New Rating System!

Hi my darlings! Ok I was reading a blog, I want to say it was by Jess of What Comes Next, sometime over a month ago-ish I believe, and she was talking about rating system and if they were necessary and how accurate they are because of interpretation. And that got me thinking about the way I rate books as a percent  and the more I thought about it the more I realized  that I was kind of inconsistent with what I thought of the book and how it rated. Just because of the way I view percentile marks at this point in my life being a high school student trying to get into university. For me 70-75% is “eh it was just ok. Average book” and 60% is “I dislike this book. I was so disappointed” and anything less was “I really dislike/I hated this.”  And, maybe I’m wrong, but my feelings towards a book that I rate 60% is probably not how most people interpret 60%. That’s 3/5 stars, that’s a fairly average mark. So I am changing my rating system! To 5 flowers instead of stars (because I’m a rule breaker like that 😉 actually I’m not that badass. I just really like flowers) and in the side bar I will it have all written out what each level means so it is (hopefully) more accurate!

5  LOVED IT!!!!

4 This book was really good!

3 Eh, it was decent. Average.

1 Didn’t really do it for me

really 1 I hated this book!

No flowers          I WANT TO LIGHT THIS ON FIRE! (Translation: I probably didn’t even finish.)

Anyone else see the flowers getting bigger as you go down or am I just insane? Anyway, that is that! I will use this system for the foreseeable future and you can refer to the side bar if you forget what a rating means, Bye lovelies!



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