Book Rant: Scarlet

13206760RATING: 4.5

GENRE: Science-fiction, fairytale retelling, YA

SERIES: The Lunar Chronicles, #2

Hello welcome to the Book Rant! Today we are discussing Marissa Meyer’s second book in the Lunar Chronicles, Scarlet. This series continues to impress, we have a new storyline woven in with a human girl Scarlet and her companion Wolf who are trying to find her grandmother who was kidnapped for unknown reasons. But Cinder is still a major part in the story with her new partner in crime, Thorne, who she helped escape the emperor’s custody in return for use of his spaceship. If you haven’t started the series I don’t want to go into too much detail and spoil you but I highly recommend this series, the writing and character development is wonderful. Spoilers past here!






How Cinder makes her entrance into this novel was absolutely spot on hilarious. We just meet this other prisoner, Thorne, and screws start falling from his ceiling so he looks up and Cinder just jumps down and he starts flirting with her as she’s trying to escape. It was so perfect, I immediately loved Throne’s character. I know he’s supposed to be an ex-military guy but I pictured this slightly nerdy young man who just looks totally out of place in prison, little like Robert Sheehan as Simon in the City of Bones movie.  Simon with a Jack Sparrow attitude. it was brilliant! I’ve already said in my Cinder Book Rant that didn’t want Cinder with Kai so I’ve got some feelers out looking for another man for her. I liked Kai more in this book. He grew up a bit and he’s a pretty good leader for just being thrown into it. I do appreciate that he lied and said her knew Cinder was cyborg and that it didn’t matter to him. (You can’t hear it but that was admitted reluctantly.) I still don’t want them together, I know it’s going to end up that way but Cinder could do some much better! You have two books left to prove yourself worthy, Kai! Lucky for you I don’t see Cinder with Throne either.

I was so glad Iko came back into the book so quickly. Having her as a ship isn’t ideal clearly but it worked! And as always she is just so funny and interesting to have around. She feels a lot like a little sister.  When Cinder was admiring her little group of chips before she installed Iko into the ship I was thinking you kept Peony ID chip!? They can track that! It seemed like such a rookie mistake, you got rid of all these tracking devices off yourself but you kept Peony’s. People know you have that it was on camera. Your step-mom knows you have that or she at least suspects. I understand the sentimental pull on it but it not like Iko’s personality chip that can just be reinstalled into another body. If she didn’t want it being given to a fugitive, smash it, burn it, bury it, anything just don’t keep it on you.

We have these two new characters, Scarlet and Wolf. First impression of Scarlet is that she is another really strong female lead which was really good because flipping between Cinder and Scarlet’s POVs didn’t bother me and there wasn’t one I wanted to read more than the other. We know that somehow Cinder and Scarlet are going to cross paths, it happened later in the book than I was initially expecting because they are both looking for the same person, but it worked really well the way they did it. What can sometimes happen with two main character is that they can start sounding the same and it gets really dull but I didn’t find it an issue. Scarlet and Cinder have a lot of similarities and they complement each other very well but I was never confused as to which of them I was reading format any given time. I love how when we first meet Scarlet she starts a fight and is throwing tomatoes at the wall.

Wolf. Ok I was not nearly as suspicious of him as I should have been! Even at the beginning when Scarlet thinks he kidnapped her grandma and father because of his tattoo I was positive that he was innocent, even before scarlet believed it. I have no clue why, we didn’t know anything about him at that point. I accepted his story about leaving the gang as perfectly normal and even when he met Ran and we learn he’s actually an alpha not a mid-level member like he said I still didn’t doubt him and that he just wanted to get away from it but felt bad his former friends did this so he was helping her out. I actually thought we might be running into Kai’s people or of that sort because he’s looking for the Princess and I’m sure lots of resistance groups are in the hopes to over throw the Levana. Even though they kidnapped Scarlet’s grandma I didn’t really associate them as “bad guys” because I thought they were on Cinder’s side. The when Wolf says “I’m sorry” I start freaking out because we’ve been totally played! I was so upset because I didn’t see it coming at all! I trusted this guy! It was weird he had these freakish abilities but I just put it down as intense training from this rebel group I never thought he was a genetically altered Luna spy/soldier.

Then there is this attack. We already know Levana was a back-stabbing, two-faced evil dictator who probably had spies and a set military plan for taking over Earth. I didn’t realize it was so in-depth. She has these wolf-soldiers stations in major cities all around the globe so she could attack at her whim. Obviously the moon is way more powerful than Earth in brute force. It was a sneak attack and they do have special powers so maybe now that the world knows what we are up against we can move into guerilla warfare. Unfortunately these wolf-soldiers would know our cities pretty well by now. I don’t know, I think Earth would put up some fight.

I found it so frustrating in this book that no one communicated. If Scarlet’s grandma had told Scarlet and Cinder the truth things just would have gone much smoother and we wouldn’t have this time crunch. There’s a month until this wedding and somehow we have to overthrow and entire regime before then. There are two more books, I am so excited to read! Cress which is based off Rapunzel and I have no clue about the last one, it’s not out yet and I’m not sure when it’s supposed to be released, hopefully soon! That is all for now! Bye guys!



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