May Wrap-Up

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Hi beauties! It’s June already! I write my last high school exam in 23 days and graduate in 28!

In Books:

I read nothing this month! That is so sad! I’m part way through DOGAM still and I started re-reading Inkheart and got about 3 chapters in. I’m so ashamed. I bought Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier, I only owned Sapphire Blue so now I have 2! I will buy the last one, eventually. I don’t think I’ve ever read no books in a month. It’s been pretty crazy though, I am graduating in less than a month and finals start in 2 weeks.

In Life:

My friend/Lab partner spilt  Sodium Hydroxide on my arm. I don’t recommend that. The pH was 13.88 and that melts your skin. I still have a bruise from it. I’m not sure why on earth it bruised, wouldn’t have been my prediction but it did. It was a ugly rash that turned into a bruise that’s been there for 2 weeks. It doesn’t hurt anymore so it all good. It was an experience. I have also (possibly) fractured my wrist which would explain why it has been giving me so much trouble in the past year-ish. I just never saw a Dr. until now. I still need to get x-rays done to make sure. Regardless my hand is in a brace and typing (among other things) is very hard.

That’s really all I feel up to writing, I seriously can’t move my left wrist at all!


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