Book Rant: Endless Knight

16175040RATING: 95%

GENRE: YA, fantasy

SERIES: The Arcana Chronicles, #2

Hello, hello! Welcome to the Book Rant! Today we are discussing the second book in Kresley Cole’s lovely Arcana Trilogy (think it’s a trilogy anyway), Endless Knight. The first book is Poison Princess, I’ll throw a link to my Book Rant on that over HERE if you want. This is a really interesting series, the idea I think is brilliant. The characters are tarot cards and they are engaged in this giant battle that destroyed the world and they fight until there is only one of them left standing. Apparently this has happened many times throughout history and the cards have varying degrees of knowledge about what is going on and who they are, etc. Evie, our main girl is the Empress and she has just figured out who she is, what’s going on and really just learned the extent of her power. And it’s pretty intense. She is still with the alliance of 3 other cards and the human boy, Jack, who swore to Evie’s dying mother to protect her. Death (who has won the game the past 3 times) is out to get Evie but she’s determined not to play any game where she doesn’t make the rules. That is it for the non-spoilery section if you haven’t read the book and don’t want to be spoiled leave, read the book, then come back! Bye! Spoilers past here!






OH MAN! OH MAN! Poison Princess was good, but Endless Knight, we hit the ground running! I could not put this down! I finished it in a day and I NEED the next one! Right now! It comes out (supposedly) in a year! There is not even a title for it. AH! What is life?!?! Where do I even start? Lets start with Lark. You know, I can’t even hate her. She’s a betraying, two-faced bitch but I don’t hate her! When we first found her out I wanted Evie to kill her but that went away pretty quick. I just can’t hate her character and its really frustrating! I love that cyclops the wolf is actually a giant puppy, when Evie gives him a bath I was laughing so hard it reminded me so much of my dog. The wet t-shirt idea, that entire thing. Picturing Death trying to ignore her and just the whole idea of trying to wet t-shirt Death. So funny.  This book made me laugh a lot. Death (Aric, I guess) and Evie’s banter is so witty!

Ok so Jack-Evie. I’m not sure how I feel about this right now. I was completely on Jack’s side for most of this book. When he was freaking out at the beginning I 100% got it. Didn’t like it, but I got it. Then when they have the heart-to-heart when Evie’s in the bath (when she stood up I just wanted to give her a round of applause. Damn right, girl!) after that I really loved them and their entire relationship and it was just perfect. When Aric drops this bomb of on us of “Oh he just went after you because you were his half-brothers girl” followed by “Oh he killed your mom.” Like with Lark I’m not mad at Jack. Obviously no matter WHY he went after Evie originally he truly cares about her now and Evie’s mom probably asked him to assist her suicide so upset yes, mad no. And Evie reacting how she did makes sense too. I also like Evie with Aric. I don’t know what I want right now. I like them both. Aric I feel really bad for and he flat out admits he hates killing. I feel bad for him! And Evie is/was his wife! You have to feel pretty sympathetic towards him.

The Cannibals are terrifying. They were way scarier than the bagmen, because they plan. I was so confused about the killing of whats-his-name tarot card who brainwashes people. Until Death explained it I was so lost. I didn’t get why he died, I didn’t catch on. I was really pathetic of me actually. The Lovers, I am really nervous about this situation. Jack needs to get out of there. I don’t like it! Death at least seems to kill quickly, the Lovers sound like rape, torture then kill. I want Aric and Evie to be a power team and nip that in the bud ASAP. What a terrible place to end a book! Sounds like Aric is willing to help is Evie sleeps with him? Did I read that correct? So much unresolved sexual tension with those two! Granted it has been 4 thousand years, Aric is patient I’ll give him that! Aric I don’t know what to think of you! I thought you were a Sebastian but you’re more like a Will so I’m very confused and have many conflicting emotions. Evie was just a bitch in her past lives! Well Death did stab her…into a rock…

What does Matthew mean Finn and Selena risked their lives for Jack and are left for dead?! Why would you end the book here?! 3/5 of our original/main characters are in mortal peril, Matthew we don’t even know, Evie is prostituting herself out to save them or will kill Aric (which doesn’t help her AT ALL in saving Jack. I really hope she thinks this through! She won’t but hope.) I just need the next one.  Everything needs to be sorted out!

Ok bye lovelies! That’s all for today!


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