Book Rant: Obsidian


This cover is so ugly and cheesy! I hate it! It just doesn’t fit. Am I alone on this?


GENRE: YA, Paranormal-Romance

SERIES: Lux Series, #1

I mentioned earlier that this was one of the books I really wanted to read because it has been sitting on my shelf for months and I just got to it. So very worth the wait! This book is fantastic! I don’t want to tell you what is on the back of the book because the back of the book tells you too much! Don’t read the back flap! Just dive into it! The long and short of it is that this 17 year old girl, Katy, moves from Florida to this small town in West Virginia. She’s is prepared for dull, small town life and decides to content herself to reading and blogging, then she meets her neighbors. Twins, a boy and girl both starting their senior year, both drop-dead gorgeous. They are a little weird and Deamon is infuriating but Dee and Katy become fast friends despite Daemons constant verbalization of his disapproval. I won’t give you anymore because I don’t want to spoil you at all. As I said this book is just amazing, I cannot wait to get my hands on the next one! Spoilers past here so read then come back and rant with us!






Our main girl is Katy and ah, I relate so well to her! She’s one of us! She is a book blogger, loves to read, is in grade 12, she’s funny she is just a great character. What is it with bad boys that is so damn attractive? By bad boys I mean obviously the ones that are kind of jerks but also won’t let anything really hurt you. Will Herondale, Jace Wayland, Raffe, Jack, Gideon de Villiers and now Daemon Black. Damn that is a fine bunch there. I love Daemon so much, but he also frustrates me do much! But his asshole-ness is kind of like Will’s where he’s being a jerk but it’s to protect his sister so it’s really hard to hate him for it. Ok that make out then leave thing was brutal! I felt so bad for Katy! That would be so embarrassing. I don’t know what I would do! The scene right before that was so funny funny because you knew what was going to happen as soon as Katy says that she would never, ever have sex with Daemon, then giant make out. I was confused, why did everything break? That would be such a hard thing to explain! “Oh hi mom, my laptop broke because I was kissing this guy…” I pity Katy so much for that because laptops are expensive! Maybe this is just my school, but I need one for school. It is a requirement to do absolutely anything in any course except, I was going to say except math but I use it sometimes in math to.  Damn you technology ridden school!

I love Dee. I want her as a best friend. I love how invested she is in this friendship with Katy it’s really sweet! You knew Daemon was going to cave and end up liking Katy. I like how it wasn’t insta-love because that has been done so much and is so cliche, at the end they are just realizing they “like” each other and trying to figure that out. Its a very natural feeling relationship. I really like how he calls her kitten just to tease her.

Ok this dance, we have Katy going off with this jerk whats-his-face. Simon? Is it Simon? I want to call him Jake for whatever reason. No matter we know that this guy is bad news, especially when he starts drinking. Daemon had to come in and save her though, we knew he would. And then we get that fight scene with the Arum where Katy saves his life. So ninja! I was so proud of Katy! And then they wake up after sleeping together. Ah I was laughing! This book has so many funny parts. Oh before the dance, when Daemon was being jealous out of no where like when he goes right between Katy and Simon in the cafiteria “Oh sorry I just need a drink…”

Did anyone see the parallels between this and Twilight? In the BEST possible way! This book is better written (I think anyway) there was just all these little things like she moves to a small town, single parent, weird hot guy with crazy mood swings, Dee I thought was like Alice, Daemon stops a car, and there’s the little alien “family” and they are all paired off together. Ash reminds me so much of Rosalie,  there were just so many things but I honestly liked this book better. Though I did enjoy Twilight. You know, shut up! It’s a fun book to read, I enjoyed it. I wasn’t amazingly written but it was a lot of fun, the movies were awful, but the series isn’t as bad as everyone makes it sound! Anywho…

The ending! I was so confused! What even happened there!? I’m so lost! What I pictured was light from Daemon going into Dee then into Katy then Katy floating into the air and screaming (like Katie Bell in Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince when she touched the necklace) then shooting light at the Arum and his exploding into a push of smoke. Katy isn’t an alien! So confused! Then Daemon heals her and leaves part of his soul in her or something? They’re connected somehow now. I’m not really sure. I hope they elaborate in Onyx.

I can’t wait to read the next one, I have the 3rd one which isn’t really helpful but no matter! Bye darlings! Kisses!



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