Book Rant: The Brokenhearted

14498145RATING: 3/5

GENRE: Science fiction?, YA

SERIES: The Brokenhearted, #1

Can we take a moment to just stare at this gorgeous cover? It is beautiful and unfortunately the cover was probably one of the best parts of the book and when your read it you realize the cover is actually misleading. There are no mechanical hearts, just going to break that to you now so you weren’t disappointing as I was while reading becasue that would have been super cool. Anyway, The Brokenhearted by Amelia Kahaney. This book was very, very different then what I expected from the cover, reading the back flap and even the first page or so I read before I brought it home to actually read. I’m calling it sci-fi for lack of a better genre but it’s not. It’s not fiction either or contemporary and not really fantasy. Anthem is a ballerina from the right side of town. She has everything she could ever want and the seemingly picture perfect family. But she longs for more, and when she sneaks out to a party that isn’t part of her flawless world, she meets it in the form of Gavin. And then she falls to her death. Brought back to life with an artificial heart, Anthem dives deeper in the dangerous world she’s been sheltered from her whole life, and she’s out for blood.  IT’S A MODERN DAY STORY, I didn’t expect that or even realize it was until a couple chapter in. If you are going to pick up this book I’m going to give you some odd advice: don’t read the prologue. It’s entitled “After”, don’t read that. It’s supposed to be foreshadowy and spark you interest I guess but it gives away pretty much the whole plot. If you do read it, as I did, the book is still decent but it takes away a lot of the mystery. Ok Spoilers past here!






1. I thought this was a stand alone and is not, apparently. It had a really annoying cliff hanger. Not annoying as in “Ooh I need the next one now!” annoying as in “Wait, there’s more? How?”

2. I thought this was based in industrial revolution era or so (becasue of the cover) but it is modern day. This isn’t really good or bad, I just wasn’t expecting it.

3. Bedlam is a common reference an incredibly famous lunatic asylum “Bethlem Royal Hospital” becasue the patients of this asylum were often called Bedlam Beggars and the word “bedlem” although it started as slang, came to mean madness. Maybe I was reading into it too much but I was expecting an Asylum feel of everyone is crazy even if it wasn’t taking place in an actual asylum. And I was super excited for that.

The book itself wasn’t bad. It was incredibly predictable but I think the main problem was I excepted so much from it from the little pieces they initially gave me and then it just fell flat.

Anthem flips back and forth for me. One chapter she’s being really awesome and she’s really developed and sure of her self and then next she’s this weepy, sloppy, pathetic, stupid mess. When she was being blackmailed she went along with it. Really? If he were to show that video to anyone a) he’d have to explain WHY a camera was in her room, he comes from a high class family, that would NOT be ok b) it’s a modern day story, if he was good enough with a computer he could have that video off some footage he took of her doing normal things c) people wouldn’t believe something so unhuman. There are millions of videos floating around the internet of this and that supernatural thing and next to no one takes them seriously and the people who do aren’t taken seriously. I’d have told him “fine, hell, I’ll post it to YouTube myself. At least give it a badass caption so people will watch it.” Boo, bitch got nothing on you. OR tell your parents “he hid a camera in my room, he’s blackmailing me to be his girlfriend again.” I don’t care how much her parents seem indifferent to her, they would care about that becasue it reflect badly on them. Then if he does deny it he can never post the video becasue then they’d know he was lying. Plus I would have not asked him where the camera is instead, told someone he’d threatened me that it was there then have them look for and and he wouldn’t have taken it becasue he only did so AFTER she asked where it was.  I mean eventually she got him back good, but she could have forgone the whole tedious “poor me” stage.

Ford was my favourite part of this whole book. He’s tough and funny and sweet and I genuinely enjoy him. He’s one of the main reasons this book scored as high as it did.

Gavin, I knew he was going to tun our bad so I can’t say I ever liked him. Clearly he’s a very good social chameleon becasue he’s obviously wealthy working with Anthem’s father, but blends in enough in the bad part of town to play his game. I’m calling it a game becasue he clearly doesn’t need the money and he wasn’t playing Robin Hood.

They need to cap Amthem’s powers ASAP. Regardless what kind of mutated heart she has it must have some limits and right now it’s bored line laughable all these things she can suddenly do with a new heart. Perhaps if  Amelia Kahaney had brought in something about her death and rebirth opening up parts of her mind that most humans don’t have access too. That would, among other things, allow her to force herself into an adrenalin rush type state at will accounting or the speed and strength and as soon as you say she can access more of her brain potential you can really go anywhere becasue we have no clue what that would be like. So many powers from just a hummingbirds heart, I doubt. Speed yes, strength yes, healing not as much. She’d get more blood pumped to the area which would speed healing, provided you didn’t bleed to death first. And we aren’t talking by so much that cut heals almost instantaneously. You also probably wouldn’t be as strong and fast as she describes. You would be stronger and faster than normal becasue more blood to muscles means more oxygen to them mean more energy. Hearing made little sense, eyesight made little sense. The only thing that has changed is blood flow, the threshold of your nerves hasn’t changed. You would think that with a faster heart you would have other issues becasue our bodies aren’t designed for our hearts to beat so much, so fast. Obviously it’s a book it doesn’t have to follow medical rules but I thought it was too much.

Overall I wasn’t impressed. I’m guessing the next book will address the “mystery” of  who Gavin pretended to be relating to her father/what involvement her family has and probably some truth about her sister, but I really don’t care. I’m not curious, I don’t need to know, I just don’t care. Another reason this book got a 3 instead of a two is that it managed to hold my attention pretty well, I flew through it and did enjoy parts of it.

Bye guys, that’s it for this one! Kisses

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