Book Rant: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

12700353RATING: 3.5

GENRE: Contemporary, YA

SERIES: Stand alone

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews. I was super hesitant to read this book becasue I thought it was going to be sad becasue of the title and I didn’t want to read a super sad contemporary, romance novel where the girl dies of cancer. But it’s not like that. It’s actually not really sad at all, it funny, upbeat and while yes, has some sad parts, it’s very real. The writing style is very different but I thought it worked really well. Greg is invisible in high school and has worked hard to become so. Simultaneously everyone’s friend an nobody’s, he blends into the background. Earl is the only person who could be called Greg’s friend but Greg sees him as more of a “co-worker.” Greg is on his way to leaving high school without a single hiccup and then his mom forces him to try and rekindle his childhood friendship with Rachel who has just been diagnosed with acute leukemia. Rachel and Greg haven’t spoken since an awkward misadventure in 6th grade that lead to everyone in their Hebrew school calling them boyfriend and girlfriend. But orders have been given by parental command and must be obeyed. I definitely reccomend this book! I flew through it in a day, just wonderful. Spoilers past here!






I feel about this book how I feel about most contemporary books, I liked it, but not enough to buy it or read over and over. I loved how this was written! In script and bullet points it was so different and interesting.

I loved how much swearing there is in this book. That’s a weird thing to say but let me explain. In so many YA books there’s this idea that you can’t say any bad words. Graphic violence is fine, but as soon as you swear you’ve gone too far! It makes me roll my eyes because you’ll come across a sentence like “He swore under his breath and then ran his sword through her heart, letting the blood run down the blade and over his hand before he jerked his weapon back and deftly severed her neck. Her decapitated head rolled across the polished marble and rest of her mangled body stood swaying for a moment before crumpling into a pool of blood.” So I’m mature enough to read the rest of that but can’t handle the “fuck” at the beginning? This book was just so open and there were no restrictions on anything it was just written and honest to how teenagers act.

Greg is a hateful, flawed character but he’s so truthful about it and he hates himself for it but he also sort of accepts it. “If after reading this book you come to my home and brutally murder me, I truly do not blame you.” He’ll be talking about how he should feel bad he’s just hanging out with Rachel becasue she’s dying but he doesn’t. Which is horrible, but he’s so honest with himself about his short comings you can’t even hate him or be mad with him about it. He knows he doesn’t say the tight thing but he tells you about it. Earl is a great character. He made me laugh a lot becasue some of the things he says you just are like “what?” and you have to laugh becasue there is nothing else to do. Then there’s this other side of Earl who’s really grown up and mature and sensitive but he doesn’t show it much. I honestly preferred Earl over Greg most of the time and at the end during Rachel’s film Greg says that Earl is a much better person than he is becasue he cares about other people more.

I really loved how there was no cheesy romance. And Greg would even say stuff like “now this is the point in the story where Rachel and I fall in love and she makes a miraculous recovery but that’s not how it works.” It’s so true to life there was no really happy ending becasue it wasn’t really an ending.

That is all for this book, let me know what you thought! Bye! Kisses!


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