Book Rant: Vampire Academy



GENRE: Paranormal, YA

SERIES: Vampire Academy, #1

WARNING: I am REALLY sleep deprived. I went to bed at 4am. Guys I am behind on my Book Blogging. I actually read Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead a few days ago and I am in a mourning period (AKA: Book hangover) When I was reading the book I was enjoying it but not in love with it and I finished it think “oh, that was a decent book.” and it wasn’t until I tried reading another book and no. I could it was too soon! Too soon for a rebound book.

moment I  also rented the movie on iTunes and watched that. (I really liked it! It was funny and almost like  satire) I have been avoiding this series like the plague becasue I thought it was going to be like the House of Night series which I have so much hatred towards, but it’s not. Rose is so kick-ass and strong and Dimitri, I have another fictional crush. Does anyone not know the premise of this book? Because I’m so late to the party. In case you are like me and are really behind, Lissa Dragomir is a Moroi princess, a mortal vampire who can control one of the four elements. The Strigoi are immortal, have no access to magic and cannot go out in sunlight. They are also out to get the princess Lissa. Rose Hathaway is a dhampir a mix of human and moroi vampire blood run through her and she is Lissa’s best friend and guardian. Well, self-assigned guardian-in-training. It’s been two years since Lissa and Rose have escaped the wrought iron gates of St. Vladimir’s Academy, a school for Moroi and their guardians to train and learn. Rose and Lissa are on the run but the Academy isn’t keen on letting the princess get away and they find themselves being dragged back to the Academy by a gorgeous male dhampir who becomes Rose’s mentor. But Rose and Lissa ran away for a reason, not everything dangerous is outside the walls. So many booktubers and bookbloggers and reviews have said that you just need to get past the first two book, after that the series gets so much better, but I really enjoyed this book and it gets BETTER?! Spoilers past here!






Mason is Rose’s best friend besides Lissa and he’s so cute and sweet I just want to hug him! I don’t necessarily want him to be with Rose becasue of Dimitri but I kind of do at the same time. He’s just so awesome, their little flirtation/teasing moments are the best. Like when we are first introduced to him, their banter about thinking about Rose naked. This is a series where you know someone you really like is going to get offed and I really DON’T want it to be Mason, but I’m really scared it will be. Lissa can’t be killed. So far the entire purpose of the series is keep Lissa safe so if she’s dead, oops no more story line.

Christian! I love Christian right when we met him I knew he was going to be this awesome in-depth, interesting character. I did have to agree with Rose at the beginning, he was a little creepy, stalker like. I do love him and I love him with Lissa but constantly watching someone you barely know and then informing them that you have been watching them by mentioning all their secrets you have found out, is a touch on the creepy side. Actually a lot. By the end I was a huge fan of him, I love him and Lissa and how he looks out for her.

Lissa goes through this crazy, power hungry journey to get back at Mia becasue of the stupid rumor she started about Rose being a blood-whore.  And it gets so out of hand and so just frustrating to see Lissa acting like such a child and making it all about popularity . Rose was trying to help her but Lissa refused to let herself be helped. When Rose tells about Lissa’s cutting to save her life becasue she’d gone too far, Lissa just gets so mad and stops talking to her. She told your secret, but saved your life. She’s trying to help.

When Lissa is kidnapped and Rose goes to Dimitri there is the stupid necklace make-out scene. (as in the necklace is stupid and annoying, not the scene.) It was so frustrating!  Obviously I want Rose and Dimitri together, I love that power couple and just having them together kicking ass but I was mentally screaming at the the whole time to go help Lissa! You idiots the necklace has a compulsion on it! Hit pause, get rid of hit, go save the princesses butt then come back to this relationship mess! It took so long after Dimitri first took off the necklace then picked it back up again to figure it out and actually throw it away. I’m not blaming him, but Lissa! Still on the Dimitri subject but back at the middle, Rose has this line that was just so funny: “I was crushing on my mentor. Crushing on my older mentor. I had to be out of my mind. He was seven years older than me. Old enough to be my…well, okay, nothing.” then in the movie the the version of this line was equally funny and I loved how they fit together. “I’m crushing on my mentor, Dimitri, who’s old enough to be…not my father, but like an uncle. Like a disturbingly sexy uncle.” and that line made the original line funnier. Maybe this is just me.

Prince Victor, that little bitch! I did not suspect him through this whole thing! And Natalie! When she came out as a strigoi I was in shock! They were good friends! I thought she was so happy to be part of this “popular royal clique” with Lissa and Rose and she just completely turns on them and has been manipulating Lissa. I do see Prince Victor’s point though, his overall goal makes a lot of sense. Christian beings it up earlier to, I like that parallel. But the moroi need to learn how to fight and use their magic as a weapon. The dhampir’s really get the short end of things, they are almost slaves and the moroi look down on them but they’re constantly risking their lives to protect them against evil, soulless vampires who and stronger and faster than them! What Victor is trying to achieve is like how it was way back when where moroi and dhampir’s fought side by side, neither one was above the other becasue they both mutually needed each other. Like I said, while I support Victor’s endgame, I love Lissa and he can’t just end her life for his vision. What he should have done was explain all this to her and then have her try to become queen so she can enact his idea. But no. he had to kidnap her and make his daughter go Strigoi.

That is it for this book rant!What are your thoughts? I’ll talk to you guy later! Bye!



  1. I just read all six of these books this spring, back-to-back. I loved them all in their own way, but I would recommend taking a breather after three. Otherwise things might start to feel a little redundant and dragged out… But, really, this is a great series. Lots of fun. And, obviously, super addicting!

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