Book Rant: Ignite Me



I just noticed the eye has a bird in it!


GENRE: YA, dystopian

SERIES: Shatter Me Trilogy, #3


Hello, hello my beauties! I have already finished Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi, I was reading until about midnight last night I couldn’t put it down! This is by far my favourite novel in this series. If I was going to rate them from best to worst, it would be #3, #2, #1. All of them were good though. If you don’t know this series, it is a dystopian where the world has essentially been destroyed and then rebuilt with a warlord style government called The Reestablishment. Juliette, our narrator, is one of the few people who have been “mutated” and acquired special abilities; in Juliette’s case, her touch is lethal.   She was placed in solitary confinement until Warner, the young commander of Section 45, take interest in her power. The writing is very poetic, very smooth and I highly recommend them! If you haven’t started the series I’d recommend check out about now. If you are up to date except this book, If you started this series you should be way ahead of me seeing as how I’m late getting to this, as per usual. I’m sorry! I have to many books to read! Anywho, we have gone to battle and Juliette as been captured by Anderson and saved by Warner and they are with the Medic twins and that is where we pick up the story again. It’s a really quick read, I want there to be another book in this series! Spoilers beyond this point, read the book, then come back!







Can we just talk about how much I freaking love Kenji!? In Shatter Me I didn’t really care about him he was just there, thrown in at the end. And now he is easily my favourite character. He is always first and foremost Juliette’s friend, no matter what stupid shit she does or if she’s doing something he doesn’t agree with, he always has her back. Which I really loved! It was so great that she had this amazing friend who truly cares about her. When they are on the roof at Adam’s house where Juliette is admitting she’s scared and doesn’t want to do this without Kenji, and he just looks are her like she’s nuts and says “Who said you were going to do anything without me?”  And Juliette is just shocked. And thought this was a great contrast between Kenji and Adam and the people who are good for her and really care about her. Kanji and Warner don’t care who they’re working with, Juliette needs help so that’s it for them. That’s all they need as far as convincing. In shatter Me Kenji seemed like a failed comic relief, but as the series went on and you got to know his character it was so perfect. he has had a hell of a life and he ties to be funny for other people becasue he knows that they are going through hell to. It’s really sweet when Juliette first finds Kenji and she brings him back to life a bit. It just shows that it’s not a whole one way relationship, Kenji needs her too.

Adam. Ahhhh. So many times in this book I wanted to punch him in the face. Juliette puts it really well when she’s comparing Adam and Warner, Adam can’t really have loved her becasue if he did it didn’t matter what she did to him, he would always care for her and try not to hurt her and she knows this becasue of Warner. She has done nothing but hurt him (even if not intentionally) but he still loves her and wants her safe and happy, regardless of what that mean to his happiness. I sort of understand where Adam is coming from looking out for James, but it’s really not about that. Because they eventually come to the base where James would have been safer all along. Adam just doesn’t want to lose claim of Juliette. She broke up with him a month ago and he still views her as his property even when he says he doesn’t love her anymore. It’s very possessive and I really hated him for it. The world is ending, think big picture and stop being so selfish! When he grabbed Juliettes arm then put Kenji’s hand on her I was so furious! And we can’t kick him out becasue of James. He really was endangering everyone and the mission becasue of his stupid claim he decided to lay on Juliette. She “broke up” with him probably 4 times in this book trying to get him to stop and then he has the nerve to say, “stay out of my life. I want nothing to do with you.” Seriously?!?! She clearly has moved on and you just don’t want to accept that. Man-up and do your job.

My absolute favourite line in the book was when Juliette was talking to Kenji about her relationship with Adam and trying to put into words why it wasn’t working. “[Adam] and I would end up like water going nowhere. […] It’s fine for a little while. You can drink from it and it will sustain you. But if it sits too long it goes bad. It grows stale. It becomes toxic.” This was so beautifully put. Because her relationship with Adam was growing toxic. He wanted her to still be the little girl he knew and she just wasn’t and it was keeping her down. You could see, and I think Kenji mentioned it, that without Adam she was more sure of herself and knew what she wanted and with him she just cried and was very, very weak. I love how Tahereh Mafi wrote this in, I’m not sure if it was intentional but it was very good, but the writing style changed and evolved as Juliette grew. In the first two books there is a lot of repeating and crossing out and in this book there isn’t any. She’s not afraid of her own words.

I said in my Shatter Me thing that I would never like Warner, but that was short sighted of me. I do. I really like him with Juliette and I really like him as a character. He’s very real. And he does what he has to do, even if he’s not proud of it. And he never kills without reason. I don’t think I have ever changed my mind so much about a character. Ever. We were only seeing from Juliette’s POV though and she doesn’t know Warner’s story. When his mom dies and Juliette goes and sits with him, I was ready to cry. It was so touching as so human. I wonder how Warner’s touch affected her, becasue he would absorb it. Would it hurt himself becasue she can;t even touch herself? Oh my gosh, his closet! I couldn’t stop smiling at this part where she’s looking over all the clothes and we learn that Warner is really a fashionista. When she told Warner that she’d only ever had one bath and Warner just picks her up and is like, “ok time for a bath!” I was laughing! It was so cute.

OH Warner finding out he and Adam (by extension James) are brothers. I was expecting shit to go down and for him to be really mad at Juliette for not telling him, but Warner is so sweet and just happy and he wants to spend time with them now.

I was so scared that Kenji or Warner was going to die at the end. I was so nervous! But it’s ok no one did. I wanted more though! The end didn’t feel rushed, it was satisfying. I just wanted more!  Ok that is it for now! Let me know your thoughts! Bye!




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