Book Rant: The One



GENRE: Dystopian, YA, Romance

SERIES: The Selection, #3


Hello beauties, I am back! The One is the third and final installment in the Selection Trilogy. This is one of those series that is incredibly frustrating but at the same time really fun and entertaining and you can’t stop reading it. I’m not going to spend too much time here becasue this is the last book, if you want a more detailed explanation of what the series is about I direct you to my The Selection rant HERE and you can catch up with us then come back. Bye if you haven’t read the book! Spoilers past here






Hey friendship who has read The One. How are you? I hated America considerably less in this book. She could still be infuriating especially with the whole Aspen stupid situation and her indecisiveness on everything and her insane ill-planned actions but it wasn’t nearly as frustrating as in The Elite. He stupidest moment had to be the leaving the castle in the dead of night to meet with August and exchange 10 words. 20 tops. What the hell is wrong with notes? Coded message? Carrier pigeon? Smoke signals, anything but endangering the two people you need alive! Kriss and America’s father being  northern rebels had to be the least shocking thing ever. I’m not entirely sure why it was even necessary to include.  Anyway, America gets shot and we end up in Aspen’s room of all places with all America’s love letters posted all over the walls! Am I the only one finding these shrines to America weird? Maxon has his pictures, Aspen has letters, it just seems weird to me. I don’t think I’d find a wall for pictures of me sweet. I loved when America was talking to her dad and explaining why she liked Maxon and he made her feel like herself, not a number or a project.

We knew even in The Selection that America was going to be Queen so it felt really dragged out at time! All she needs to do is say “Oh, I love you” she has this epiphany halfway through where they are on the roof dancing in the rain of she loves Maxon and doesn’t want to be with anyone else but she doesn’t tell him! America is such a horrible procrastinator! I’ll tell him I love him later, I’ll tell him about Aspen later. As soon as he noted that she was close to Aspen (which was AFTER she decided she was so in love with Maxon and wanted to be the princess) I would have been “oh this is actually something we should clear up now so there is no drama later, he and I were childhood sweethearts, it was over by the time I selected and he left to become a guard.” Nice and simple. 80% honest, leave out the make-out sessions in the castle so you both don’t get killed, leave it at the we broke up before I even knew I was selected.  But no. We get Maxon at the end suddenly acting irrational and very much like America becasue she was standing close to Aspen. They weren’t even doing anything and he just freaks out. He had to get shot to realize he truly loved her and she loved him. These two are the most dysfunctional couple ever.

What I wanted to happen that didn’t really get shown was for the country to start getting fixed. This series truly just was about the selection.  I would have rathered the selection be over half way through the second book and then the rest be world fixing. And more back story would have been nice becasue we don’t really know what happened to dissolve America (Country) and make Illea.

Celeste! We finally like her in this book! She becomes our best ally and redeems herself. We have these two really fantastic moments with all the elite girls, one when they are fooling around and take Maxon’s camera and are taking a bunch of pictures with the Queen and then when they are all sitting in America’s room having a huge heart-to-heart about what they’re done so far, what they’d do different and their futures and all that. Both of those were so great. And then she dies. It was this huge invasion and in all the past ones no one dies or was even that hurt and this one is just a slaughter! The King conveniently dies, as does Anne (becasue can’t have her complicating he Lucy-Aspen relationship *eyeroll*) and the Queen. And the northerners come in to save the day and we skip right to the wedding. Aspen walking America down the aisle seemed odd. A chapter before Maxon had been shouting at America and ready to marry someone else becasue she was standing close to him and he now knows that he’s her ex-fiance. I would have thought her Mom would give her away, but whatever, it was a satisfying ending.

That is all! Bye!


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