Book Rant: Legend

Marie-lu-legendRATING: 3.75

GENRE: Dystopian, YA

SERIES: Legend, #1

Hi beauties! Legend by Maire Lu is what we are discussing. I finished this book at 2 this morning. Where the was once the United States of America there now lies two nations constantly at war, the Republic and the Colonies (AKA: the Patriots). June is born into the Republic’s elite. Living in luxury with all of her needs, and wants, take care of she is destined for a high rank in the military. Day is from the slums. The plague infested parts of the city where people are janitors and factory workers – if they are lucky. At 10 years of age the Republic requires all of it’s children to  take “the test”, physical, mental and communication skills are all put to the test and the children are sorted into categories to determine their future. June is the only person to ever get a perfect score and she is the Republic’s protege, at fifteen she is ready to graduate the military-style college she attends and join her older brother in the highest ranks. Day failed, he is now the most wanted criminal though he is only 15 years old. But he actions are not nearly as malicious as they appear.  It is only after June’s older brother is murdered that these two cross paths, Day is the suspect and June in out hunting for revenge. What lies outside her pretty little world surprised her, her perfect government has secrets. Secrets they will go to any length to protect.

It is told from duel POVs which worked for this novel. I liked this book, didn’t love it. Part of the problem was, I think, that I went into this book with such high expectation becasue I know so many people just rave about this series. It was good, don’t get me wrong and I did enjoy it a fair bit, but with all the hype I was expecting it to be FANTASTIC. It’s just the first book so I’ll read the next two any maybe it does step up a bit. Spoilers beyond here! Bye of you haven’t read the book!







One of the issues I really had with this novel was total lack of character development. was a little more fleshed out for me but I didn’t feel particularly attached to either of them so for the first part of this book I was having real trouble getting into it. Once the plot picked up I really wish there was as much character building as there was world building. I have to say I did prefer Day, we had a lot more moments with him like when he’s remembering his family or when he’s with Tess. June my only impression of her was that she was a spoiled brat who doesn’t appreciate what she’s been given and her only defining factor is her intelligence.  And she uses it like she is entitled to anything becasue she’s the smartest, especially at the beginning. On the other hand, Day is brilliant but that’s not all he is. Even though we see June and Metias interact more in the novel both as live-action and as memory, Day seems closer to his family and it’s easier to feel their relationship. Another thing was that neither character changed from beginning to end. You could argue that June made that discovery, but it didn’t change her character it just made her switch sides. I know it’s only the first book but that is what really disappointed me.

Thomas. Thomas, Thomas, Thomas. I didn’t like him from really early on. Even before I was suspicious of him killing Metias. His attraction to June I found down right creepy. She’s fifteen. I don’t think it ever says how old her is but it talks about him training with Metias, and he’s clearly out of college and it sounds like that last until you are 20. So Thomas is 20-25, somewhere in that range. That’s messed up. Not only is June a child, but she acts likes like she’s 15 most of the time. Not a bad thing, just a fact. At the very beginning she talks about maybe dating Thomas when she’s a bit older and when Metias wouldn’t freak out, and she can be forgiven a school-girl crush. She has a crush on her older brothers friend, nothing weird there. And Thomas keeps escorting her to places like the ball/dinner and he movies that feel like dates and I’m sitting here like “Ahem, Commander, authority person, yeah, ummm…” And then we get the torture/killing scenes with him. He’s now obviously a sadist. Solid. When he’s talking to Day and beats the shit out of him all I could think of was “The confrontation” song from Les Meserables 

Dare you talk to me of crime
And the price you had to pay
Every man is born in sin
Every man must choose his way
You know nothing of Javert
I was born inside a jail
I was born with scum like you
I am from the gutter too!

It fit really well with that scene. Although Thomas has murdered people and Day hasn’t (and Thomas knows it) he still classifies himself as a better person than Day becasue he’s from the slums too and he’s found his way up the ranks by following orders and Day is just a criminal. In his mind, like in Javert’s, it doesn’t matter that Day is helping people whereas he is hurting them, he (Thomas) is still in the right.

This blog Metias left June in his journals I found really confusing. He’s a hacker. The internet is way less secure then his paper journals. He would have been better to leave instructions to this hidden journal. You can’t hack paper. It really confused me and I think what it came down to was pride, he assumed becasue he was the best hacker he could make it so no one could hack this site, but seriously? Even though she deleted the site everyone know once something is on the internet there is no getting it back. even if you delete it. As she was looking at this site that’s all I could think was that the Republic probably knows about the site and that’s why they killed Metias and they are now monitoring it. I guess that’s not what happened but it seemed a very foolish error.

Day and Tess’s relationship I absolutely LOVE! I really want to get her back into the story ASAP. I already went over most of my June frustrations but I have to mention one more specific incident: When she got back from the slums, looked at her crystal glass contemplating how much it was worth, and then shattered it. Excuse me? How selfish are you? It’s one thing before when she didn’t understand, but having lived with Day and Tess after they saved her ass and lost all their money and seeing them try and get food it was just so infuriating! She does have a lot of good moments though. She has a good heart. When she stepped in to save Tess then kicked butt! Ah! So good!

For all we talked about the Republic and the Colonies/ Patriots in this book we really have no clue what happen to start this. No one remembers anything and all evidence has been destroyed. And then the plague been tested on their own people to “rule out the weak” and testing Day even though he got a prefect score becasue he was poor. What the hell happened?!? Killing everyone who finds out, are they hiding even more? Do they even know that the United States used to exist or has it really been that long? I really want some back-story addressed in the next book becasue I’m so curious!

That’s all darlings! Bye!


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