Book Rant: Emerald Green

17343391   3 GENRE: YA, Historical fantasy/fantasy

SERIES: Ruby Red Trilogy, #3


Hello lovelies!  I finally got around to reading Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier. If you don’t know what this series is about search up my Ruby Red Book Rant, I explain the whole premise. Or Goodreads it or something. Overall I really enjoyed this series, it’s a nice, fluffy, cute fantasy read. I must admit though that this book was my least favourite of the three. We pick up right where we left off after Sapphire Blue, so let’s get to it! Spoilers past here!






The beginning of this book was so freaking slow! For literally the first third all she did was complain about Gideon. Which at first I understood because he did pretend to be in love with her to manipulate her. The I realized, THEY HAVE KNOWN EACH OTHER A WEEK AND A HALF!


Really, girl? Really? Most of my sympathy evaporated at this point becasue it was just so crazy. I still felt bad for her becasue her crush doesn’t like her back and that sucks, but it seemed way to freaking dramatic. And it might not have bothered me, if it hadn’t been a whole third of the novel. And then at the end of the novel when they get together and are both going to be immortal forever together in love I was just rolling my eyes. Great, now you have known each other for two whole weeks! And you’re 16 and 17, what are you doing? You have barely been alive! It was like Romeo and Juliet wanna be except Romeo and Juliet always made more sense to me becasue people DID get married at 14 (and it was better written and romantic and I love that play). Sure you have been through a lot together, but still, 2 weeks! I will admit though, when Gwen gets stabbed and Gideon is crying and panicking and telling her he loves her and then she wakes up and he’s so happy, that was cute. My heart smiled.

Apart from the insta-love which I just wasn’t feeling, I really enjoyed this book. I loved how she was always going back in time to see Lucas and get advice on everything and they were being a team 60 years apart.  It was so funny when they got the chest and Charlotte told on them and then she’s with Gideon and he’s asking what they use it for and Gwen doesn’t blink, “Poker.” and then makes up this plausible, detailed lie about them playing poker. I still thought Gideon could read minds at this point, so I was amused, but that’s not a thing apparently so…awkward. I wish we had addressed Gideon having a power! I was so sure he could read minds, there was so much build up to that! He would pull lines from her mind! Then I thought maybe he could heal people. I didn’t expect Gwen to be immortal. Didn’t see that coming. I thought maybe she’s going to be a ghost? I love that when she goes home she so happy and telling everyone she loves them.

Cynthia’s green party. Ok I was a little confused becasue Gideon agreed to go with Charlotte and then obviously goes with Gwen. And he just never talks to Charlotte about that and she doesn’t make  big deal about it. You would think that there would be some kind of scene becasue he already agreed to take her! Unless Charlotte was lying just to bug Gwen, that just occurred to me. That’s probably it. I thought it was really funny though, and I felt bad for Charlotte. That would be terribly embarrassing.

It was so sad and touching when Gwen found out about Lucy and Paul being her parents and she’s talking to her mom and she’s talking about how happy she made them and that she’s the reason for them having kids of their own and it was really sweet.

When they run through the subway (Ah! So stressful! when would you do that? They said the train was coming in four minutes and they running around on the tracks!) to travel back in time into those tunnels and they run into past Gideon and Gwen goes to talk to past-Gideon, and she’s tries to go talk to Present-Gideon bout what to do. And he hits himself over the head with a flashlight! I burst out laughing! I was unfortunately in public and got a few weird looks from people. but it was too funny that they brought that back in to play from Sapphire Blue.

Ok jumping to the very end, she takes a sip of the wine! WHY? It was clearly poisoned! Or was that part of the plan? We never got to really hear their plan and that was frustrating! There was a lot of that in the book where we are told something happened, but we don’t get to see it. Then she revels herself so soon. The whole point was to buy time so I don’t understand why she did that, just let him shoot you! I expected Gideon to be prepared, but not in the I’m-immortal-now way but in the more conventional bullet proof vest or even reappear in a different room (becasue thy just reappear where ever they are standing, they are supposed to go back to the same place but it’s not like it required.) But immortality, that works too.

Xemerius, I love all his commentary becasue he says almost exactly what I’m thinking. Like when Gideon shows up to see Gwen and they are in her bedroom! And then they’re in the middle of making out and Lesley calls ans says she’s coming over. Turns out she’s actually just in the hallway with Gwen’s family and cake. That was cute. Xemerius comes back and hey start arguing about his ability to eat a pigeon. So amusing. 

That will be all for now! I have psychology to do and I have procrastinated all day. I’ll talk to y’all later! Bye!


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