J Maas’ writing style, I find it similar to Laini Taylor’s in that she’s very good a weaving threads you don’t think are important at the time then we zoom out and it’s this beautiful masterpiece. That is all for the non-spoilery people! Bye if you haven’t read the book!






Okay….where should I start?

We have this new character Rowan. He’s this immortal fey Prince, badass warrior and at first I don’t want to say I hated him becasue that’s too strong. I wanted him to be a friend for Celaena, not like Dorian or Choal, but a real friend who really got her and accepted her and would support her. Neither Dorian or Chaol ever did that, they always had another agenda. And I was so frustrated with him in the beginning becasue he wasn’t doing that I knew that was how they needed to end up. He didn’t even seem to care about her as his student, it really seemed that he had been conditioned to think that becasue she was a demi-fey her life didn’t mean much, ever as a Queen. The peak of this is when Celaena finally yells at him “You left me.” becasue it’s so true, she’s grasping at straws trying to pull herself up enough to fulfill her vow to Nehemia and Rowan will randomly give her a hand up then drop her again. When Emrys finally spoke up on her behalf it was the beginning of a change and it was so good to finally get there. I couldn’t believe what he did though with Luca. What. Yes, it does make her act to save him but it’s the cruelest teaching technique. It wasn’t until her burnout that I finally started liking Rowan. He didn’t know of her past and that made some of what he’d done less cruel. When he finally pens up about his back story we see that he is just as broken as Celaena and they try to put each other back together. I liked how protective he was over her, not like a lover like Chaol, but like a true friend.

I was so proud of Celaena during that fight for the fortress! She’s so selfless, she really doesn’t give herself enough credit. She is a warrior Queen who will sacrifice everything for her people. THAT is a Queen, not sitting in a throne like Maeve watching her people suffer for her. The character growth she goes through is just fantastic. The coming to terms with her life and what had happened to her and accepting her actions and inactions instead of constantly dwelling on them and the end of the book with the tattoo was beautiful. Speaking of, the Valg Princes. Agramon, the greater demon for fear from Cassandra Clare’s shadowhunter world (City of Ashes?) came to mind along with the dementors from Harry Potter. They feed off your fear and pain and go through your most horrible memories until you finally die.



How I felt THE ENTIRE book. Do I need to elaborate more? Was anyone NOT feeling like this towards him? I still like him, but so frustrated.

Let’s move to Dorian and What’s-her-face-healer-chick. Dorian is like a 13 year old flipping girl who can’t not be in a relationship for 5 minutes. This was supremely unnecessary in my opinion. They only significant thing about her character, besides being Dorian’s latest love interest, was that she was another spy. Her role could have been absorbed by Ren, or Chaol, or Aedion. She was just there to generate unnecessary angst with her death. But I didn’t know enough about her to care at all about her death. Dorian revealed his powers saving Chaol, not her anyway. This is the only time I can recall being really annoyed at Sarah J Maas, for introducing and making a huge deal out of this character only to kill her. You could argue that she facilitated the development of Dorian’s character but all his not-considerable development in this book could have been through someone else already in play instead of adding this bimbo so he can fall in love…again. I’m actually glad she’s now dead she I don’t have to deal with Dorian falling out of love with her a week later. Apart from that bullshit relationship, Dorian and Chaol’s interaction I did find very interested. I was so pissed at Dorian for telling Chaol that he couldn’t accept Celaena for what she is (although true) becasue in the last book Dorian wasn’t accepting her either until he realized he is magic. That’s not friendship, you “accept” who she is now that you NEED her. F*** off! Neither of them deserve a second thought from Celaena. But I can’t even be mad at either of them for lack of communication becasue they are both doing it to protect the other. They’re both in the mindset of willing to give up, basically destroy, their friendship to save the other. Chaol a little more than Dorian, Dorian also wants to kill his father and Chaol isn’t there yet. It just shows their true loyalty to one another. When Dorian exposes his power to save Chaol is the epitome of that, even though they are no longer friends in the superficial sense, they are deeper friends then ever.  When Chaol told Dorian that he loved him AH! One of the best parts f the book. Sounds like now Dorian in under the control of the King with one of those collar things, so that’s mildly terrifying. Just as he finally grew a pair too. (I wasn’t all too happy with either of them in this book, if you missed it.)

Aedion! How much do I love this character? So much! At beginning I  hated him becasue thought he truly had turned completely against his people. I though he was the King’s Whore just as he wanted everyone too.  When Chaol points out the ring, I just felt horrible for him becasue he wasn’t himself at all. But then we find out he’s actually a genius and has been playing everyone for so long and actually trying to help. I love how loyal he is to Celaena (Aelin). When he was talking about all his titles and the ones he cherished most were safely locked away I absolutely love it: “Cousin-that had been his most beloved title. Cousin, kin, protector.” I really hope there is a reunion between those two in the next book. Obviously he has to be freed from whatever jail he got thrown into. I’m glad Chaol finally picked a side but he did a really inconvenient time to do so. Aedion had completely forfeit himself so Chaol couls stay in the King’s favour and then Chaol totally burned that bridge. I like that he picked a side becasue I could take another book of his character acting like he was in this one, but timing man, timing.

The witches side plot I really, really enjoyed! Manon is not in anyway a likable character but I still found myself rooting for her. Abraxos was her redeeming point, when she actually cared about something. Then when she saves Petrah and after she kills the Cochran when she’s thinking about the fact that the witches are made into monsters, they aren’t born heartless. I think she can be a really strong character and I can’t wait for the story lines in intersect. I think this plan is going to backfire on the king, a lot.  The witches don’t seem the type to submit to anyone’s rule and now they have the wyverns so unless there is something else in it for them I don’t think  that alliance will last horribly long, especially if/when magic comes back. I really want Manon to team uo with Celaena, even though she killed Baba Yellowlegs. Given the relationship between The Thirteen and Iskra I think they might be able to come to a (probably temporary) agreement to overthrown the King. I really hope so. Also we never addressed the fact that all the meat and people smelt off. That was pretty key, but we got no explanation.

Maeve at the end, AH! I WILL STAB. You don’t hurt Rowan! I think that ring is far more important then we have been told. Maeve isn’t the type to do something like release one of her warriors over something simply sentimental. Hopefully it isn’t a Wyrdkeys, I don’t think it is but maybe something else magical? Rowan and Celaena can’t split up, they are so fun to read together. I’m not sure how is going to work becasue magic is gone. The next book has explaining to do. It’s a whole year away! I don’t think I can do this. So many questions unanswered!

That is all for this book, bye guys!


Book Rant: Crown of Midnight

17167166RATING: 4.5/5

GENRE: Fantasy, YA

SERIES: Throne of Glass, #2

Hello beauties! HAPPY CANADA DAY! I just finished Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas. This series is just so good! So good! There’s really not much of a non-spoilery section that I can give you. The first book is Throne of Glass, if you want a little blurb about what the series is about there’s one at the top of my rant on that. I will link that here.  I highly recommend this series. I love where it’s going right now! Spoilers part here! Read the books then come discuss!







Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit, Celaena is THE LOST QUEEN OF TERRASEN! We hear this name, Arelin Ashryver Galathynius, over and over  though out the book from Archer and the rebels she’s the main reason the rebels are fighting is because they think she’s alive. Terrasen was this super power country that was know for it’s peace and prosperity and the King took it over so if there is an heir there is this hope among the rebels that the country could rise again and take down the King. And through this book Celaena just kind of brushes it off. I didn’t think much of it. Then Chaol goes looking for evidence that she’s in league with this woman becasue obviously she’s a major threat to the King and I didn’t think anything of it. Obviously she’s not in league this woman, we have no clue who she is and Celaena doesn’t even seem to think she is still alive. BUT NOPE! JK LOL, IT’S LIKE HER BIGGEST SECRET SHE’S MANAGED TO HIDE FROM EVERYONE! Not Nehemia, she figured it out becasue she’s really smart and could see the fey in her, but everyone else. I said in my Throne of Glass Book Rant that I thought the Queen was saying she needed to be queen so obviously she’d have to marry the price, Dorian, right? NOPE! She’s just already Queen. I’m not sure what Chaol is going to do now, his loyalties are split right down the middle. The King is pure evil, but then again, its his King and he’s loyal like nothing else.

Archer, never trusted that guy. From the moment Davis caught her in the study I knew something was off. And her knew way to much for it to just have been from whispers of his clients. And then his story for capturing Chaol and Nehemia just didn’t seem to add up. What he was saying made sense it was a plausible explanation, but it felt wrong. Something didn;t make sense, why would you kidnap this guy Celaena is obviously going to come after just so she can “hear him confess himself”? Especially when you are allied with Nehemia and know (becasue you captured the Captain of the Guard to admit it) that there is a plot to kill her on that night.  You would think you’d want to protect your ally and Chaol was never the one planning to kill her so but assigned to protect her, he just didn’t tell Celaena, that you would want him in the castle. Celaena gave him so many second chances! She should have killed him when he started telling people to leave. Not because he was letting traitor escape, Celaena was doing the same, BUT becasue he said he just knew stuff from whispering, if he has enough influence to get these people to leave, warning bells should be going off. If she didn’t want to kill him, tell him we are faking your death NOW. Tonight. Nehemia was working with them but not telling them everything and then they got too extreme so she left. He was involved in Nehemia death he was working with Grave pretending to be Minister Mullison. So incredibly complicated!

We have this chapter just before Nehemia’s death where she’s talking to the Queen Elena and she’s planning her death, preparing to be a martyr to push Celaena into this war and stop with her own reasons for staying out of it. I didn’t get it, when I read this. I was really confused and I almost glossed over it not think about it much. But then Celaena rushes back and realized Nehemia is dead, not only dead but disemboweled brutally. I wasn’t sad even becasue I was in shock, did that just happen? Really? What? She just let herself be killed to make Celaena lose it? I flipped back to that chapter, chapter 25 if you are wondering, and re-read it.

This love triangle, still. I felt bad for Dorian and Celaena pushing him away but I got it. I know she was trying to protect him, blah, blah. I actually don’t know at this point, I really like Chaol and Dorian. It felt like Dorian was judging her pretty hard through out most of this book for being an assassin. Which annoyed and frustrated me! You knew who she was and what she does. This is what she was hired to do, what so was competing for as YOUR champion, what did you expect? Even though she wasn’t actually killing these people, even if she had been, he not only knew why she was there, he brought her there! He had a line right at the beginning of the book that pissed me off the most, I didn’t like him for the majority of the book becasue of it: “Celaena didn’t seem like her self just now. Actually, for the two months since she’d been named the King’s Champion, she’d been like this. Her lovely dresses and ornate clothes were gone, replaced by an unforgiving, close-cut black tunic and pants, her hair pulled back in a long braid that fell into the  folds  of that dark cloak she was always wearing.” No shit Sherlock. She’s not a lady of the court, she’s your father’s bloody assassin, of course she’s not going to wear pretty dresses all the time. You don’t have to like her attire, becasue she’s not a pretty thing for you to look at. Chaol, I liked his character way more in this book. he opens up more and they laugh together and just good things. And he’s so loyal. He’s almost blindly loyal to the King which is a good trait and a bad one becasue it puts him a Celaena on opposing side. I felt bad for him in this too, he didn’t do anything. Yes he kept secrets but so did Celaena and Nehemia decided to sacrifice herself, there wasn’t much he could do. That’s part of his character, he’s so terribly loyal he’d never do anything to hurt Celaena or the King and he was just lucky that up to this point he didn’t have to pick a side.

Dorian has magic! I loved seeing Dorian evolve in this book. When he stands up to his father then storms out and punches the wall and everything shatters! Ah! FINALLY! This is what I wanted from him in Throne of Glass! I’m interested to see what Celaena’s powers are. We got told super-speed and sounds like her senses are heightened but what else can she do? WAIT! Is she immortal like the fey?

This stupid necklace still doesn’t seem to do much. Still just heats up and glows. I’d call it more of a warning, not so much protection. Yes it’s helpful now that she know what it does, but 9 times out of 10 she straight up ignores the warning and does her thing anyway.

We are introduced the these Wyrdkeys, these keys to the other worlds. The King has at least one, maybe two and that is where he is getting his power to take over the world essentially. I’m confused as to how all this magic works and how these keys tie into the rings and how the rings lead to headaches. Kaltain was being controlled by Perrington it sounded like with the ring and that was giving her headaches. In the book she just sounded completely insane. Maybe they were still controlling her and she was also going through opium withdrawal. Then Roland started complaining about headaches but he has a ring of his own. Not understanding. But she’s off to Wendlyn. Maybe there’s another key there?

Oh my god, Yellowlegs the witch. As soon as Celaena was talking about ho hot the fire was I started freaking out! “GET OUT! GET OUT! She’s going to eat you like Hansel and Gretel! I was so terrified of this witch. And I’m not scared of witches. When I think witch I think Hermione.  But Yellowlegs scared me so much! I’m glad she killed her but now I’m worried the other witches are going to come after her!

That’s all for this book rant. Bye!

Book Rant: Throne of Glass

throne-of-glass-cover RATING: 4/5

GENRE: Fantasy, YA

SERIES: Throne of Glass, #1

Hello beauties! Today we are discussing Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas! This is the first book in a new series that is rumored to eventually consist of 5-6 books! Don’t get me wrong, I love trilogies, but I’m so excited that this is going to have more to it becasue there are so many different way this series could go!

We are following a young assassin known as Celaena, a year ago when she was 17 she was betrayed, captured thrown into a death camp called Endovier. Set up as a salt mine, the average life span is scarcely over a month for it’s prisoners, Celaena is far from average though; known through out the empire as the most notorious assassin, the Assassin King’s protege. Without warning she finds her self dragged before the crowned Prince, Dorian, and is offered her freedom if she is willing to do something for him. The King is having a competition to find a royal assassin and she must act as his champion. Her opponents are men- to thieves and assassins and warriors from across the empire, each sponsored by a member of the king’s council. If she beats her opponents in a series of eliminations, she’ll serve the kingdom for four years and then be granted her freedom (and Prince Dorian will win a considerable amount of money from his bet). Although Celaena was caught, she is far from stupid and takes the deal and she soon finds herself in the palace of glass, set to train and then face off against her 23 opponents. And then contestants start  turning up dead. The stakes raise as Celaena  realizes the tasks aren’t the only thing that could kill her, she must also avoid becoming the killers next victim.

I just flew through this book, it is wonderfully told! Spoilers beyond here, read the book then come back and discuss!






I am 100% with Celeana, I would not be comfortable living in a glass castle or any structure of glass  for that matter. I may not be scared of heights, but forever walking on glass floors would freak me out terribly.  Having a bed on glass, just no. I don’t think I’d be able to handle it. I love Celeana’s dressing woman, Philippa, I wish we had gotten to see more of her becasue she handles Celeana so well, she is just so sassy!

We are also introduced to Lady Kaltain. First impression of her is that she is just a manipulative bitch who is used to getting what she wants. We keep getting mentions of her taking opium for headaches and I just assumed that she was an addict and the headaches were because of that, but then we get this reference of Perrington twisting his ring and a strong pulse going through her head. I didn’t think too much abut it until the end when everything was brought together but that was roughly the time I started suspecting Perrington has something to do with the murders.

Princess Nehemia, I was suspicious of her the first time she said she had no idea what the Wyrdmark were. I knew she was hiding something but I didn’t buy into the idea Celaena had of her being the cause of the murders. I really liked their friendship though. It was nice for Celaena to have a female friend.

Prince Dorian, I love this character! At first he comes across as a spoiled, womanizing brat, but he’s really not that at all. He’s so sweet and so vulnerable. On the on hand you can tell he sort of wants his father’s approval, but he so passionately disagrees there is nothing he thinks he can do except only half-ass obey. Like he was told he needed a champion for a competition he didn’t like so he chose Celaena becasue his father wouldn’t like her.  I love when he gives her the puppy! And when they play pool and when he walks in on her playing the piano and we learn about Sam. Does anyone else think Sam may not be dead? We’re told he’s dead but people would have thought Celaena’s dead to when she was really still alive in Endovier. I want to learn more about him, but I can’t say I want him to come back.  I love when he lend Celaena the books and has the note saying I rad these and liked them so now you have to read them so we can talk about them. I just love it when our characters love to read!

We have this nice love triangle building. I gotta say I’m team Dorian right now. I think he brings out the best in Celeana and really gets her to open up and take a break from her serious life. She gets to relax with him. That being said we really don’t know anything about Chaol yet. He’s so professional and doesn’t say anything about himself ever. It’s frustrating. Obviously he cares about her and she cares about him, but on her part it’s more of a friendship/mentor ship bond. He pushes her which is good but there just isn’t really anything there yet. We see a bit when he lets his guard down and they have a few laughs but for the most part their relationship is business. It was a little frustrating at times when he’d be getting jealous and you’re like “well Bud, she’s not psychic and you haven’t exactly been acting like warm apple pie.”  That’s a really weird comparison there. Whatever, point still valid. It was so awkward when they were at the ball just standing there until Dorian came to ask her to dance. I know, he was doing his job, keeping it discreet, blah, blah, bah.

I love these tests! The anticipation waiting to find out what the next one was was so wonderful. when she has to climb the wall and all the competitors make the obvious choice or rope and she wants tar, so cleaver! And she was going to win but then she goes to save Nox and ends up coming 18th. Her and Chaol’s banter after that was so humorous! And that’s when we start to learn more about Arobynn, her mentor. At first I thought he was this nice guy for taking in these kids but as we learn more he was really a huge asshole to these children, “Second place is a fancy name for the first loser.” And then he stuck her on a roof becasue she was scared of heights and had her break her right hand so she could be better with her left. Although it made her a fantastic assassin, it was horribly cruel. Back to Celaena and Nox, I was really happy about their friendship and glad they were allies, but whenever she was training him I got pretty nervous. You still have to fight against him! I mean I wanted her to but at the same time, there’s a lot at stake! I liked the way Sarah J. Maas got rid of him without him being eliminated or her fighting him or him being killed. It was really well done and the most satisfying way to have him dismissed. The fight seen when sees facing off against Verin and she doesn’t even draw his sword and kicks his ass in under a minute after he was taunting her and making fun of her being a girl.  It was so funny! Just yes!

We have this secret passage in Celaena’s room that leads to the tomb of Queen Elena, the first Queen who was part Fey. I had totally forgotten that Celaena was part fey! It’s mentioned in passing in like the second or third chapter when the are traveling by the woods and she waked up to find a white flower (supposedly given to her by a fairy.) But the the Queen has a line “Blood ties can’t be broken” so Celaena is somehow decedent from her or something. She was so unclear this whole time, as spirit people often are. But what I she was getting at was the Celaena needed to become Queen to fix the world. Another reason why I think she’s going to be with Dorian. How do you become Queen? You marry a prince.

These murders and the Wyrdword signs! Ok I was suspicious of Cain when we first saw him kneeling by the clock tower when Nehemia and Celaena were out walking.  What I thought for awhile is the Cain was controlling Perrington and that Perrington was the monster somehow. That he could magically be transformed by Cain and do his bidding. Then later there is another reference to seeing Cain and Celaena says he doesn’t look quite human, he’s bigger then she remembers and then she tells Nox to stay in his room? I almost immediately jumped to werewolf. Like he is the monster. But I was off on both accounts. Perrington is controlling Cain to summon this monster through a Wyrdword portal.

Elena gave Celaena this “magic necklace” that belonged to her and in theory (Elena SAID) it would protect her. Which naturally I took to mean actually do something to protect her against this evil magic creature that was killing everyone. Or make her resistant to magic influence or this creature’s poison or so magic creatures can’t “see” her or whatever. Something! What does that necklace do when she’s attacked by the ridderak? Jack squat. It pulses when it comes through the Wyrdword portal right infront of her and then again when it dies. Thanks! She definitely didn’t already process those two things! Good job, magical protection necklace, very helpful! What is the point of this thing? Does she just not know how to use it? Maybe that’ll come into play later but Queen Elena defiantly made it sound like she couldn’t be hurt by the magical Wrdword monster. So I wasn’t worried at all during that scene. I kept expecting the necklace to jump in and do something, but no, she stabbed the thing and the Nehemia saves her ass. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS THING?!?!

And then we have this final duel between Cain and Celaena. That was stress. She was so defeated becasue of this drug and she comes back and she deserves that win by the end. But that scene, so stressful to read.

We only see the King and the beginning and the end really but I think Celaena, Nehemia and even Dorian are way underestimating him. We see at the end he is so far from stupid. He knows exactly what is going on. He isn’t just destroying magic he actually understands it and knows how to use these Wyrdmarks. Duke Perrington, as I said before I thought Cain was using him but its actually the reverse. He is a magician. These two are a serious force to be reckoned with and they are being seriously undermined. Nehemia said she didn’t think the King understood what the Wyrdmark on Celaena’s face was and not to worry about it. Nope. He knows what’s up. I wouldn’t be surprised if he knew Nehemia was a magician and a spy and was playing her. he built the clock tower surrounded by Wyrdmarks, obviously it’s meant to do something.

That is all for now becasue I have to head to work! Bye lovelies!