Book Rant: Lola and The Boy Next Door

9780142422014_p0_v4_s260x420RATING: 3.5

GENRE: Contemporary, romance, YA

SERIES: Companion Novel with Anna and the French Kiss

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins. This is a really cutesy love story. It’s like a happy pill, it has a happy ending, the problems in it are relatable and get worked out with minimum mess. I know, I was in a situation very like Lola’s and for me it did not go NEARLY that well.  But it was nice to see it play out better, I really liked it though I will admit to stressing out about it. I thought she was going to get hurt, she wasn’t, it’s fine. I don’t consider that a spoiler by the way, Lola does not get physically injured in this book.   Most of you are probably like “what? Ok thanks” then there is probably the 1% of you who have read this book AND had the same thought process that I did while reading it.

Anyway, I should probably tell you what this book is about becasue you might be confused at this point. Lola is 17 ad she has a passion for fashion. Well not fashion, costumes. |Fashion is common and dull, costumes are expressive. She doesn’t wish for much: 1) to wear a Marie Antoinette dress to the winter formal with kick-ass boots 2) To have her two dads approve of her 22-year-old rocker boyfriend and 3) to never see the Bell twins again. Unfortunately the Bell’s move back next door  and when Cricket tires to rekindle their broken friendship, Lola is once again faced with her life-long crush for him.

I enjoyed this book, it was sweet. I flew through it. It was incredibly predictable but most romantic, fluffy contemporaries are and I don’t mind it in this case. The characters were good, I loved Anna and I didn’t realized until the end that it was the Anna from Anna and the French Kiss so I guess I should go pick that one up becasue I loved her! There won’t be a spoilery section from this becasue, like most contemporaries, I had nothing to say about them. I liked it, I recommend you go read it.

Bye darlings! Kisses!

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