Opposites Book Tag

Hey everyone! This has been awhile coming, I just got really busy with university. I first saw this tag when Tanya of Read. Run. Study. did it, I’ll leave the link for her over HERE so you can go check her out, and it looked like a lot of fun so I have decided to attempt it!

1. First book in your collection & the last book you bought


The Music of Dolphins by Karen Hesse is one of the first books that I recall personally buying when I was in grade…3? I have older books in my house but either I didn’t buy them they were given to me or they aren’t mine (ie: all the Harry Potter’s are my older brother’s).

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare finally shipped to me a few days ago even though I purchased it back whenever, but I’m going to go with that one!

2. A cheap book & an expensive book


My copy of Specials by Scott Westerfeld was in the free book give away bin at my school library so that would be the cheapest.

And Stardust by Neil Gaiman is one of my more expensive books at ~$25. Worth it, it’s a really good book, I recommend it!

3. Book with a male protagonist & book with a female


Percy Jackson Series. As I was doing this I realized most of my books don’t have male leads, slightly more challenging then it should have been. If you haven’t read this series, where have you been for the past 10 years? It’s really amazing, really fun, go find it!

Female protagonist! I got this one in the bag! But let’s go with The Naming by Alison Croggon, I have never heard anyone talk about these books, I have two I believe there are four in total. I read these back when I was in my Lord of the Rings mourning period and I really enjoyed them! It’s an epic fantasy that follows a slave girl, Maerad, as she is broken out of her slavery by a magician, Cadvan. I actually have been meaning to pick this series up again and finish it, I only stopped becasue the third book wasn’t published and I just ended up forgetting about it.

4. Book you read fast & book that took too long to read


I read the whole Hunger Games Trilogy (by Suzanne Collins) in one night, not ashamed! Who needs sleep when there are books?

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. This isn’t a long book! My copy is 275 pages. I was stuck on an island with no TV and no internet and this was the only novel I had left of the ones I brought and it still took me a week! I found this book so boring I kept having the problem of falling asleep while reading it! I keep telling myself that I should re-read it becasue I was pretty young, 12 or so, and I’ll probably enjoy it more now but it’s really hard to force myself to do.

5. Pretty cover & ugly cover


Entwined by Heather Dixon. I feel like i should frame this and hang it as art because it is so beautiful  I usually tend to prefer simpler cover designs, but this is just too pretty and it matches the story PERFECTLY!

I don’t even own this book but I have to include it, Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. I have been avoiding buying this book though I have the other two for no reason other than I hope they re-print the hardcover with the new version. Hasn’t happened yet, but I’m waiting! If I hadn’t heard about this book from so many people liking it and saying the cover doesn’t match, there is no way I would have picked it up. I judge book by their covers, so do you, don’t pretend you don’t. When you are out walking though Chapters or Barnes and Noble you don’t pick up books that don’t catch your eye.

6. National book & international book


The only book I have based in Canada is Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. If you don’t know this book and you are female I’m not sure what to say to you. There are a bunch of movie and TV movies and TV shows and there’s a musical. Classic young girl literature.

I’m going to go with Greece becasue I was just there, Nobody’s Princess by Esther Friesner, it’s based in ancient Greece and follows Helen of Troy when she was a child. Not a fantastic book, the history and mythology isn’t overly researched, but it’s kinda cute. Little bit of badassery from 10-year-old Helen.

7. Thin book & thick book


The thinnest book I have is In My Enemies House by Carol Matas clocking in at only 176 pages. This is a WW2 book and it is very intense, I can not read it more than once every couple years becasue even though it is fantastic, it’s very graphic and difficult to read. It’s on par with Elizabeth Wein’s novels in my mind.

Breaking Dawn is my thickest at 756 pages unless we count my Charles Dickens collection which is actually 5 books in one and 1481 pages. I haven’t read any of it. It’s really big and scary. It’s absolutely gorgeous though.

8. non-fiction book & Fiction book


Thanks to U of C common reading program I own one non-fiction book now. Misfit: A Changemaker with an Edge by Andreas Souvaliotis. I haven’t read it, I probably won’t. I don’t like non-fiction novels. I don’t want to read about this world, that’s what news is for, I want my novels to be an escape.

Fiction, let’s have No Small Thing by Natale Ghent becasue I just read it. This book is based in 1977 and is about these three kids for a recently poor family with a father who walked out on them when they lost their money. And they come into a free pony. It’s a super sweet coming of age story.

9. Overly romantic book & action book


Anyone who has been following my blog for any amount of time knows my go-to romantic novel but I’m going to shake it up a bit and actually do something different. Halo by Alexandra Adoretto. This novel is about 3 angels who come to earth and the youngest one falls in love with a human boy. This is another book I didn’t realize was a series. It ended perfectly fine after this book and I don’t see the reason for a second so I haven’t read it becasue I’m sure that somehow it will mess up this perfect novel. It’s not all lovey-dovey, there is some conflict with a demon pretending to be human and bringing evil to the town and what-not. I could have gone more romantic but I don’t read many romance specific books. I like my books with romance in them but I don’t own many “romance novels.” I’ve read some, none that come to mind. If you want to leave some suggestions that would be nice actually.I need some fluff to read.

Everlost by Neal Shusterman. I didn’t realize this was a series until I just Goodreads it to find the authors name! Apparently it’s a trilogy. It’s about kids caught in limbo, really interesting. There’s a hint near the end that there might be a romance starting but we never see it develop which was fine by me, the story wasn’t set up for a romance.

10. Book that made you happy & book that made you sad


Hurt Go Happy by Ginny Rorby. This is a weird one becasue while reading it you wouldn’t immediately think “happy.” It has a lot of sad moment in it and the end is incredibly bitter-sweet. I wish I could explain it better but that would spoil you. It’s so hopeful and optimistic it makes me feel better.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling. ***SPOILERS*** Many will disagree with me becasue this is a touchy subject, but the hardest death for me in this series was Sirius Black. He didn’t need to die, if Harry had just remembered his stupid mirror! He was the best person and he went through so much and just as his life was improving he gets killed.

That is it for this tag! I hope you found some new books you want to pick up!


Summer Wrap-Up!


Hello darlings! Summer is over and my first official day of university is tomorrow! I’m back from Greece, which was absolutely amazing I saw and did a lot of very, very cool things but it’s nice to be home again.

Books with Book Rants:

  1. The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken ———- 5
  2. The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater ——– 4.75
  3. Cinder by Marissa Meyer———————- 4.5
  4. Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas ———- 4.5
  5. Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken ———— 4.5
  6. Scarlet by Marissa Meyer ———————— 4.5
  7. The One by Keira Cass —————————– 4
  8. Kissing Shakespeare by Pamela Mingle —————- 4
  9. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead ——————- 4
  10. Legend by Marie Lu ——————————— 3.75
  11. Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins—– 3.5
  12. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews —– 3.5
  13. The Ring and The Crown by Melissa De La Cruz ——- 3
  14. Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge ————— 2.5
  15. Eternity by Elizabeth Miles ————————- 0

Books I read/ re- read, but didn’t talk about:

16. A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray —– 5 (re-read)
17. The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien ———————- 5 (re-read)
18. No Small Thing by Natalie Ghent —————- 5 (re-read)
19. Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr —————— 5 (re-read)
20. Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder ————- 4.75 (re-read)
21. The Juliet Club by Suzanne Harper ———  4.5 (re-read)
22. Ladies in Waiting by Laura L. Sullivan —— 2.5

I think I did okay considering I was away and not really reading for two weeks! I’ll talk to you guys later! Kisses!

Book Rant: The One



GENRE: Dystopian, YA, Romance

SERIES: The Selection, #3


Hello beauties, I am back! The One is the third and final installment in the Selection Trilogy. This is one of those series that is incredibly frustrating but at the same time really fun and entertaining and you can’t stop reading it. I’m not going to spend too much time here becasue this is the last book, if you want a more detailed explanation of what the series is about I direct you to my The Selection rant HERE and you can catch up with us then come back. Bye if you haven’t read the book! Spoilers past here






Hey friendship who has read The One. How are you? I hated America considerably less in this book. She could still be infuriating especially with the whole Aspen stupid situation and her indecisiveness on everything and her insane ill-planned actions but it wasn’t nearly as frustrating as in The Elite. He stupidest moment had to be the leaving the castle in the dead of night to meet with August and exchange 10 words. 20 tops. What the hell is wrong with notes? Coded message? Carrier pigeon? Smoke signals, anything but endangering the two people you need alive! Kriss and America’s father being  northern rebels had to be the least shocking thing ever. I’m not entirely sure why it was even necessary to include.  Anyway, America gets shot and we end up in Aspen’s room of all places with all America’s love letters posted all over the walls! Am I the only one finding these shrines to America weird? Maxon has his pictures, Aspen has letters, it just seems weird to me. I don’t think I’d find a wall for pictures of me sweet. I loved when America was talking to her dad and explaining why she liked Maxon and he made her feel like herself, not a number or a project.

We knew even in The Selection that America was going to be Queen so it felt really dragged out at time! All she needs to do is say “Oh, I love you” she has this epiphany halfway through where they are on the roof dancing in the rain of she loves Maxon and doesn’t want to be with anyone else but she doesn’t tell him! America is such a horrible procrastinator! I’ll tell him I love him later, I’ll tell him about Aspen later. As soon as he noted that she was close to Aspen (which was AFTER she decided she was so in love with Maxon and wanted to be the princess) I would have been “oh this is actually something we should clear up now so there is no drama later, he and I were childhood sweethearts, it was over by the time I selected and he left to become a guard.” Nice and simple. 80% honest, leave out the make-out sessions in the castle so you both don’t get killed, leave it at the we broke up before I even knew I was selected.  But no. We get Maxon at the end suddenly acting irrational and very much like America becasue she was standing close to Aspen. They weren’t even doing anything and he just freaks out. He had to get shot to realize he truly loved her and she loved him. These two are the most dysfunctional couple ever.

What I wanted to happen that didn’t really get shown was for the country to start getting fixed. This series truly just was about the selection.  I would have rathered the selection be over half way through the second book and then the rest be world fixing. And more back story would have been nice becasue we don’t really know what happened to dissolve America (Country) and make Illea.

Celeste! We finally like her in this book! She becomes our best ally and redeems herself. We have these two really fantastic moments with all the elite girls, one when they are fooling around and take Maxon’s camera and are taking a bunch of pictures with the Queen and then when they are all sitting in America’s room having a huge heart-to-heart about what they’re done so far, what they’d do different and their futures and all that. Both of those were so great. And then she dies. It was this huge invasion and in all the past ones no one dies or was even that hurt and this one is just a slaughter! The King conveniently dies, as does Anne (becasue can’t have her complicating he Lucy-Aspen relationship *eyeroll*) and the Queen. And the northerners come in to save the day and we skip right to the wedding. Aspen walking America down the aisle seemed odd. A chapter before Maxon had been shouting at America and ready to marry someone else becasue she was standing close to him and he now knows that he’s her ex-fiance. I would have thought her Mom would give her away, but whatever, it was a satisfying ending.

That is all! Bye!


As some of you may or may not know, I am leaving for Greece! I fly out tomorrow and I return very early on the 1st. I don’t know how much access I will have to internet but I’m guessing that it is a fair assumption that I will not talking to you lovely people any time during my trip. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Book Rant: Legend

Marie-lu-legendRATING: 3.75

GENRE: Dystopian, YA

SERIES: Legend, #1

Hi beauties! Legend by Maire Lu is what we are discussing. I finished this book at 2 this morning. Where the was once the United States of America there now lies two nations constantly at war, the Republic and the Colonies (AKA: the Patriots). June is born into the Republic’s elite. Living in luxury with all of her needs, and wants, take care of she is destined for a high rank in the military. Day is from the slums. The plague infested parts of the city where people are janitors and factory workers – if they are lucky. At 10 years of age the Republic requires all of it’s children to  take “the test”, physical, mental and communication skills are all put to the test and the children are sorted into categories to determine their future. June is the only person to ever get a perfect score and she is the Republic’s protege, at fifteen she is ready to graduate the military-style college she attends and join her older brother in the highest ranks. Day failed, he is now the most wanted criminal though he is only 15 years old. But he actions are not nearly as malicious as they appear.  It is only after June’s older brother is murdered that these two cross paths, Day is the suspect and June in out hunting for revenge. What lies outside her pretty little world surprised her, her perfect government has secrets. Secrets they will go to any length to protect.

It is told from duel POVs which worked for this novel. I liked this book, didn’t love it. Part of the problem was, I think, that I went into this book with such high expectation becasue I know so many people just rave about this series. It was good, don’t get me wrong and I did enjoy it a fair bit, but with all the hype I was expecting it to be FANTASTIC. It’s just the first book so I’ll read the next two any maybe it does step up a bit. Spoilers beyond here! Bye of you haven’t read the book!







One of the issues I really had with this novel was total lack of character development. was a little more fleshed out for me but I didn’t feel particularly attached to either of them so for the first part of this book I was having real trouble getting into it. Once the plot picked up I really wish there was as much character building as there was world building. I have to say I did prefer Day, we had a lot more moments with him like when he’s remembering his family or when he’s with Tess. June my only impression of her was that she was a spoiled brat who doesn’t appreciate what she’s been given and her only defining factor is her intelligence.  And she uses it like she is entitled to anything becasue she’s the smartest, especially at the beginning. On the other hand, Day is brilliant but that’s not all he is. Even though we see June and Metias interact more in the novel both as live-action and as memory, Day seems closer to his family and it’s easier to feel their relationship. Another thing was that neither character changed from beginning to end. You could argue that June made that discovery, but it didn’t change her character it just made her switch sides. I know it’s only the first book but that is what really disappointed me.

Thomas. Thomas, Thomas, Thomas. I didn’t like him from really early on. Even before I was suspicious of him killing Metias. His attraction to June I found down right creepy. She’s fifteen. I don’t think it ever says how old her is but it talks about him training with Metias, and he’s clearly out of college and it sounds like that last until you are 20. So Thomas is 20-25, somewhere in that range. That’s messed up. Not only is June a child, but she acts likes like she’s 15 most of the time. Not a bad thing, just a fact. At the very beginning she talks about maybe dating Thomas when she’s a bit older and when Metias wouldn’t freak out, and she can be forgiven a school-girl crush. She has a crush on her older brothers friend, nothing weird there. And Thomas keeps escorting her to places like the ball/dinner and he movies that feel like dates and I’m sitting here like “Ahem, Commander, authority person, yeah, ummm…” And then we get the torture/killing scenes with him. He’s now obviously a sadist. Solid. When he’s talking to Day and beats the shit out of him all I could think of was “The confrontation” song from Les Meserables 

Dare you talk to me of crime
And the price you had to pay
Every man is born in sin
Every man must choose his way
You know nothing of Javert
I was born inside a jail
I was born with scum like you
I am from the gutter too!

It fit really well with that scene. Although Thomas has murdered people and Day hasn’t (and Thomas knows it) he still classifies himself as a better person than Day becasue he’s from the slums too and he’s found his way up the ranks by following orders and Day is just a criminal. In his mind, like in Javert’s, it doesn’t matter that Day is helping people whereas he is hurting them, he (Thomas) is still in the right.

This blog Metias left June in his journals I found really confusing. He’s a hacker. The internet is way less secure then his paper journals. He would have been better to leave instructions to this hidden journal. You can’t hack paper. It really confused me and I think what it came down to was pride, he assumed becasue he was the best hacker he could make it so no one could hack this site, but seriously? Even though she deleted the site everyone know once something is on the internet there is no getting it back. even if you delete it. As she was looking at this site that’s all I could think was that the Republic probably knows about the site and that’s why they killed Metias and they are now monitoring it. I guess that’s not what happened but it seemed a very foolish error.

Day and Tess’s relationship I absolutely LOVE! I really want to get her back into the story ASAP. I already went over most of my June frustrations but I have to mention one more specific incident: When she got back from the slums, looked at her crystal glass contemplating how much it was worth, and then shattered it. Excuse me? How selfish are you? It’s one thing before when she didn’t understand, but having lived with Day and Tess after they saved her ass and lost all their money and seeing them try and get food it was just so infuriating! She does have a lot of good moments though. She has a good heart. When she stepped in to save Tess then kicked butt! Ah! So good!

For all we talked about the Republic and the Colonies/ Patriots in this book we really have no clue what happen to start this. No one remembers anything and all evidence has been destroyed. And then the plague been tested on their own people to “rule out the weak” and testing Day even though he got a prefect score becasue he was poor. What the hell happened?!? Killing everyone who finds out, are they hiding even more? Do they even know that the United States used to exist or has it really been that long? I really want some back-story addressed in the next book becasue I’m so curious!

That’s all darlings! Bye!


Book Rant: The Ring and The Crown

18296016RATING: 3

GENRE: Historical-fantasy, YA

SERIES: Stand-alone

Hi all! This book, The Ring and The Crown by Melissa De La Cruz, is a historical-fantasy taking place in the early 1900 where the English and the French have joined together to form an empire that controls all the world’s most powerful magicians and most of the world itself. Aelwyn is a bastard magician and her only duty in life will be to serve the crown, having been sent away four years ago to study and learn to control her magic she has returned to London and is reunited with her childhood friend, Princess Marie-Victoria. The Princess has never had the ambitions of her mother, Queen Eleanor II, or Aelwyn and she wants nothing more than a simple life with the man she has given her heart away to. A man she cannot have. Insteed she has a political marriage lined up for her, and the man she is to marry was engaged and his ex-fiancé isn’t ready to have him taken from her without a fight. Ronan is a beautiful American who is using her beauty to fight her way up the social ranks and she isn’t going to be left behind in the wedding games! All 4 girls meet in London for the coming out season, each willing to do anything for their perfect match. I enjoyed this book, it wasn’t anything spectacular though.  While much more interesting than most books about the court, there were still a lot of very dry bits. Spoilers past here!






This novel had to have had one of the least satisfying endings I have ever read. Isabelle really gets the worst of it. She finally finds love and then get kidnapped, Louis is killed, she’s pregnant with her evil (and dead) lover’s bastard child and then gets to be raped by her guardian figure, Hugh, (which is “very much like coming home” because that was her childhood! Yay! Ain’t the sweet. No. It was really depressing, why did that line have to be there?! It made it sound like this was somehow positive!) There’s a hint at the end that she MIGHT have ran away and is now living by herself with her child. Oh good. So they get to be dirt poor and likely starve.  Then we have Ronan and Wolf situation (more on that later) finally they are all set to go, they both love each other, this is going to work! Oh wait. No it’s not. We get rid of the evil character and break up our favourite couple in the process. Wolf and Marie-Victoria (henceforth PMV) are friends so it’s not horrible, but I was so disappointed, I really wanted Wolf and Ronan together. Oh then Ronan also starts her own business so that was fine. Her story line ended ok.

Wolf and Ronan the start of their relationship really made me frustrated. Almost all of it made me frustrated actually but mostly the first bit when he proposes. It’s like this “test” if she loves him or just money because she doesn’t know he’s rich. That is SUCH an unfair test for many reasons

  • He knows the role of woman at the time, marry wealthy and support your family. She’s told him how she’s going to sell herself because her family is practically broke. She doesn’t know he has money so she’s not going to sacrifice her family for a guy she doesn’t know.
  • That brings me to part two, she doesn’t even know his real name! She doesn’t know a damned thing about him.
  • She could have though he was marrying her for her money; it looks like she has a lot so it’s not an unreasonable assumption.

Personally when he brought it up I would have gone with the last one as my main argument, supporting it with the second and first then sprinkles of what she did which virtue and that crap. After that initially messiness was out of the way I really liked their relationship, it frustrated me as I said, but it was a good frustration. They had good push and pull and I just wanted them to be together already! Then they’re together for like a day then it all goes to hell.

I can’t believe PMV wasn’t angrier when Aelwyn told her the Merlin guy was poisoning her! The test thing, fine. I understand the need for a strong ruler who will make personal sacrifices for the greater good of the people and wanting to make sure. I don’t support the method but the ends justify the means in this case (I think). But I saw no feasible reason for poisoning her to make her sick. Why? What are you trying to prove?  I would have been way more upset and dwelt on that fact way longer than she did! Aelwyn told her and PMV and the Queen were just kind of “oh ok. That’s normal.” That’s high treason HE WAS DELIBERATLY FEEDING THE PRINCESS POISION AND CALLING IT MEDICINE! And it’s not like he just started, he’s been doing this for the majority of her life. Years. After the rest of her body was all fixed he just was like “oh I need to do something, she’s too healthy!” and after this he doesn’t see to be upset or anything, there was no revealing of plans it’s like he was just doing it for shits and giggles.

I really loved PMV and Gill scenes. They were so cute together but I knew she was going to give him up which I wasn’t too angry about because it had to happen. But seeing them together even for a bit made me happy.  It was so satisfying when Leopold was killed by Louis in a duel! We knew something was up with him! At first it was just “ok PMV is in love with someone else, obviously he’s a good actor playing him part etc.” Then as it went on it just got weird because clearly he isn’t a very good person why does everyone love him so much? Does he just hide it that well? Ah he’s magic. Makes sense now! I had almost forgotten about Pandora’s box when it came back into play. I love when book make nice little circles like that. So elegant.

That is all for now! Kisses! Bye guys!

Book Rant: Cruel Beauty



GENRE: Fairytale retelling, YA

SERIES: Stand-alone

Hello! Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge is a retelling primarily of Beauty and the Beast but also has elements of Rumpelstiltskin, Blue Beard and Greek/Roman/Pagan mythology plus a parallel universe of sorts and magic. Confused yet? That’s a main theme of this novel. Nyx is 17 and since her birth she has been betrothed to marry the immortal demon-lord who rules over her world. Her father bargained her life while saving her twin sisters and Nyx now must settle her father’s debt. But she has been trained her whole life how to kill the beast and she finds herself reluctantly forced into the role of the world’s best hope. What she didn’t count on was for her new husband being so charming. The characters of this novel are passable; I’m not going to say I loved any of them. Nyx has a lot of really good moments as does Ignifex (demon-lord) but there is very little continuity in the plot and there are way too many ideas presented and they don’t quite fit together all the time and none of them are given enough attention to have them make sense. Overall I wouldn’t recommend this book, which is a shame because it’s beautiful and had good potential. Spoilers past here!







What was most frustrating in this book had to be the lack of continuity. At first if we guess Ignifex’s real name, Nyx goes free. Then it sounds like if we guess his name he goes free as well. As soon as she guessed Shade’s name I thought, oh well, there you go because Shade and Ignifex  are quite obviously the same person! In a sense anyway. On page 220 after Shade tries to kill her, essentially, and she has this vision of the sparrow she wakes up to see Ignifex and she thinks “I know his name.”  And then it’s like she forgets. I thought she might be using this knowledge to get something, like a bargaining chip. But that never happens and she never explain why she is just sitting on this information and being all “let’s go on a treasure hunt for your name!” The way it was set up at this point I think if she guesses Ignifex is free from the Kindly ones, based on what Ignifex has told us. Nyx says she loves him and this would remove him from being the demon-lord without killing him, there is no logical reason for her not to tell him his name! We get to the end of the book, which I’ll address in more detail in a minute, and she finally says his name! All of months later.  And the Kindly Ones tell her that won’t do anything. Excuse me? For over half this book you have made it seem like that is the way to free him.

There is way too much happening in this world. The Hermetic magic, the house magic, Blue Beard doors, Rumplistizkin name guessing, Greek AND Roman AND Pagan mythology that seems hastily researched at best, the Kindly Ones that I’m not even sure what they are supposed to be, demons a sort of parallel world to our own or maybe it was part of our world that got separated (like Atlantis) or maybe it’s supposed to be our world. I’m not sure. It’s way too much and nothing gets as much time as it needs to be explained. There are a lot of things we are just supposed to accept even though there’s no explanation or reasoning behind it. Like the Hermaetic marks. What the hell is her drawing the around this house supposed to do? They collapse it. Ok then, how do these random symbols do that? What the hell are these “hearts”? And things just get dropped off:  the house changing, it’s talked about in one chapter then never mentioned again.   It’s just incredibly frustrating and very hard to follow.

The ending was one giant, “WHAT?!” from the time Nyx leaves her sister things just stop making sense. She sets demons on Ignifex using this ring (that was randomly introduced to us with no foreshadowing or prior meaning)  and then what? We jump to the other parallel universe where the sky is blue again? The world is somehow freed and just no one remembers anything including Nyx but then she seems to because she goes looking for Ignifex? Is she experiencing memories that have been altered by removing Ignifex? Are there no more demons? We then somehow end up back with the Kindly Ones and Nyx’s love and willingness to sacrifice her human life to stay with him frees Ignifex who is also the ancient Prince. And they both wake up beside each other. Nyx is saying she has all these memories of being with Ignifex but she knows that she’s never actually done anything more than holding hand with a man so it was that all a dream…? I was just really frustrated by the end of this book. T felt really rushed. I remember when she left her sister looking at the number of pages left and thinking that it couldn’t possibly wrap up in that short amount of space. The beginning I found really slow and it took me awhile to get into it, the middle I enjoyed apart from the aforementioned things, but the characters did a lot to help move it along. My favourite part had to be when Nyx abandoned Ignifex in the dark and then came back for him. It was good.

That is all for this book! If you’ve read it let me know what you thought! Bye!