Book Rant: City of Heavenly Fire



GENRE: YA, fantasy

SERIES: The Mortal Instruments, #6


Hello! Welcome to Book Rant! I was reading The Brokenhearted BUT my glorious friend lent me her copy of City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare to read so I don’t have to wait until September! I adore this series and this book did not disappoint! I wanted more! Its over 700 pages but I still wanted more! I don’t want to let go of these characters! Over the course of these 6 books I have become so emotionally invested in this story and these people and their struggles, I’m not sure what to do with myself now that’s its over. Were there other things? Spoilers as always beyond here!







We start off with the longest prologue I have ever read. And there we get introduced to Emma Carstairs and the Blackthorns. We , have heard about the Blackthorns before, the oldest girl Helen is part fairy and dating Aliene a girl we meet in COG. It was really interesting to meet these Blackthorn kids and I already LOVE Emma. She’s so unlike Jem who is the only other Carstairs we met, but she is so tough and I can’t wait to see her grown up. And her thing with Julian and becoming parabatai, they are going to fall in love. They just are and it’s going to be this huge issue and I’m so excited to read about it! (I don’t actually know if that’s going to happen, but it is! I want it too!) There’s this whole mystery about what happened  to her parents, we get a hint that the faeries were involved somehow, I’m  excited. Cassandra Clare is a beautiful woman for writing all these series that connect but keeping them so different and disconnected at the same time. Love.

We learn or are more brutally slapped in the face with the fact the Sebastian and the Faerie Queen are lovers. It was so creepy and gross and ahh ew ew ew ew. He’s the bad guy! Stop finding him attractive! We knew obviously that the faeries were somehow involved with Sebastian from COSL but I never thought it was like that and such an intense betrayal of the Shadowhunters.  I think it was for the same reason I thought that as the Shadowhunters did, faeries can’t lie. But then Meliorn and just, ah. The frustration. When Alec knew about the roads and where they all went “HA! Not such a challenge was it?”

That goodbye between Alec and Magnus, I want them back together obviously but I’m mad at Alec for what he did and I’m mad at Magnus for trying to decide what Alec can or can’t handle.  They needed a DTR way more then Simon and Izzy. (When that was first brought up I thought what the hell is DTR? I felt so left out of the loop. Is this slang I should know?) I did like Magnus’ little speech I wrote this line down becasue I loved it so much but now I can’t remember exactly which part of the book it was from: “that which was new was almost always temporary, and that which was temporary broke your heart.” I was glad they got back together, they both redeemed themselves and grew in this book.

So when everyone just jumps ship to Alicante THEY LEAVE SIMON BEHIND. Why?! Simon is the single most danger and accident prone person in this whole series. And Dark Shadowhunters are looking for him, Maureen is looking for him, Raphael is looking for him, it’s just a bad time for him to be in New York! They all come for him at the same time, it was so close together it looked very planned and I thought maybe the vampires were with the Dark Shadowhunters but it was just kind of coincidence and bad luck. Maureen, being insane as she is, just had a watch on Simon’s apartment at night. Reading about her and her crazy queendom was probably the biggest reinforcement that young people should not be given unlimited power. When Simon wakes up and is admiring the pattern on the walls and then realizes, oh wait, nope, I’m just in a cage. It was funny but also not becasue, well he’s in a cage. That whole chapter though I wanted to laugh becasue it was so absurd with Mauren in her giant poofy dress and crown and Simon in his romance novel clothes. But it was also slightly terrifying becasue Maureen in a loose cannon and really could do anything for no reason. She’s ranting about how much she loves Simon and how he’ll grow to love her too while he’s in a cage. Then Raphael comes and saves him, this is when we really start seeing Raphael becasue until this point he’s just been portrayed as an evil character who likes killing but he’s not and I’ll touch more on that later.

The battle of the Iron Sisters. I think we can assume that Sebastian was not so stupid to think he could actually get weapons from the Iron Sisters. That place is like a fortress and when they come out to protect Jace, battle over. Instantly. Retreat, don’t f*** with the Iron Sisters. Before that, Jace is killing it. Literally and figuratively. He’s made this channel in the mass of Dark Shadowhunters and then Sebastian shows up and he get’s stabbed and starts bleeding heavenly fire! We (people who have read the Infernal Devices) knew that somehow the heavenly fire had to transfer from Jace to Jem/Brother Zachariah and that’s exactly what happened and it was so perfect and wonderful and I’m glad it happened so early on so we cold see him fight as a Shadowhunter again!

When Sebastian showed up on Clary’s bed. Holy shit! This guy does not take a hint! He keeps giving her these “second chances” and she keeps trying to get rid of him, take the hint! But at the end when thy are in Hell/Edom and she agrees to sit on the throne, that was so stressful becasue we didn’t know the plan! I thought the plan might have failed and this was the back up hail Mary trying to save as many people as possible. But then she stabs him with the heavenly fire she trapped in the sword! I was not expecting Johnathan to come out of Sebastian. For a minute I thought he was going to live and they would be that happy family from the dream, but he was too much evil and there was almost nothing left of him so he died. I can’t say I was sad exactly, but after talking to Johnathan and having him help them destroy the evil cup the victory just didn’t feel the same.

Magnus, Luke and Raphael all in the prison. I really enjoyed seeing Raphael in this light. Everything he’s done, he’s actually a really fantastic leader just doing what’s best for his people even though it might hurt our main characters. He’s not vicious for the sake of it, there is a well thought through reason for everything he has done and it’ll all been rather selfless trying to protect his clan. Clan is the wrong word. I’m pulling a blank. Before I didn’t really care if he died, I might even have been a touch happy but when he refused to kill Magnus and died for it I was upset which surprised me. It really showed who he was and what an amazing person he truly was. He wasn’t going to kill someone for no reason, especially when that person had saved his life, he’d much rather die.

Izzy when she was dying after her leg got mauled!!!! This was the single most stressful part of the book. I had to set it down and leave becasue I couldn’t handle all the stress. I thought she was going to die! I was so furious at Cassandra Clare, I wanted the throw the book and curl up and cry but I eventually came back and finished that chapter and when Simon saved her, I’m not sure how, it was such a relief.

Then there is this Clary/Jace sex scene. (Of course, Jace would bring a condom to hell) But I didn’t pick up on that the heavenly fire was out of Jace, I thought he’d figured out how to control it with some rune Clary put on him or something. Don’t burn her! Was all I could think. I know you have it under control now, but sex might not be a great idea, your mind will be on other thing that don’t involve not burning your girlfriend to ash. It’s ok though, the heavenly fire was gone. And then at the same time Izzy and Simon and making out and Alec walks in “Why can’t you go somewhere else to do these horrible things? My eyes!” I was laughing like crazy but I also felt bad for him, as someone with siblings, that would be terrible.

After we kill Sebastian there was a moment of Yay! We win! Then, shit we are still stuck in demon world! When Magnus called on his dad, I’m not overly Christian but I got that this was a big deal. He was an angel who fell and is now ruling this section of Hell. That’s what I got. When he said take Magnus’ immortality I didn’t see much wrong with that plan. It would solve the Alec/Magnus problem and get them home. It wasn’t ideal but I was all ready to make this deal. But no, he would go “Indian Jones and the Last Crusade” and disintegrate into dust becasue he’s 600-some. Then Simon volunteers and again I’m ok let’s do it becasue he’s only 16, he’ll get his life back, people will stop trying to kill him, it’ll all be good. Then Izzy shouts out, “Wait, no Simon, you’re dead!” Oh yeah, that. And Maguns’ dad just says he can restart his heart. Oh, that’s convenient. Thank you. “BUT WAIT, I want his memories. Bwhahahaha!” Shit… I was thinking memories of the Shadow world, like he’d remember his childhood with Clary so I’m still on board for this idea. Again, not ideal, but they’re getting out pretty good in this deal with the devil. But then they get back and Simon has no clue who Clary is and my heart was breaking! Then it’s like 6 months later and he remembers! He gives Clary the pamphlet for his band “The Mortal Instruments”  and I start freaking out and Magnus gets (some of) his memories back and then at the wedding he’s talking to everyone and he’s going to become a Shadowhunter! So perfect! It worked out! Take that evil devil person!

The faerie treaty deal after that battle. It was eerily similar to the Treaty of Versailles (treaty made at end of WW1, one of the causes of WW2) and I was so glad when Magnus jumped in to stop them becasue I know there is no way this can end well. It just can’t. But the do it anyway! And they force Helen to go away becasue she’s part fey even though she fought with the Shadohunters against Sebastian and the faeries.

When Jace and Clary are riding the horse past the Herondale manor and Jace decides to take that name! The wedding, Jem and Tessa are there together and they are going to LA so maybe they’ll be in The Dark Artifices, I’m so excited to see them!  Oh I almost forgot, the spiked blood Raphael gave Simon the spiked blood way back at the beginning of the book! So hilarious! Round of applause for Raphael, that was a good prank. Mostly harmless and funny. Simon is confessing his love to Izzy of the street and Alec comes out and asks if they are early Christmas caroling! Yes, Alec. That’s exactly it!

Ok there before this was released there was something leaked that we were going to see 6 major people die:

1. Jordan
3. Raphael
4. Atamis
5. Maureen
6. Meliorn

Who else died that was really important? I’m not sure the last two really count, I guess Meliorn has played a part since COA. Maureen’s death was really good. I like Mia and how she played a part and how the werewolves and Vampires are teaming up.

That’s it for me, this is way longer then I intended. Share your thoughts, bye everyone!



  1. I wish it was clearly stated somewhere that you should read The Infernal Devices series before reading this book. It’s on my TBR shelf, but I haven’t gotten to it yet and now I have all these spoilers for that series, so I’m not in a huge hurry to read them anymore. Plus I feel like I missed out on some things in this book because I didn’t recognize the significance of things. Overall, though, I thought this was a good end to the series.

    • I still suggest reading them, I preferred the Infernal Devices over the Mortal Instruments. The series were written to be mostly independent of one another which is probably why it was never mentioned anywhere. Brother Zachariah would be the biggest cross over and he (probably intentionally) always has a different name. But if you are part of the internet book community that boundary kind of crumbles. I know I started using Brother Zachariah and Jem interchangeably. I definitely would say read them, it’s a fantastic story even with that spoiler. And you’ll see connection between the Mortal Instruments but becasue they were written to read independently or as companion novels you shouldn’t have any trouble stay involved in the story.

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