Anniversary, thanks lovelies! Plus Random Life Discussions

It's so beautiful! Happy Easter!

It’s so beautiful! Happy Easter!

Today is my one year anniversary with WordPress, apparently! I was informed thusly by the wonderful WordPress people. It been a good year, I’ve had a lot of fun and thank you to the amazing people who read my blog! It is greatly appreciated! ❤ Kisses and HAPPY EASTER! How are you celebrating? I’m working tonight which isn’t as bad as it sounds.

What else is happening in my life? We haven’t talked in awhile, internet friends. I am getting my graduation photos done on Wednesday and I’m debating going back to brunette. I saw this super pretty dark brown-red colour (different brand than the one that turned my hair orange. Still don’t like those people) but don’t know how that will look! My mom has auburn hair so I guess I technically could pull it off. Though my skin is darker than hers. I know, there is surprisingly someone more pale than I am. Anywho, this is the colour:



It will, unfortunately fade to blonde though! I have like 5 inches at the top of my head that have never been bleached, just dyed repeatedly as my roots grew. Let’s be honest, I mostly want to go back to brown becasue I’m so lazy with my roots. I wait until they are at least an inch and a half before I even consider re-dying them.  Perhaps I’ll try a dirty blonde. Ah so many choices!

I have once again injured my wrist! My left this time. There is this super cool move in my contemporary dance where we fall into plank by flipping side ways out of a hinge. yes it hurts. I have permanent bruises on my arms right now. But it looks super awesome so the price of bad-ass dance moves!

I finally received my copy of Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor! I have been waiting for this book since August AND IT IS SIGNED!!! If you don’t know this book series, don’t even finish this post! Go Goodreads it then pick up a copy! I also finally got my copy of World After – that I ordered in DECEMBER. Thanks Chapters. Way to be on the ball.

School is so stressful right now, I don’t know how some of my friends are doing Bio and Chem plus another class. I mean. I have psychology 35 but that’s not a class. I have 6 quizzes left to write and a final and I’m done. In theory I could be finished by May. I won’t be, but in theory if I worked. I am #206 on the waiting list for my second choice university. Which is essentially a rejection as there are 100 and some seats. But I’m in my first choice as long as I don’t crash and burn in Chemistry. I have a tutor though (He’s super cute, just putting that out there…) and he’s really helpful so that’s good!

What else…I have no leggings right now. It’s really upsetting. All four pairs I had have turned see-through so that is unfortunate. I’ll have to buy new ones becasue I don’t what I’ll wear to tap and contemp. otherwise. I’m a dancer! This is a legitimate issue! My guy friend just laughed at me and was like “it’s ok, you don’t have to wear leggings, you have jeans.” Sigh. First world problems, I know. I sound super shallow and I accept that.

Oh I have Easter break now so I have all of next week off! And all of my friends have left me! There are 3 big school trips going on, one to London/Paris, one to Germany/Switzerland and one to Costa Rica so most grade 12s are on one of the three, then the remaining people are going going places with their families. I know one guy friend that isn’t going somewhere but we both work. C’est la vie. I’m going to Greece in August so I’m happy with that and I don’t mind staying here. I finally have time to read and sleep and run, it’s finally nice outside. It was snowing all last week. Canadian problems.

My life is boring as soup! But how is everything going for everyone else? What is happening in your lives that you wish to share? Bye darlings!


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