Book Rant: Eternity


RATING: 0, I didn’t finish

GENRE: Thriller, YA

SERIES: The Furies, #3


Eternity by Elizabeth Miles. This is the third and final book in the Furies trilogy and ahhhh… If you read my Book Rants on the other two you’d know there was a lot of love-hate going on with those books, this one was just hate. If you want to go read it fine, but if you just want to know how it ends I’ll tell you. I’ll take one for the team.

The other books, I don’t know what it was, I was pulling for Em or something and wanted to see how we would get rid of these things. But this book,  I got a little over halfway through and NOTHING was happening. Too much whining about “ooh I love JD but Crow is so attractive!” and not enough doing shit. And then we’d go the JD’s perspective and he’d bitch about THE EXACT SAME DAMN THING “Oh I love Em, but she’s friends with Crow, stupid musician.” And then hints that he’d going to start a love triangle with Ty. Em’s so stupid. It takes her so long to catch on to thing we already figured out. “I’m becoming one of them!” NO SHIT! Drea said that at the end of the last book and you suddenly have all these powers. It took you to halfway through the book? Really? Really? And straight up in the back blurb it says “Only a pure heart can stop the furies” Then there is something in the first few chapters about the furies having come before and then they left suddenly and that the only body that was found was that of a boy.  So I’m like, ok cool. Kid sacrificed himself and that sacrifice and love is what banished them. So it’s either Gabby who’s so sweet and pure or, more likely, Em is going to redeem herself and she’s going to make the sacrifice. That was literally in chapter one! The end of chapter one, but still chapter freaking one! I read the last couple chapters just to see what happens, Em put this all together in the second last chapter (chapter 22) before she sacrifices herself. And doesn’t die btw. Somehow. Maybe if I had read the other bit I would have gotten why, but I didn’t want to. I don’t care.

The problems are so stupid. Spirits of revenge are out to get you (for kissing your friends boyfriend which is the stupidest fucking reason ever! Somehow kissing someone else’s boyfriend is worse then being a murderer!) and you are seriously worries about shit like clothing and does he like me? “I don’t know which one to choose! They’re both so hot! Poor me!” GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT! Em in this book reminded me so much of Zoey in the House of Night series and that’s not a good thing. Zoey I am mentally killing all the time becasue she is the most irritating, stupid, bitchy, self-centered, sluty protagonist I have ever read.

That’s all I can say. I just hated it. So much!


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