Book Rant: Rose Under Fire

17262236RATING: 95%

GENRE: YA, historical-fiction

SERIES: Companion Novel with Code Name Verity (by Elizabeth Wein)

Hello Lovelies! I have finally finished Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein, I know! It took me a month! I’m sorry! Fantastic book though! It is set in WW2 and it is about a young American Allied pilot, Rose, who works with Britain’s Air Transport Auxiliary meaning she delivers aircraft. She gets captured and placed in a concentration camp and the novel in her recounting her time spent there, and her escape, in a diary. During her time in the camp meets a group of very different women: a glamorous French novelist, a Polish girl who has been used as a Nazi Ginny pig for years and a USSR military double ace female fighter pilot. The little family struggle to keep each other alive and to get their story out to the world. It is very intense and graphic, so if that bothers you I don’t recommend it. There are some parts that are very hard to read. It is beautifully written and the description is amazing. I have said in the past diary-style novels don’t capture me as much, but this wasn’t the case for this novel. It is a companion novel to Code Name Verity meaning that the two fit together, but you can read each of them totally independently of each other and they will make perfect sense. That is all for the non-soldiery section, spoilers past here so bye if you haven’t read the book!






I absolutely adore Elizabeth Wein. It is very obvious she knows her stuff and the books are well researched. That also means this book was very disturbing. More so than Code Name Verity, which was intense and sad but it didn’t describe the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps. There were some parts of this novel that were really hard to read. Even with the worst things glossed over (which they realistically would be, a survivor would likely block things out.) Anything reading about Roza and her medical experiments was really hard. My mind wouldn’t let me picture it for the most part. Half the time I would see her just as a girl with crutches and sometimes she would just look normal. Whenever they went into detail about how her legs looked, my mind made it much less severe, like someone had taken a plastic doll, or clay and just morphed it. I have been meaning to Google and image because the nurse inside me is somewhat curious s to what this could possibly be, but mostly I am just to horrified, it’s too cruel.

I was really in love with these characters. I wanted them to succeed so badly and their mini-victories made me want to cheer and then when the bad things got back in it was crushing. I forgot a lot that this was a diary. it was always kind of shocking to find us back in this lovely, nice hotel room. Having it be a diary made things both easier and harder. Harder becasue the events were more fixed. They always are in a novel but they don’t really feel that way. When the author is telling about something that already happened and we know how it ends its much harder because you know this person won’t make it. it was also easier for the same reason. No matter what happened we knew that Roza, Rose and Irina were going to make it out of the camp at least alive, we also knew they then get separated. Having read Code Name Verity before this book brought a little more to it, with Maddie when she’s talking about Julie it’s more than just a name, you actually have feelings behind it like Maddie would so that was a really great tie in.

I don’t have much else to say about this book other than it was amazing. Ok Bye guys! I’ll try not to take so long next time 😛


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