Book Rant: Origin



GENRE: YA, Paranormal-Romance

SERIES: Lux, #4

Hello my dearest darlings! Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout! This is a very fluffy, entertaining series. Hot aliens, bit of mystery and a funny main character. Kat, our protagonist, has been kidnapped by the government organization Daedalus and want to use her as their experiment/weapon becasue of her mutated DNA from being healed by Daemon. And Daemon will stop at nothing to get her back safe. If you don’t know what I’m talking about I know it sounds insane, but it’s a really great, fun series! Go read it and then all will be clear! Spoilers past here.






AHHHHHHHH! CAN PEOPLE STOP BETRAYING THEM! I AM SO SICK OF THIS PLOT “TWIST!” This is the ONLY thing that pisses me off about this book! We did the whole betrayal thing already. We don’t need it another million times! And Daemon just kills the only father figure he’s even know without blinking an eye. Alright then. Solid. That is believable. Look I know its love, but that is messed up. The whole thing with him selling out Dawson and Bethany was super poorly done in my opinion, it was unnecessary and out of the blue and didn’t fit with anything we have learned over the past 4 books.

I foresee mutant babies! That was really interesting to see that kid and how they are treated and this whole creepy breeding program. I didn’t see that coming. At all. It’s really messed up and clearly the people doing it don’t even really know what they are doing.  They escapes twice (three times if we count the planned one) in a week. Obviously something isn’t working! And then Dawson tells us that Bethany is pregnant! Just shit. Poor timing! So bad.

This ending! I’m so sad that so many people died! What the hell? Did that need to happen? Honestly that plan was stupid! I would have gotten out of the car and run like hell. Those who can’t run like hell can be carried. The “ooh lets expose ourselves!” plan was so stupid! What did they think was going to happen? Ok the government killing humans to keep it quiet I didn’t see coming. But otherwise, freaking obviously! What were they going to do? Not shoot? Think people, aliens, whatever!

Katy and Blake, I hated that scene. It was amazingly written and so perfect for the novel and character development, but seeing Katy like that and afterwards was so hard becasue she tried so hard not to be this “monster” and then they broke her and she felt so guilty. I don’t know if Blake deserved to die but it’s understandable what Katy did but it’s also heartbreaking that she did. And just the way it happened was so bad. And then the cutting her open so Daemon could heal her, I don’t understand these Deadlus people! It’s so inhuman. They have to all be psychopathic. Except Archer. I like him. Him and Dee, oh my gracious, beautiful comedic relief! “He can read minds?” I was picturing him naked that whole time!”

Oh AND THEY’RE MARRIED! That little tid bit I almost forgot somehow! I liked that I guess, but didn’t at the same time. It seemed…cheesy for lack of a better word.

That’s it, I’m sorry this is so short, I have to do chemistry and it’s, oh, 10:30 at night already. Procrastination for the win! Bye lovelies! Kisses!




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