Confessions of a Book Blogger

Hi darlings. I started writing a Book Rant on Never Fade and I’m just not feeling it today.  I did something like this last year called 10 Random Facts About Me and today I’m going to give you another completely truthful 10 random facts about yours truly.

1. My perfume is called P.S I love you. It’s a light rose scent with a bit of citrus and it was from Bath and Body Works but it has been discontinued. I have about half a bottle left then I will probably switch to Paris Amour (Essentially the same thing also from Bath and Body Works but it has a vanilla under tone instead of a musk) I have other perfumes, but I don’t wear them much as I find them too strong, especially in summer. Most of them I’ve had for years, does perfume and body mist expire?

2. My bedroom is white with a red accent wall and on one of the white walls I write music, books and movie quotes that I really liked in black sharpie. The most recently added is “I’ll be damned, Cupid’s demanding back his arrow” Begin Again, great movie, I loved it.

3. I must have told you guys this, but I am going to Greece in a few weeks

4. I cannot park in a parking stall that is on my right. I can’t do it. It never works. It doesn’t matter if the lot is totally empty I can never get perfectly in the lines.

5. My number 1 celebrity crush has always and will always be Orlando Bloom. First time I watched Lord of the Rings when I was like in grade…4? I read the books summer before 5 for sure and had a hardcore fictional crush on Legolas.

6. I watch shows on HGTV. That’s the home improvement channel if you don’t know, and it’s a little embarrassing.

7. I will only buy Maybelline mascara.

8. I will not leave the house without doing my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. I will go out without foundation or concealer or mascara  or anything else, but my eyebrows need to be done. And this is a recent makeup development. I never used to pay any attention to my eyebrow then just before grad I bought an eyebrow pencil on a whim and it just makes your face so much more expressive and you look more put together no matter what your hair and the rest of your make up is doing. There, beauty thoughts with Lizzie.

9. Lily is my favourite How I Met Your Mother character, not Barney though I do love him too.

None of these are book related! Ok I’ll try and make the last one bookish.

10. I was sorted into Gryffindor by Pottermore.  I was pretty shocked I thought I was going to be a Hufflepuff becasue most people I know are Hufflepuffs but, yeah.

There, out on the internet, more random things about me! Bye guys!



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