Book Rant: Crown of Midnight

17167166RATING: 4.5/5

GENRE: Fantasy, YA

SERIES: Throne of Glass, #2

Hello beauties! HAPPY CANADA DAY! I just finished Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas. This series is just so good! So good! There’s really not much of a non-spoilery section that I can give you. The first book is Throne of Glass, if you want a little blurb about what the series is about there’s one at the top of my rant on that. I will link that here.  I highly recommend this series. I love where it’s going right now! Spoilers part here! Read the books then come discuss!







Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit, Celaena is THE LOST QUEEN OF TERRASEN! We hear this name, Arelin Ashryver Galathynius, over and over  though out the book from Archer and the rebels she’s the main reason the rebels are fighting is because they think she’s alive. Terrasen was this super power country that was know for it’s peace and prosperity and the King took it over so if there is an heir there is this hope among the rebels that the country could rise again and take down the King. And through this book Celaena just kind of brushes it off. I didn’t think much of it. Then Chaol goes looking for evidence that she’s in league with this woman becasue obviously she’s a major threat to the King and I didn’t think anything of it. Obviously she’s not in league this woman, we have no clue who she is and Celaena doesn’t even seem to think she is still alive. BUT NOPE! JK LOL, IT’S LIKE HER BIGGEST SECRET SHE’S MANAGED TO HIDE FROM EVERYONE! Not Nehemia, she figured it out becasue she’s really smart and could see the fey in her, but everyone else. I said in my Throne of Glass Book Rant that I thought the Queen was saying she needed to be queen so obviously she’d have to marry the price, Dorian, right? NOPE! She’s just already Queen. I’m not sure what Chaol is going to do now, his loyalties are split right down the middle. The King is pure evil, but then again, its his King and he’s loyal like nothing else.

Archer, never trusted that guy. From the moment Davis caught her in the study I knew something was off. And her knew way to much for it to just have been from whispers of his clients. And then his story for capturing Chaol and Nehemia just didn’t seem to add up. What he was saying made sense it was a plausible explanation, but it felt wrong. Something didn;t make sense, why would you kidnap this guy Celaena is obviously going to come after just so she can “hear him confess himself”? Especially when you are allied with Nehemia and know (becasue you captured the Captain of the Guard to admit it) that there is a plot to kill her on that night.  You would think you’d want to protect your ally and Chaol was never the one planning to kill her so but assigned to protect her, he just didn’t tell Celaena, that you would want him in the castle. Celaena gave him so many second chances! She should have killed him when he started telling people to leave. Not because he was letting traitor escape, Celaena was doing the same, BUT becasue he said he just knew stuff from whispering, if he has enough influence to get these people to leave, warning bells should be going off. If she didn’t want to kill him, tell him we are faking your death NOW. Tonight. Nehemia was working with them but not telling them everything and then they got too extreme so she left. He was involved in Nehemia death he was working with Grave pretending to be Minister Mullison. So incredibly complicated!

We have this chapter just before Nehemia’s death where she’s talking to the Queen Elena and she’s planning her death, preparing to be a martyr to push Celaena into this war and stop with her own reasons for staying out of it. I didn’t get it, when I read this. I was really confused and I almost glossed over it not think about it much. But then Celaena rushes back and realized Nehemia is dead, not only dead but disemboweled brutally. I wasn’t sad even becasue I was in shock, did that just happen? Really? What? She just let herself be killed to make Celaena lose it? I flipped back to that chapter, chapter 25 if you are wondering, and re-read it.

This love triangle, still. I felt bad for Dorian and Celaena pushing him away but I got it. I know she was trying to protect him, blah, blah. I actually don’t know at this point, I really like Chaol and Dorian. It felt like Dorian was judging her pretty hard through out most of this book for being an assassin. Which annoyed and frustrated me! You knew who she was and what she does. This is what she was hired to do, what so was competing for as YOUR champion, what did you expect? Even though she wasn’t actually killing these people, even if she had been, he not only knew why she was there, he brought her there! He had a line right at the beginning of the book that pissed me off the most, I didn’t like him for the majority of the book becasue of it: “Celaena didn’t seem like her self just now. Actually, for the two months since she’d been named the King’s Champion, she’d been like this. Her lovely dresses and ornate clothes were gone, replaced by an unforgiving, close-cut black tunic and pants, her hair pulled back in a long braid that fell into the  folds  of that dark cloak she was always wearing.” No shit Sherlock. She’s not a lady of the court, she’s your father’s bloody assassin, of course she’s not going to wear pretty dresses all the time. You don’t have to like her attire, becasue she’s not a pretty thing for you to look at. Chaol, I liked his character way more in this book. he opens up more and they laugh together and just good things. And he’s so loyal. He’s almost blindly loyal to the King which is a good trait and a bad one becasue it puts him a Celaena on opposing side. I felt bad for him in this too, he didn’t do anything. Yes he kept secrets but so did Celaena and Nehemia decided to sacrifice herself, there wasn’t much he could do. That’s part of his character, he’s so terribly loyal he’d never do anything to hurt Celaena or the King and he was just lucky that up to this point he didn’t have to pick a side.

Dorian has magic! I loved seeing Dorian evolve in this book. When he stands up to his father then storms out and punches the wall and everything shatters! Ah! FINALLY! This is what I wanted from him in Throne of Glass! I’m interested to see what Celaena’s powers are. We got told super-speed and sounds like her senses are heightened but what else can she do? WAIT! Is she immortal like the fey?

This stupid necklace still doesn’t seem to do much. Still just heats up and glows. I’d call it more of a warning, not so much protection. Yes it’s helpful now that she know what it does, but 9 times out of 10 she straight up ignores the warning and does her thing anyway.

We are introduced the these Wyrdkeys, these keys to the other worlds. The King has at least one, maybe two and that is where he is getting his power to take over the world essentially. I’m confused as to how all this magic works and how these keys tie into the rings and how the rings lead to headaches. Kaltain was being controlled by Perrington it sounded like with the ring and that was giving her headaches. In the book she just sounded completely insane. Maybe they were still controlling her and she was also going through opium withdrawal. Then Roland started complaining about headaches but he has a ring of his own. Not understanding. But she’s off to Wendlyn. Maybe there’s another key there?

Oh my god, Yellowlegs the witch. As soon as Celaena was talking about ho hot the fire was I started freaking out! “GET OUT! GET OUT! She’s going to eat you like Hansel and Gretel! I was so terrified of this witch. And I’m not scared of witches. When I think witch I think Hermione.  But Yellowlegs scared me so much! I’m glad she killed her but now I’m worried the other witches are going to come after her!

That’s all for this book rant. Bye!


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